Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 14)

I’m an Understanding Wife

I was in the kitchen when Tim received home from a long day at his office… I gave him a kiss on the cheek & right away I saw he had a troubled look on his face. I received his vodka on the rocks & sat down in the den with him & ask the huge question.

“Honey, what is the matter, something is on your mind?”

“Just shit at work, Marca let me ask you something! You would tell me if you were unhappy with me our life?” (Shit what brought this on, damn have I been found out, who the fuck did I just fuck to obtain caught fucking with…)

“Tim you know I would, ah, ah yet honey I am not unhappy, are you crazy?”

“I had Dan come in today to tell me he is giving me notices, seems Judy can’t stand his long hours & is being neglected & needs more out of life than her two kids & what they have!” (That dumb fucking bitch, her husband is Vice President of the company, makes 6 figures a year, lives in a house much like ours & she wants something else.)

“Oh Tim I am so sorry, I know how much Dan mean to you & the company! He has been with you since the start!” (Damn, my husband has made him a million dollars over the years, wow.)

“Marca you’re not close to Judy, yet have you ever heard her or any of the wives say something like that to you?” (Shit, me being what I am & the way I look, they want come near me, I can make other women feel like a shit sandwich.)

“Tim, honey, they never talk to me, you know the bosses wife & all, I am not close to any of them, & don’t want to be!”

“Marca I travel, put in long hours & you & Judy are the same age, why is it your pleased & she’s not? I guess that is the reason we are all different!” (She doesn’t have time to screw like I do, I guess.)

“Will she has two kids & we don’t have any & I do obtain to make a trips with you from time to time, so we are together more than a couple with kids!” (Only reason I am on a trip with you honey, is when it is my time of month & I don’t have sex. Why stay home & be alone, so I am with you, & I still don’t have sex.)

“Your right & we are together when I am home!” (Will I do meet up with my huge cock lover’s during the day; I obtain in a satisfactory screw on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. afternoons.)

“Marca you would tell me if I was not living up to my duties as a husband?” (Damn Tim with that little we-we you received you can’t live up to a satisfactory butt fuck.)

“Oh baby, you will be the first to know if I am unhappy with anything approximately you.” (Shit what can you do approximately it? You can’t grow a new, bigger, thicker dick, so it goes.)

“So I guess Judy is not getting enough at home, from Dan, or did he go into details?” (Dumb bitch, with her looks she could be fucking most anyone if she received off that high moral crap.)

“Will all Dan said was she was not being satisfied & he did say he was not taking care of business at home.” (Honey men at yours & his age can’t do it like a 25 year old, I should know I just had one three weeks ago.)

“All she is doing is putting stress on Dan, poor Dan!”(I wonder how huge his cock is.)

About that time the phone rand & Tim had to take it & the rest of the evening went on with other things that married people talk approximately & it was after at bed time that we received back to Dan & Judy. I had come out of the shower & slipped on my sexy low cut night gown & I saw Tim’s eyes dart to my boobs & knew he would be horny tonight. I turned off the over head light & with just the night stand light on I slipped into bed & lay on my back as he fixed his pillows to fall back on. Tim looked over at me & said.

“Honey I am so lucky to have you, god I feel sorry for Dan!” (I bet he shortly will join the ranks of the jerk off club.)

“Tim, I think they just stopped talking to each other, we always know what the other one is thinking & wanting when we obtain in bed, right?”

“Yea, I think you might be on to something! I sometimes wonder if I please you the way you want me to, do I honey?” I smile up at the huge hunk. (No, yet that is why god made other men for me.)

“I guess I am not like other women, you know the oral thing & all, yet Tim you know how much I like it that way & your so understanding approximately intercourse with me, thank you baby! Tim you don’t feel put off with just us having sex by you putting it in me once or twice a month do you?”

“My god no Marca, you’re my wife, my soul, I would do anything to make you pleased & if doing oral on you is what makes you happy, it makes me happy! Honey I guess in away, I am lucky you are like that, you know I go off so swift when I actually do obtain it in!” (Thank god you do, I don’t have to mess with it that much.)

“Oh Tim, I never noticed you go off fast, do you? Of course, doing it that way is not our thing, is it? Tim should we set aside this Sunday night for some complex screwing, I think you might need some action that way & as a satisfactory wife I should be willing to do it some time like that!” (Your little pecker want last 2 minutes in me.)

“Oh yes Marca that would be great, I obtain so complex at work sometimes thinking approximately you & me, me slipping it in, I have made a wet spot on my pants a few time thinking approximately it. One thing I don’t have is a problem of getting it up when I think of you!” (Honey keeping it up is the thing.)

“Tim you think Dan has a problem getting it up for her, or keeping it up, does he try to make love?”

“Will, Judy doesn’t look like you, so if he had you every night like I do, he would have no problem.” (My love I never met a man who had that problem when I was nude in bed with him.)

“Oh Tim do I make you obtain it up?”

I drew back the bed sheets to reveal a small erection poking up into his briefs. “Take your undies off honey so I can play!” Tim with a smile & closed eyes lifted up his hips as he pulled down his jockey briefs & dropped them off the side of the bed to the floor. “Tim honey, pull your legs back up to your chest & hold them there.” His little picker was like a large middle finger with a small mushroom head, poor thing was just useless. I took it between my thumb & forefinger. I smiled down at him & looked at his little boy dick, still amazed at how a man his size & build, could have such a small penis.

He was looking up at me & he saw me wet my middle finger & made sure I had a lot of spit on it & I put it at his ass hole & ran it in to the first knuckle. He jerked & pulled back on his legs & closed his eyes as he cried out. “OH no your hurting me honey, please no your nail, no, please no!”

“Oh shit I forget every time approximately my long nails & I am sure it can tear a little as I drive it into some guy’s ass. “Sorry, honey, I guess I should use one of my toys on you instead.” His eyes flew wide open, as if in shock. “Tim one of these nights I am going to use one of my toys on your ass, baby, make your ass my little pussy for the evening.”

As I stroked his little dick, I looked at him & his little thing & my mind wonder off thinking of……

(I’m sorry baby, yet this little thing just won’t do it for me. Not now, not even tomorrow. I am at home alone most of the time while you are off making us money, & I waited for you like a satisfactory wife should. I was a satisfactory wife to you; will for the first few weeks of our marriage. While most people thought I married an older man for his money, you know that I didn’t. I love you. I was & still am satisfactory to you, & this is how I repaid your trust. Well, honey, from now on, I’m going to be as satisfactory as I can be. Your little slut will jerk you off any time, will almost any time. All you have to do is keep being like you are & I will run & play! I’m going to take a massive cock whenever I can obtain it. And since you’re not one with even a satisfactory size we-we, I guess that’ll be quite often, won’t it?)

“Oh Tim jerk it off for me honey you know how much I like watching you jerk off!” I moved around to where my butt was in his face & spread my legs wide, I looked over my shoulder & smiled at him as he jerked his little we-we. “Tim, baby, French my ass, you know how I just love to have you tongue it as you jerk!” (Besides I let you eat my pussy night before last.)

I lowered my head to the bed & my mind raced in different directions, thank god to tomorrow is the 15th, the water delivery man Mike will be here, huge cock Mike! Oh yes, huge Mike god what a cock, damn just less than 10 hours until he is here. It didn’t take Tim long to obtain me excited with his tongue working on my ass to think approximately it working on my pussy. Just than he shot off & I saw it run down on his hand & to his belly. I reached over & took a scoop of it & licked it, making sure he saw me. Than I wiped his belly off with my fingers & turned over on my back. I moved back up on the head board leaving Tim resting on one elbow looking at me. I lewdly grabbed my thighs with each hand & spread my legs like a wanton whore. I couldn’t believe that I was behaving like that, I let the last of his cream I had on my hand spread over my pussy lips. I was like a bitch in heat, offering my pussy to him like some kind of slut. He saw me spread his cream on my lips & I had that sexy fuck you look on my face.

“Eat me” I moaned in a guttural voice.

When Tim heard the words come out of my mouth he looked shocked. I never spoke like that to Tim in such a demanding way. “Tim if you want some pussy Sunday night, eat me! You eat me until I say stop you understand?” Tim just nodded & was down on his knees with his face in my pussy before I could say anything else. Tim began to slowly lick up & down my cunt lips. I was lost in another world. I closed my eyes & all I could see was Mike the water delivery guy’s large cock being stroked in front of my face. The scene changed & I imagined that Mike had ejaculated into my pussy & that Tim was licking it out of me. That was it! I went over the edge with that thought in my mind. My body jerked as Tim licked my pussy lips & flicked my clit with his tongue. This was my first orgasm of the day & I was still not satisfied!

When Tim saw that I came, his head came up & he looked at me expectantly. But I wasn’t approximately to take his little wiener tonight. The images in my mind were still there & I didn’t want my husband little dick anywhere close to me.

“More” I moaned, as I pushed his face back down into my wet pussy.

Tim, being the satisfactory husband that he is, complied immediately & went back to licking up & down my slit. The feelings again began welling up inside me, this time much stronger. I began hunching into Tim’s face. It felt as though I was using his face to masturbate myself. I reached down & began rubbing my clit. My orgasm was building up inside me & I was raising my hips higher, egging Tim on to stick his tongue into my pussy hole as I furiously rubbed my clit. I felt nasty & raised my hips even higher presenting my tight little rosebud to his mouth. I could sense that Tim knew what to do, yet to make sure; I pushed his head into my ass hole & began moving my hips against his mouth. Without speaking Tim was back licking & French kissing my backdoor.

Oh, that felt so good, god I loved it. My finger was a blur as I abused my clit & opened my ass hole to his tongue. By this time, my hubby was really into it I had him going from rimming me to sticking his tongue in as far as my tight rosebud would let him. As his tongue fought to violate my ass hole, I lost it. I came like crazy, squirting feminine juices all over my husband’s hair. He must have thought I was peeing, so much cum shot out of my pussy. I realized that I was screaming in ecstasy at the force of this orgasm. As I came down, Tim was staring at me sheepishly, wet from my female ejaculation.

“Wow” he said. “What received into you tonight?”

I murmured softly “thinking approximately making love to Mi, ah, my, my lover, you, you silly boy!”

I was suddenly embarrassed by my lie. I closed my eyes, partly to hide the emotions that were welling up in me – guilt, fear, excitement & yes, sexual arousal.

To be continued….