Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 18)

Making Tim toe the line

My Husband, Tim, had come into my life when I needed that one bright spot in my life; real honest love from a man, not just a pretty face and a body for him to show off. My husband is a handsome older man, six feet three inches tall, and 225 #. He has developing taut muscles and with his sandy light hair, he look’s quite handsome. Unlike me, he had grown up somewhat insecure and shy when it came to sex, with none of the bravado seen in other cock hounds I had been out with. However the man was a walking business machine, he knew how to make money and he had and still was when I met him. I knew he would be a fine catch for some young lady someday. I just made sure it was me!

I’m just over 30 and Tim is up in his 50’s. Tim is a faithful husband and I have no reason to believe that he would ever be anything but faithful. I, on the other hand, cannot say the same about myself. I’ve been humped by many men since we were engaged and not long after we were married. My husband has always been a good man, just not a great lover. My problem is I could never resist the advances of strange men. I have to tell you that I’ve never had a shortage of admirers. My measurements arrack men like flies to honey, I’m 40DD-23-38 and I’m a 5’10” brunette with dark eyes. My hair is long and full and drapes to the middle of my back.

A lot of men will date the wild party girl, but never take her home to meet the folks. Most go out looking for a virgin to marry. Tim did that with his first wife. A woman who saved herself for her wedding night: so she told poor Tim. It turned out she was a party girl like me, who kept it from him and after she had a child, and his best friend told me that Tim never knew that it was not his. If the wife and child had not been killed in an auto accident, it time he might have found out. After the child came and up until they were killed, she let Tim know that she didn’t want sex. What he didn’t know was that she was out fucking the world while he worked and baby set on Saturday while she ran the street. She had a problem with his love making and the equipment he had to work with. Tim was one of those unfortunate husbands’s who had to deal with that.

However, for his second wife he made a point of picking a woman who had an appetite for sex that would be me Ms. Marca. When we were first married, I honestly thought I could remain faithful to Tim. I was wild and sex crazy before we met, and I was sure I had gotten that out of my system. In fact I had gone a little over board that last 3 or 4 months before we were married, doing whoever, whenever and however I could, telling myself that after I was married this would just be fond memoirs. Not long into our marriage I realized that one dick would never be enough for a cock craving slut like me. At 30 + years old, I guess my sex drive and need for variety still control me. It’s not that I don’t love my husband, I do very much, but not all men can be what some women need when it comes to fulfill all my desires. My pussy is always aching for cock. I simply must have a dick when the urge hits. I knew before we were married that Tim was not the size to do it. Tim can’t always be here, so I have a long list of backups. We have been married for only a few months now, and already I have just had my, god I lost count, will maybe my first dozen or just a little over.

What the poor man didn’t know, I was more like his first wife, I was just more of a nymphomaniac. I’m saying that he knew going in that I wasn’t a nun. On the contrary, after the honeymoon, so called sexy honeymoon, will it was for him. I think he knew I was an animal in the bedroom, and he knew that I had been around. What he didn’t know and what I think even I didn’t know, was just how far advanced I was when it came to sex with him and where it would take us both.

When we first married, Tim was a shy man when it came to sex, most small penis men are, I guess. He loves me, that I know, but I could not get him to initiate sex. I did, of course, but it was not very satisfying. He was also prudish, insisting that we turn the lights out and never wanting to do it in any position but missionary. He would lock the bathroom door when he was in, I once walked in on him while he was taking a bath and he covered up his little we-we with the wet wash cloth. Here again the small penis thing comes into play. I always laugh when I think of him having the lights out. Didn’t he know that I could feel how big it was, I guess out of sight out mind was his thinking.

The other kind of sex (like butt fucking) was out of the question. I could tell he felt uneasy when it came to getting it on and at first pulled away when I tried to give him a blow job. I didn’t even dare suggest he go down on me; it would have freaked him completely! It took some doing to get him to relax and that all I wanted to do was please him, hell I had a lot of practice at it, was paid damn good money to make men happy by using my body, hands and mouth. That first few weeks was learning game for us.

Needless to say our first few months of marriage might have seem like it was wonderful to the out side world, but the sex was a shit sandwich. Tim enjoys sex, although he is a bit naive. So far we had not ventured beyond straight missionary position. I was ready to do a little experimenting, but Tim was shy and I knew he had a thing about his small cock. I told myself we needed to go slow. I’m not in any hurry, anyway. As it is, I am a handful. Although shy and reserved, he heats up fast. It must be all those years as a watcher of beautiful women. His pent up passions are very close to the surface. All he needs is a little rubbing here or there and a passionate kiss and he gets super horny. I especially like to have my large breasts played with, and I used this as a toll to get him going…just a tease…!

My little tiny Tim loved his missionary position and kissing on my nipples as he tried to take his manhood home to my happy spot. Trouble was he could just get in inside me and not much past the fold and the poor man never even knew what my pussy felt like. Jesus he was never going to get any of the good stuff. He would slip it in and start to hump me and slip out…after a while I quite putting the little thing back in for him and I just laid there still as a church mouse and let him hump away.

We were into a few months of our honeymoon, will I acted like it was still so good, so I guess it is still the honeymoon. It was a Friday night, we had dinner at the club and than we went into the lounge and listen to the small combo play and dance to. Some of the older members that Tim plays golf with came in and had a drink with us and I got to dance with the old farts. Each one made sure he rubbed up next to me and ran his hand over my ass. By the time I had danced with 3 or 4 of them they had me so hot. The way they were rubbing on my ass, god that gets me going and my nipples go rock hard when that happens. Walking to the dance floor and back to the table they made sure they rubbed my ass cheeks, shit I was hot and horny.

Tim was way into deep conversation on business with them and the wine. He never saw how they were taking turns dancing with me and rubbing up against me and feeling my ass. They kept getting Tim a glass of wine and you know how a man can get when the wine is taking over. It seems his penis is 10 times bigger and will never go limp, want to bet? We got home late and I went to the bedroom and slipped out of my clothes and did the bathroom thing while Tim locked up and checked his phone messages in his home office. When he made it to the up stairs master bedroom I was slipping into bed with just a smile on. I always sleep in the nude unless it is cold.

“Marca have I told you lately how beautiful you are.” Tim stepped back momentarily to get a better look at me. Tim always told me that he never tired of looking at my magnificent body. I set up on my elbows and my big 40DD stuck out like to big melons ready to be picked. The sheet slipped away from my lower body and I moved my right leg up so that my bald pussy came into view. “Tim, honey did all your friends enjoy dancing with me tonight in the lounge?” The look on my face had to tell him that they had turned me on; what with all the touching and rubbing they did to me. Tim didn’t know a horny look from a look of, I got gas, I guess they are the same, but you get the picture.

“Honey I think they enjoyed dancing with you! Marca did you mind dancing with those old guys, you seem to be having a good time!”

“Oh Tim you know how much I like to dance, it makes me feel so excited, you know how I get aroused when I dance up close to a guy, my poor boobies were hard all night long!” I knew the outline of my nipples could be seen though my brown silk blouse and I knew every guy in the lounge and the dinning room of the club was looking.

“Tim honey do you think they all knew it made me excited when they rubbed up against me and my boobs were up next to them? My poor nipples felt as if they were hard all night long!” Than I leaned over on one elbow and push my tits up with my other hand so that I could kiss my nipple and lick it, as I licked it I looked back up at my dumb founded husband.

“Tim honey, are you going to lick and suck my boobies tonight?”

Quickly Tim removed his cloths; all but his little briefs, and jumped in bed, reached for my rock hard nipples with his mouth. Sucking like a baby after his dinner I felt his hands run up and down my other boob and hold them in place as he took turns going from one nipple to the next. I sat back on my hands and let him manhandle my boobs and looked up at the ceiling with my eyes closed and said.

“Oh yes, god that feels so good, honey do you think your friends were wanting to suck my boobies like this, you think they were wanting to touch them and bite on them?”

I felt Tim pull off and sat back on the bed on his knees and I looked at him and saw the wild crazed look of a man in heat, turned on. I looked down at his little underwear and saw the small tent his we-we was making and I smiled. Tim looked at me and than down at his tented undies and slipped his thumbs into his waistband and was about to pull them down when he looked at me again and than over at the light on the night stand.

He took his hands away from his underwear and turned off the light and I could feel the bed move and here him slip off his briefs. I sat back on my elbows and felt him in the dark get between my parted legs and found my slit wet and ready, with little ceremony he mounted me. Tim’s dick easily slid into my slit and he began a steady pumping rhythm. Maybe it was the wine that was affecting me or the fact I had been felt up all night, but I was like a whore on Saturday night! You ask how do I know how a whore on Saturday night is, I WAS ONE, OR AM I STILL ONE, BUT I KNOW HOW IT IS !!!Cheek to cheek with my husband I was glad Tim with all his other sex hang ups that he wasn’t having any problems with his erection, yet I felt as if something were lacking. Oh yea, the cock was not big enough to get deep in me, so why even worry about his erection. My mind wandered to the years or even weeks before we were married: back when I had a few hung guys to fuck with. When I could feel every undulation of their big cock’s every vein and bump. I reached around with my hands and pulled Tim’s butt against me as hard as I could, thinking that I could help my husband duplicate my big cock lover’s penetration.

This was not working, it had not been working since our honeymoon, or the few times we did it before the honeymoon. This was the time to make a major change. I reached over and flicked on the light on the nigh stand. I put my hands on Tim’s upper hip, near the side and up on his shoulder and pushed down, trying to make him move down off me.

“Stop Tim, move off me, I SAID MOVE OFF ME!” The look on his face was one of shock, I knew he was saying to himself what did I do wrong.

“I want you to eat me out Tim and then I want you to fuck me like you never fuck before! God damn you, I’m tired of this same old thing Come on, you got to do more, I need more! This is not about what you wanted. This is what I want! Now do it! Get down here and eat my cunt! You understand?”

Tim just looked at me like a kid, a kid being told what to do by his mother, as he moved back and slipped down I placed both hands on his head and pushed him toward my big V. I had him between my legs and he was moving back, when I saw he was at that right position I moved my long firm tan legs up around his neck and squeezed them together. I than looked him in the eye and placed my hands on top of his head and in a harsh tone, demanding voice said. “EAT ME, DAMN IT EAT IT!”

My husband was panting with wide eyes locked on me and his arms and hands outside my legs he could get no leverage to use them in anyway. Than I saw the excitement in his face, I had the control. “Lick my pussy honey, do as I say, you will enjoy it as much as I will, you will like it, I know you will!” His head went down and I felt his tongue flick at my fold. I made it a point to talk him though the drill, I was going to be having more of this and he better get it right the first time. I told Tim to look how my pussy lips were puffing up and as I shuddered with a small climax I smiled down at him and told him how good that was, but not to stop, he had a long ways to go.

“Tim honey, you have no idea how much I have missed this, I just got to have this done to me, baby I will make it up to you, I’ll show how my appreciation!”

Tim put his face back down and all I could see was the top of his head and feel his tongue flick at my fold. It was time to teach the boy how to eat pussy.

“Tim, honey, run your tongue on the outside of my pussy lips first, sopping up any pussy juice that is there. Oh yes, just like that, good boy!” I relaxed my tight grip I had on him with my legs so that he could get his hands up to my sweet spot.

“Take your fingers baby and spread the lips and runs your tongue up and down the slit, stopping at my clit! Yes that is my clit, good boy. Good us your tongue, massages the clit in little circles. Oh yes, yes, yes, more, damn you don’t you dare stop, yes!”

I can feel it pulsate on his tongue as it gets firmer. I squirm a little but mostly just so that I can rub my pussy on his face. His tongue makes its way down the slit and closer to my deep, dark hole. One hand gripped the bedspread and tightened as he went back to my clit. My moans came loud and fast as we found a rhythm I liked. “Oh my God that feels awesome!” I growled. “Please don’t stop. Don’t stop! I’m so close right now!” I was practically screaming as I continued to arch my back and tear at the bed sheets. “Oh¼.Yesss¼.that’s it! Please don’t stop! Don’t stop! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God, Yeeeeeeeesssssssss!”

My hands grasped Tim’s head and held him in place as my orgasm hit me hard.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my God, It feels fucking amazing!!!!!”

I cried out as my body was rocking from side to side, than I drew my knees up towards my breast, giving Tim more pussy to lick on and lot more juice to suck up. “Tim put your other finger at my ass honey, play with my ass, finger my ass, stick your finger in it baby, do it!”

With one hand he uses his fingers to play with my clit. The other hand finds its way to my ass while his tongue plunges in and out of my pussy. He sticks a finger deep inside my ass. I scream out a little but then settle down. I find myself thrusting my pussy towards his mouth every time that he stops for even a second. Tim came up for air as I looked down at my poor little dick husband with girl goo all over his face.

“You like that Marca, don’t you?” “God yes,” I gasp as I spread my legs for him. He started licking around my vaginal lips again and soon began fucking me with his tongue. I found myself grinding my crotch into his face with pleasure. After about ten minutes of his constant tongue lashing, I had a second damn good orgasm. I moaned as the orgasm coursed through my body. It had been weeks since I had cum like this other than my own masturbating and I had almost forgotten how good it felt. I could swear I had never seen Tim so happy as at that moment when he made me cum. Setting on my elbows and looking down over my big hard firm boobs at him, I had a smile on my face and he looked up at me with a slick glazed face.

“You did good Tim; you did real good for your first time! See what I like, that is what I need to get a good climax, you going to do that for me when I need it?”

“OH MARCA YES, god I’ll do anything to make you happy!”

“Did you like doing that to me?”

“Yes, yes I did, it felt wonderful, it made me feel, and ah … I felt for the first time like you did need me!”

I saw the door had open for me to take this to new level, plant the seed of how we would be having sex in the future. “Tim I hope you don’t think I’m weird, but that is about the only way I can have a climax!”

“Will I knew something was not right, you seem to never enjoy or have an orgasm when we had intercourse!” Tim my little prick husband I just can’t get off on your little we-we. I’ll save that for the big boys.

“Tim are you upset with me, mad at me? I’m sorry about us not being suited for sex the normal way, I guess I have a real problem don’t I?”

“No way am I upset, just happy to know what the problem is and we can work on it, I know that I just got to use my mouth and tongue on you to make you happy!”

“Oh Tim I knew you would understand when I got to that point I had to tell you. Just give me time and I’ll work out the intercourse thing, you know I think I had better give him a reward for your good work! Tim what I need now is you penis in me, I need to try and have a good hard fucking, big boy!”

Will he believe it; hey he is 6′ 3″! He was up on top of me and the little thing was still stiff, guess he did like my late night snack I had him eat. He pulled up and I reached down between us and took hold of his little pecker with my thumb and index finger. I placed the head at my slit and moved it up and down my slit, damn he was small, like a young boys, preteen. I looked down and had to bite my lower lip to keep from giggling, I had seen middle fingers bigger than this, shit I had middle fingers deeper in my pussy than he could ever hope to get this thing that deep.

“Marca, ah ….aren’t you ….ah going to…put it in?”

“Tim I like playing with it, it is so cute, can’t I just play with it for a while. Please?” I made my lips pucker like I was going to kiss it and I cooed over it. “Tim, honey did you like it when, will I don’t want to bring up the past, but did she make you happy that way, I so much want to please you, you know did she do oral sex on you?”

“She never did that, said it was nasty, she never did!”

“Honey when I do it to you it’s love, it’s not nasty to me! I so much want to do that to you can I. please?”

All he could do was close his eyes and nod. I reached over and kissed his little pickle and licked at the pee slit. I moaned and groaned as I flipped the little stiff Winnie back and forth, making moaning sounds over it like it was a little child, will it was a little dick. I pushed Tim’s legs further apart and began to lick all along his inner thighs. I lifted his tiny ball sac and licked beneath them, then, I steadied his dick and licked it from bottom to top on the underside. All the time looking up at him giggling out loud, if only he knew I was giggling about his size. When I got to the top, I took the head into my mouth and ran my tongue around the rim and over the little head sucking the small drop of pre-cum he was oozing. I kept my eyes locked on his and was staring him down, he would look into my eyes and I would smile back and he would blush.

“Oh Tim it is sooooo … cute, I just love it, it is fun to play with, like my all day sucker!” He let out a deep breath like he was trying to stay under water for ever, hell he was trying to keep from shooting off. I sucked as I stroked him and licked, kissed, tongued it, blew on it, and sucked some more. I made the man sweat long enough and by the time I was ready for it, I was gushing with lubricant which only made Tim’s dick slid in and out more easily.

I fell back on my back and spread my legs to let him know it was time for him to get it on. He got over me and I looked up and said in a stern voice. “Take your time sweetie!” Before I knew it he was sliding in and out rapidly now and I could tell he was not going to be able to keep it in if he kept this up. I put my legs up around his hips and locked my feet together and pulled him down on top of me, his face was by my right ear. In a soft whisper I began to talk to him.

“Slow down hun, don’t hump so hard, take it easy, you can’t keep it in when you get going to fast.” He grunted and groaned when I rubbed his ass cheeks. “That feel good baby?”

“Yes, oh yes!”

“Suck my tits baby, suck them!” He grabs a hold of my DD tits and rubs on them as he slide his little dick across my pussy across the top of my fold, damn it was as if he was making sure that he doesn’t go inside of me. Poor Tim, that was as far as he could get into me. My nipples get harder as he slide back and forth. He takes them in his fingers and pinches as my excitement shoots through my tits and down my back, but I like it. He puts one tit in his mouth while he twists the other tit’s nipple and then switches. “I want to fuck you so bad! I want it to be good for you!” he moans.

“Oh Tim, your doing good that’s my boy, just take your time, slow stroke it baby!”

Tim moved his head back to my boobs and began to suck on my rock hard nipples, first one than the other. He would get carried away and try and hump harder and slip out one more time. Than he would cry out… ..”I’m sorry …!” and slip it back in. Than have to start the same pace all over again. I slapped his butt the third time he did it and told him in so many words. “Damn it Tim slow and easy…SMACK, SMACK…don’t make me spank you!” In a weak voice he answered. “Yes, I’m trying, I won’t!”

I moved my left hand to his ass cheek and ran my two middle fingers into the crack of his ass and found his dirty hole. Than I felt him tighten up and I stuck one finger as deep as I could go into his ass. With my right hand I began to slap his other ass cheek with each hump he made into me

“Fuck me Tim, fuck me baby, give it to me, give it to me…!”

Than I felt his body jerk and I knew I had hit a nerve and he was getting closer to shooting off. I wanted to feel the explosive rush of cum I had experienced with my big cock lovers, so I thought to encourage Tim.

“Keep it in baby…keep it in me deep…! That’s right baby fuck me slow and deep, not hard, you’ll slip out if you do. I want you to cum for me baby. I want you to fill my pussy with your cream.”

I had felt Tim accelerate his pumping motion, a precursor to his coming. I waited for his dick to expand and was surprised when he stopped pumping and collapsed exhausted on top of me. I then felt his dick slip out of my slit. I popped my finger from his ass as his hardness subsided. He rolled over and in the darkness we lay beside each other as my mind went in all directions at once. “God babe that was so good, could you feel how much I came, did you climax Marca, tell me did you? “Yes honey you were fantastic! Tim, you must have stored it up all week….you were horny…!” I said as persuasively as possible. I wasn’t about to tell my husband he had failed to bring me off again, really it wasn’t even close. Now I began to wonder if fucking Tim would ever excite me again after fucking my big cock lover’s. Than some 10 minutes later, he broke the dead silence in the room.

“Marca I see what you like and I want you to tell me whatever you want I will do it, when it comes to sex. I never told you this honey, but I am not one who has had a lot of experiences with different women! I understand about the intercourse and all, it’s not that big enough deal to me, I can live with or without it, just maybe once in a while! OK!”

I acted as if I were asleep.

“Marca honey, you asleep?”

After that night Tim got pussy about once a month or when I just had to have some cock, even if it was a little thing. It took about six months but I had him to the point that he new the drill:

1) Eat my pussy and ass out, lick them till I said stop.

2) Do it 69 and get me off, he was easy to get off.

3) Jerk off and let me suck your cream, most of the time I did the jerking.

To be continued….

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