This is an email from me to my friend Lola, telling her the hot and funny story of how my boyfriend Pete disciplined my lecherous husband Aaron for spanking our college-girl houseguest. (MM, MF, cuck, forced bi, spank, nc, rom)

Wow Lola,

What a thrill is it to get your emails. I always get a double delight from them. The first thrill is just reading them and getting turned on. Your ideas always dampen my pussy.

The second joy is reading them to my poor hubby Aaron and watching his face get beet red, knowing I’m sharing, with another sexy woman, all the cute things my hunky boyfriend Pete and I do to him. He’s so embarrassed that I share this stuff with you, and that it gets you as hot as it does.

You asked me to tell you the juicy details about my rugged wrangler Pete putting my lecherous husband over the barrel the other night.

Oh it was so funny Lola! Here’s the story: My best friend’s college-age daughter Jenetta is staying at our place for the summer. She’s a wild 20-year-old hottie who drives the boys wild. I sometimes catch Aaron giving her the eye.

Anyway, she had a keg party here the other night and instead of those little kegs, the beer came in the big, extra-large barrel size.

Well, college kids being what they are, I’m afraid they left the place a bit of a mess. I gave her a stern chewing out about it. But Aaron kept saying he thought she needed a spanking.

I told him to let it go.

Anyway, that night I just had to see Pete and get one of those macho-man fuckings only he can give me. (You know, I love Aaron’s devoted adoring attentions, but sometimes a gal gets the urge to get it rough. Am I right?)

So I made Aaron get me ready, licking and kissing my pussy while I put on my makeup. I reminded him of how big Pete’s dick is and told him I needed to be extra wet so it slides in nice and easy. I also had him suck my tits and get my nipples standing up pert and pretty the way Pete likes to see them.

Then I went over to Pete’s.

We had a great time. As you know, Pete is a born cowhand. He loves nothing more than teaching naughty boys to respect women. Currently, he’s breaking in a new slave named Eddie — a handsome young 21-year-old lead-guitar player, one of those skinny, sexy boy-toys with great blue eyes and long, shoulder-length sandy blond hair.

Pete said he was breaking him to give to some deserving young gal as a gift. And indeed, what better present could a woman get than a sexy well-hung and well-behaved man?

So anyway, Pete was sort of showing off for me, getting in various poses and making Eddie give him head while I watched. For instance, Pete would straddle the arm of the sofa – nude except for a leather vest – with that huge cock standing at attention and those magnificent balls hanging down and make Eddie kneel before him. Then he’d make Eddie take it in his mouth and suck it for all he was worth.

He pulled me onto the bed and the two of us made out – both of us lying on our backs. And while we kissed, he made Eddie trade off, lapping and fingering my pussy, then going back to work on Pete’s gigantic cock.

He made Eddie get on all-fours and he rode him around the living room, slapping his buns to make him go faster.

At one point, Pete leaned over the side of the bed and made Eddie and me trade off kissing his ass. Unbeknownst to Pete, between kisses of his ass we stole a few kisses to each other’s mouths. He’s a good kisser (and Pete thinks so too judging from his moans of pleasure as our lips and tongues took turns working away on his masculine bottom). I wonder what he would have done if he’d realized Eddie and I were kissing each other “behind his behind” (Don’t you ever tell him I told you this! It has to be our little secret.)

Anyway, I decided to bring the two of them home and sleep with all three men (Pete, Eddie and Aaron).

Aaron wasn’t expecting me so early. When the three of us walked in, I was amazed to see that Aaron had tied Jenetta, dressed only in her tight tank-top, over one of the large-keg barrels. He had her panties off and was hand-spanking her saying “You need to respect the rules of this house while you’re staying here and learn to pick up after yourself. (Whack!)”

I must say he was getting that cherubic little tail of hers nice and rosy red. But I was really upset with him. I said, “I told you to let it go. I think there’s more than punishment involved here. I think you just wanted an excuse to get your hands on her pretty little derriere.”

He started to explain but I said to Pete, “What do you think we ought to do with him for going against my directions?”

Pete said he thought Aaron should be punished AND that poor little Jenetta should get to see how women’s orders need to be respected.

Now, I admit Jenetta is no angel and she did leave the place a mess. But I love to show young women how men can and should be controlled. And by the suddenly excited look in her eyes, I could see she was going to enjoy the idea of watching.

Long story short, Pete ordered our young stud Eddie to cut Jenetta loose. As he did, I noticed a flirtatious look pass between them. These two youngsters were hot for each other from the get go. And the fact that he was “rescuing” her added that knight-and-damsel effect to the scenario.

Jenetta and I sat down on the basement sofa with Eddie between us and watched as Pete roughly stripped Aaron down to his jockey briefs and before we knew it, he had him over that barrel with his fanny up and vulnerable.

Both Jenetta and I gasped with a combination of surprise and erotic delight. Even Eddie sucked in his breath with amazement. We were all impressed with how easily Pete was handling him.

When Aaron was in paddling position, Pete roughly jerked his undies down to his ankles, exposing that tantalizing milk-white ass of his.

Again we gasped and young Jenetta giggled and clapped her hands. “Yay,” she squealed in her post-adolescent glee. And she pulled off her tank-top and leaned her naked body against Eddie.

“What shall I do with him?” Pete asked her.

I thought maybe Jenetta would be embarrassed or shy at the sudden turn of events but she was getting right into it. “I say you should spank his bare ass for us,” she laughed.

Eddie chimed in “Yeah. paddle him for hurting this lovely creature.”

Long story a little shorter: Pete had me fetch one of the paddles from the ping pong table. I gave him a wink as I handed it to him: “Show our young guest what should happen to men who disobey their women.”

And when I turned around, I saw Jenetta in Eddie’s arms. ‘I don’t understand what it is,” she cooed into Eddie’s ear, “but this is really turning me on.”

“Me too,” Eddie said and they kissed long and deep.

Then Pete stripped down to his jockey shorts (for more freedom of motion he claimed. But I think he was just enjoying giving us gals a look at that sexy underpants-clad ass and that huge “package.” ) and went to work on Aaron’s rear. “Smack …smack…. smack!!!”

With every stroke Aaron yelped a little louder and Jenetta and I got a little more turned on, watching Pete’s strong body, those Greek-god legs and those powerful muscles working away on Aaron’s bare buns.

I slid out of my clothes so I would be more comfortable watching.

Soon, Jenetta and I were moaning, sighing and breathing hard, both of us turned on at the “show.” And before we knew it, that rascal Eddie, who was sitting between us, stole one hand down to my pussy and the other to Jenetta’s. He began rubbing us hard and expertly as we all watched Pete wield the paddle on naughty Aaron’s reddening rear.

To cap off the night, he left Aaron in that humiliating “over the barrel” position and made him watch as Pete fucked me and Eddie fucked Jenetta hard, rough and wild.

You should have been there to video!

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  1. Wow Lisa, You’ve done it again. Another great story. My Pussy is dripping wet. How I’d love to have some strong dude like Pete take my husband over a barrel like that and let me watch him tan his ass while I get my cunt stroked by some handsome young hunk. I love the touch where you’re watching Pete “break” Eddie and stealing kisses “behind his behind.” LOL. Keep writing!

  2. Wow, I love this story! I have a good friend’s daughter staying with me right now. Often I’ve caught my slave hubby drooling over her. Now I know exactly what to do! Now, my hubby is extremely devoted to me and knows who’s boss, but I know he’s tempted by this sexy young thing living with us. The next time I see him ogling her I’ll grab the ping pong paddle and over the barrel he goes. I just need to find a “Pete” of my own.

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