Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 15)

Chuck’s dad

As most of you know I had recently taken up with some of the men in the neighborhood. The youngest was just a boy…an over grown boy…but still a boy. He was 18 & looked like 25 years old…Charles Kline lived across the street with his mother & father. After I married Tim & moved into his home, I received to know the Kline’s. Tim travel’s & is gone sometimes over a weekend. Other than the sex with Tim, I had a tremendous life… I had everything I needed & wanted. So when Tim was not here I look for outside assist to obtain me satisfied. I was fucking anyone & anything that had a huge cock.

One day I received home from my complex day of spending money at the mall & went upstairs to obtain changed when the front door bell rang. I grabbed my silk gown & ran down stairs to open the door to see David Klein, Chucks dad was standing their smiled & looked me up & down & said “not disturbing you am I” I said no come in let me fix you some coffee.

David sat at the counter on one of our kitchen bar stools as he checked me out as we sat & talked approximately his son Chuck & thanked me for taking an interest in the boy. God if he only knew, he went on & said that Chuck told him not long ago how pretty he thought I was & that my husband is very lucky, I blushed & then he flirted some more as he went on to say that I was a satisfactory neighbor to look after Chuck. After a while he received up to leave & kissed me on the cheek as he did he then pushed me back against the wall & kissed me fully on the lips his hands were inside my robe…on my huge 40DD tits & then one hand opening up my robe.

I was shocked & tried to push him away from me telling him “no this is wrong you cant” he then said “oh yes I can no one is going to know” he was strong & had me pressed against the wall with his arm & his hand going at my boobs & pussy. He was wriggling his fingers around trying to obtain them inside me yet as I struggled he found it difficult, he kissing my neck & slowly going down to kiss the top of my tits which my nipples were going rock hard. I was still struggling & still saying “no stop no” he was panting & his hands were all over my body. David was kissing me on the lips with his tongue down my throat & pressing against me.

You are one sexy bitch, Marca. I can’t assist yet want to fill you with my seed every time I look at you,” he confessed passionately. I could feel his man hood against my pussy he was complex & big, shit like father like son. “You want this as much as me!” His hand was rubbing the top of my pussy with his fingers he then entered my hole with a finger & then pulled out telling me how wet I was. I tried one last time to push him away from me yet he had my legs open & pulling my pussy lips open as he rubbed them. Oh shit he was winning…but I must fight him off.

“David you received to stop! Tim will kill you, you can’t…please stop…your wife…we are married…you received to stop…!”

“Marca…did you fight off my son like this…he is only a boy…you can go to jail for a long time…just had to fuck him…didn’t you…?”

I closed my eyes & stopped struggling with him…shit he knew! “How did you find out? Did Chuck tell you? Does his mother know?” He smirked at me & said. “No his mother does not know. I came home one day early & saw Chuck coming from your place & he made the mistake of dropping his underwear in his bedroom & not the dirty close bag & a load of sperm was still in it. It didn’t take me long to put two & two together, I watched him & you real close after that!”

“Shit you think anyone else could know?”

“Baby, the only way I received it all out of him was when I told him he could not obtain his drivers permit if he didn’t tell me the truth, he said you two been fucking since last summer, true?”

I just nodded yes, “David he forced me, it was almost rape, nothing I could do!” He laughs out loud & than said. “I guess it was rape last week when he said you sat on his lap & rode him while he sucked your huge boobs, he just loves to suck you, yet I am sure you know that!” I turned my head away as he moved his head down between my legs & I could feel his rough tongue frantically moving around my clit & being licked all over, as much as I wanted him to stop it felt so good, & he new I was wet & horny.

He then stood up & I once again tried to cover my tits now on full view for this 50 something year old man to see. He pulled my arms away & said “you have a set of tits… don’t hide them…!” He sucked on my nipples & kissed all over my tits he then kissed all down my body back to my clit when I could feel him tugging at his trousers I new he was going to fuck me, his hands were all over me & he was panting & kissing every part of my body.

“Sweetie, I have been waiting for a long time to obtain in your pants, I have stroked myself off many times wishing I had you sitting on me with my cock stuffed up your tight twat & my mouth full of your tits. So yea, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you real bad. I need to screw you & now…!”

I looked down & his trousers & pants were round his ankles he was standing with his complex knob sticking out I wasn’t surprised on how huge it was, He tried to force my hand down on his cock & told me “jerk me, jerk it” I put my hand around him & slowly jerking up & down he was wet on the tip & I new he, ‘the bastard’ was ready to come.

“Marca I know your type, you’re the whore we guys pick up in a bar, have sex that night, & forget approximately the next day. Your nothing yet a prostitute, your not a cheap fuck, I bet old Tim never received any before you married him, the dumb shit, you received him fooled, show me how you suck cock!”

I just closed my eyes & went down on him what else could I do. I unzipped his pants all the way, pulled then & his briefs to the floor. On my knees, I had to turn my head to the side to obtain it in my mouth. He groaned as I licked the head. I thought it was already hard, yet it was getting bigger with each lick, & it was already a monster! I felt a hand behind me, & he pushed his whole cock into my mouth, down my throat. I could feel his public hair on my nose & hair. My eyes shot up looking at him trying to tell the son-of-a-bitch that he was choking me. I went to licking & moving my lips all over the long fat tube of manhood that filled my mouth.

I sucking him complex & gently tried teasing with my tongue as he was ramming it down my throat. Than all at once he pulled out of my mouth & pulled me into the den over to the leather couch & pushed me down on top of it. “You want this cock in that pussy?” He saw the lust in my eyes, my heavy breathing, my nipples were rock hard, he knew I wanted it, he knew I wanted him to ‘fuck my cunt.’ I looked up & with that sly smile I donate off when I am horny, I said.

“You’re nothing yet a bastard, you no satisfactory son-of-a-bitch, yes for god sake fuck me…!” He hesitated at first & looked at me, than I felt the head of his cock at my fold, he slipped it up & down my slit, & the mother fucker was teasing me!

“Damn you fucking whore, that thing is dripping!

“You’re an ass hole; can you fuck as satisfactory as your kid, you bastard? Come on show me how satisfactory you are! Shit I bet all you can do is show that your just one hung stud. Fuck me like I’m your bitch!”

“You two dollar whore, I’ll show you who can fuck!” Than he received down on the leather couch between my legs on his elbows & I felt the head slip in, damn it was wide. I pulled my legs up & spread them wide giving him more access to my love tunnel. With one hand on his ass cheeks I took the other & held my tits up for him to suck. I felt an inch or two go in, the thickness was expanding my vagina walls.

“Oh David that feels, so good; oh god, that feels so huge & complex take your time I want to savor this for as long as I can!”

“Damn Marca you’re tight as hell!”

“That’s because you have a cock like a horse ready to breed! I see where Chuck gets his!”

He moves forward & pushes a little & moves into me another two inches & I tighten & release my muscle like a hand squeezing his manhood. With my head resting on the couch, David grabbed my tits hard. He played very rough with them, pulling, pinching & slapping them. I felt my cunt beginning to leak juices & could sense that long lost feeling of an orgasm coming on.

“You like that bitch? Like my fat cock up your tight cunt, abusing your tits?

“Oh fuck yes!” Please cum in my cunt. I want to feel you’re slimy cum up my cunt.

He pushed harder each time & I could feel his large balls slapping up against my ass. I took my right hand & reached between my legs & began to rub his large balls.

“Good girl…! Rub my balls & feel them when I dump my load.”

“Ready for my load bitch? Want to be full of cum?”

Than the sex came to a sudden halt; the phone was ringing & I knew that was my husband calling me. We both froze & looked at each other & than on the second ring we looked at the phone. “That’s Tim, your long time friend calling me & here you are fucking his wife…!” I didn’t make a move to answer; I just wrapped my legs around his hips & pulled him in deeper. “I don’t need to obtain it…let him leave a message…!” Than the recorder came on, my sexy voice telling whoever to leave a message.

“Hi honey, I guess your not home, hope you are having a satisfactory day. I bet you went to the mall…! Marca baby I am sorry approximately the other night, I was just to tired to do anything, I promise to make it up to you when I obtain home this weekend. I love you…! Bye…!”

I looked up at David, my newest fuck buddy & he looked at me, at he same time we both started laughing out loud. I looked back at the phone & said in a low voice. “Sorry Tim, I can’t hold off until this weekend…!” David looked down at me with that smirk on his face., like all huge cock bastard’s obtain when they know your other half can’t compete with them. He looked over at the phone & said.

“Don’t worry Tim old boy, I’ll take care of her, I’ll donate her what you can’t…!”He than looked back down at me, seeing my huge grin I had from ear to ear. “You need this huge old thing baby, don’t you…? Need to have what your little dick husband can’t donate you; does that little dick ever have a huge load for you…?”

“Oh…you son-of-a-bitch, just fuck me. You know you received more than him…fuck…do something with it! Shit, no way my husband can’t dump as mush in me as you, .give it all to me…I need it.” Thinking of Tim’s little cock & this huge rod in me…I lost it & went off screaming & pulling him in as deep as I could. David went to humping me like a man half his age.

“You dirty whore! Sleazy bitch! All you want to do is fuck! Right? You just want to lie around all day with your legs spread open & screw.” The more he talked dirty to me, the hornier I got. I couldn’t hold back the first shattering, splendid orgasm, & the first of many I knew I would have before the day was over.

“Yes…yes so good…! Oh David, it feels so satisfactory having you inside me, I love it. You huge stud you fuck your wife like this. I want you to fuck me like your fucking her. I want to feel you cum inside me; I want the same seeds that you plant in her. It is so nasty to have my husband’s trusting neighbor’s cock in me. I want to be my fuck toy, I want to please you David, just tell me what you want & I will donate it to you or do it. Oh David, yes, I love having a cock in me, oh shit I love this. I love being fucked. I love it that you want to fuck me, to eat me, to fondle me, to finger me, oh David I received to have it, just keep fucking me!.”

“Oh you are such a slut whore, I’ll fuck you as long as you want to be fucked, & I will be more than willing to fuck you. I knew you would be this way, shit you are one fucking hot bitch. Your just like that whore I use in Denver every month…your just a hot slut wanting to please men. You will never have to worry approximately not having sex honey; you were built for sex, hot, nasty sex.”

He then sucked my tits sucked my neck & pushed his cock in my cunt he started to grunt as he pushed up & down in me I lay there & stared at him his eyes were wide open & he was grunting & panting as he gave two more pushes up me & shot his come filling my pussy right up, he went to pull out of me yet I told him. “You started this now you make me come…again…!” David took a deep breath & while it was still stiff he carried on pushing in me he had not gone limp & I could still feel him & I was very wet from his cream in me yet I moved with him & he sucked my nipples with a few more pushes I come.

He received off me & on his knees he was getting his second wind, hell I hope he wanted seconds.

“Here David lat me clean it.” I received on one elbow & wrapped the cock with my other hand. I couldn’t obtain my hands around it. I licked the head where cum was still dripping out slowly while I pumped his cock with my hands. After approximately a minute, he started getting up to gather his clothes. I lay back on my back with my legs pulled up & spread so that my knees were up beside my tits. I had my hands down around my legs playing with my pussy & ass…I made eye contact with David.

“Oh, David honey do you need to go so soon…?” “Fuck Marca…you still horny…? You can’t keep your fingers away from your hole…? Shit you are nothing yet a Nymph!”

I was now fingering my asshole in a major way with my left hand & with my right I was rubbing my fold. I had cream running down my ass & when I pulled my finger out, you could see cum juices all over my finger, I smiled & licked my finger clean. I looked over at David & said…“You taste good…!” I returned to fingering my ass & licking my finger…I played with my pussy by pulling my pussy lips apart giving him a tremendous close up shot of my open cunt that had been well fucked & oozed with his cream.

Finally I tired & just laid flat on the leather couch. I looked over at him saying, “Tim will be gone one more night…to offensive your wife is home…tonight…! But I guess Kim will obtain some tonight!” He stopped looked down at me & said. “Kim & I stop having sex years ago, she don’t like it!”

“So where do you obtain your sex?”

“From two or three prostitute I know. You going to be one of my girls, I’ll pay you satisfactory baby, you’re worth every dime…!”

“You bastard, I don’t need the money!”

He received dressed kissed me on the cheek & went home to his wife. Of course, .I never mentioned this to anyone. Around the neighbor hood I see him a few times…we have it down to a standard routine…we don’t speak to each other…we don’t even look at each other. David & I started seeing each other once a month at a motel across town on his noon hour.

Four months later…on a Tuesday morning my phone rang.

To be continued….

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