Confessions of a frustrated cuckold: a sad and true story

I have enjoyed the idea of my woman doing it with other man since my late teens.During my second marriage (I am now in my third), I made some fantasies real.We made some trio with a friend of mine, & after she had another lover while I watched. But that relationship was doomed from the beginning, it was not a satisfactory match.We had two children, yet I had to do a treatment ’cause my sperm count was low.Later I had doubts approximately my paternity, which were dismisses by an DNA test which was positive in both cases. Therefore, I was married very young with my first wife, for 5 years, then 8 years in my second marriage, & then I met my actual wife, & we have been together for 20 years.We have a very satisfactory marriage, we love each other, we care for each other, & we still long for the other when some of us is in a short trip away from home.. She had a shot marriage before, (1 year & half) which was terminated because his husband received in love with other woman. She did not have children. We were unable to have children too, my sperm was still no good, & age took his toll, I did not respond to treatment. The andrologyst looking & touching my tests, said it were useless. I tried several treatments to no avail.In Vitro finally was the ultimate solution yet somehow we freaked out, it seemed to us too artificial. I told her approximately my tendencies since day 1, therefore she knew I was “different”.She did not complain at all.Mind you, she has PHD (so do I) she is a very intelligent, rational, nice blue eyes blonde hair petite with legendary buttocks. I told her from the beginning of our quest for a child that I was open to another man to impregnated her.She hesitated & rejected the idea, until chances were nil. For years the only means for me to obtain arousal has been to imagine her with other man, & she knows it well. I do believe she is a true Dominatrix,she loves to be served,and massaged, yet is not so satisfactory herself doing the same! Sometimes, when I tried harder to convince her, she received very angry at me.Therefore, use my advice, if your wife is a self-respected, intelligent woman, do no try to push her! The answer will be has hers: I am not your toy, you cannot act as my puppeteer. Lately, after so many years, for the first time she said to me: “Honey, this was your fantasy all the way.I was sexually satisfied with you, yet now you have made me open to the idea.” To tell the truth,she may be “satisfied” with me, yet our sex life is so strict Vainilla I am dying of boredom! It is always me who is always looking for her sexually. And yes, we do have satisfactory orgasms, yet for the first time in my life I am no longer getting satisfactory erections, & for several months now most of our sexual engagements are end with clitoris hand stimulus because my penis goes down quickly.I was sort of Stallion years before, she even mildly protested of been harassed! But now I see my genitals going into rapid involution, & I keep asking her, during intercourse,why don’t you obtain something harder & bigger! She now enjoys the idea, at least while we are making love (years before, she shout me up when I talked, saying: Shhh,keep you fantasy fro yourself, you distract me! I have been his mentor in almost every other way of life, she is proud to admit that. Inside her secure look, she is very insecure & always need my reassurement. I keep telling her, sweetheart, you have to be your own woman (she does not dislike to hear that) & the last step is that you take full control of your active sex life,to be your own boss in that area, will finally break the old taboo & make you completely free of male domination! My genitals are approximately average, although my nuts are rather small, & as I told you, my penis is rather semi-erect during intercourse since many months now.When I ask her: “Wouldn’t you like to have inside you some bigger cock & more manly balls” She says that it is ok for her,that mine are just enough.She had, besides his former husband,two other men, although these two for a short period only. She has been always a very rational woman, for example, she was deflowered at 22, yet she didn’t want to marry this man, from the beginning she planned that the one that deflowered her will not be her husband.She always has told me that she believes , the same I do, that monogamist marriage is not the best for human being,but everything stays there at her head…And besides that, she is financially independent, even more, she has been much more successful than me in that area, I am much more of a bohemian. She says I am very protective emotionally, that my emotional handling & supportiveness are superb & that my intellectual & spiritual mentorship & psychological protection are a satisfactory deal for bringing more money than me to the house.

Lately she is telling me at last some things when we make love. At first she hesitated (for almost 20 years she hesitated!) Now she is telling what I want to hear (before the idea was just absolutely freakish for her) “Yeah , pathetic cuckhold, donate it to me now,the other one has such a huge cock & balls, not that little shit you have between your legs.He really fills me up, I can barely feel your puny peanut!”. She says she does it strictly for me, because she knows I love it so much. But, we are growing older (she is 50 & I 54) although both still satisfactory looking, she is a gorgeous woman, very cute, just a little overweight. I keep telling her, look if we were on the road, hunting for a mate as when we were younger, we will have the energy to obtain thinnier & better looking! And she agrees, but, somehow, she is not able to make a move.She says. “I cannot push it, it has to come naturally…If the man that arouses me comes on my way, I will not hesitate anymore”. But we have a very limited social life! How is it going to happen. I am not afraid of having her madly engaged with another man, at least, she will not be sad at all, of course,and I will be the happiest of men. As most cuckolds, I suppose, I will love to know that her body does not belong to me anymore., & that part of her mind & body are for her lover now.The idea of imagine the new man making her all his own, just make me crazy from pleasure & desire. At least she confessed to me that the sole idea of seeing herself unzipping for the first time others man’s pants just makes her crazy! The idea of looking & smelling for the first time other man’s genitals, she confesses, nowadays arouses her. When we are making love, she loves anal stimulation,she has only received my finger, when aroused she tells me she is saving her little hole for her new lover. I believe she is open inside to the idea, yet coming from a very tight religious home, the idea of been a slut while at the same time a married woman is still rather repulsive for her….Although she moreover tells me that she secretely,when we make love, enjoys imagining herself a slut with several men… And that when she fantasies at last alone with other man, she imagines he is moreover wealthy & takes her to attractive places! Although she is not, for certain, a materialistic type… She is very dominant, she told me, perhaps to scare me, that if some day she is with other man she will not tell me what they did, I will have to imagine…It would be OK to me, just knowing she is enjoying a huge cock & is coming home full of strong sperm….My consolation would be trying to secretly smelling her panties.

Women!!!!!! What a huge Enigma!

Although she is very reluctant to talk approximately her past sex life, I came to know after many hours, that her former husband’s cock & balls were bigger than mine, she loved to suck her cock & balls everywhere when they were fiancées, at the bathroom, at his car,at the living room when her mother was in another room…When asked her if she wouldn’t want to try a bigger cock & real man balls (my nuts are pitiful, even she admits they are tinny indeed)), she insist that she has enough with mine, yet lately she told me that at last I am doing her desire something else, yet ponting that if it were for her, she has enough with my genitals…We never used any device, yet I was thinking on getting a satisfactory dildo, flesh-alike, to commence stretching a little her vagina & making her feel what is like to have all her hole full, so she can notice the difference when I penetrate her with my flaccid penis…I think she wouldn’t have a problem using a dildo, because she loves masturbation…I just do not know…I just cannot bear the idea of our sex life ending in this boredom…

I have come to the point which I would even prefer a friendly divorce than this unbearable torture, at least I know she will eventually be with other man! And that image is much more pleasurable to me than to remain stalked here. (I beg your pardon for my lousy English, in my country they still consider cuckolds sort of degenerates, I cannot share this over there) This, sad for me, is my real & true story.I will love to hear your comments…and advice!

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  1. Be careful what you wish for, it might come true. Many guys have the fantasy that their wife wil cuckold them, and are then not able to deal with the jealousy, the feeling of insignificant in her eyes and feeling left out.

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