Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 10)

My Good Neighbor Jack

We went over for dinner one night to one of the old guys that live on our street, a neighbor by the name Jack that Tim had known before we were married. Old Bill one of our other neighbors was invited to make it old home week for the three guys. Jack was Tim’s age, mid 50’s and Bill way into his 60’s. Jack was a hunk, and Jack and Tim played golf once in a while. Before Dinner Jack asked Bill where the wine was he was to bring for dinner. Big problem, Bill had forgot

He felt bad and said he would run to the package store to get a bottle, but Jack said you old fart you need to go over to the special wine shop by the mall and get a good wine. That is a 20 minute drive. Tim being the gentleman he is said he would drive Bill and I said I would help Jack with the dinner and start working on the salad. That would be almost an hour they would be gone, leaving Jack and me alone. I didn’t realize how far Jack would take the teasing that he always did when Tim and I were at his place.

Tim and Bill had not been out the door two minutes and I was standing against the counter when Jack came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. I was cutting tomatoes and Jack whispered, “You look amazing tonight!” I laughed and thanked him for the compliment. I was wearing a short red dress without panties, something I did frequently when I was feeling naughty. It ALWAYS turns Tim on when I whispers, “I’m not wearing panties…”

Feeling slightly uncomfortable but flattered I continued to slice the tomatoes as Jack pressed his crotch against my bottom. I turned uncomfortably and tried to escape saying, “Jack please, don’t do that, Tim and Bill will be back soon!”

Jack whispered, “Bill told me you had a thing for big cock men, girl you been dreaming about me and my big cock, I been thinking about how you have a think for big cocks. Can you feel my penis pressing against you?”

I could feel his penis getting bigger as he pressed it against her. I knew how big he was, because Bill had told me that he had a reputation with the ladies, since his wife died 4 years ago of being hung like a mule. I HAD fantasized about holding his cock in my hands, even putting it in my mouth and sucking on it. I regretted telling Bill about my past lover’s and their big cocks. Torn, I knew I should escape from his grasp, but I was also curious. Protesting again, I said, “Jack please stop, I was just joking with Bill when I told him that.”

“Baby I know all about you and Bill… about you fucking him.”

“GOD DAMN IT THAT OLD BASTARD JUST HAD TO TALK!” I looked back over my shoulder at Jack. “He told you about us?”

“Baby he did, after I pushed him to come clean with me, you see I went down to his place one afternoon and as I always do went in the patio door and no sooner had I got in I heard begging and screaming coming from his bedroom and I laugh to myself, just knowing he had one of his old lady friends down on his bed.”

“LADY FRIENDS… He told me he hadn’t had sex in years, that ass hole!”

“Shit baby he has more pussy, than any of us on the street; its old pussy, but he gets all he wants from his bridge club group. Anyway I started to back out of the house but I wanted to see who he was poking, so I tip toed to the bedroom and looked in to see you on top of him riding him like a wild woman begging him to slap your ass as he sucked on these big tits!”

“You saw me, us, ah you saw me fucking, me naked on him?”

“God you have no idea how I wanted to ram my cock up your ass and suck on those fine tits of your!”

I let out a low moan as I put down the knife and put each of my hands on the counter to try to push away. When I did, instead of escaping I merely pressed my ass harder against his engorged penis. I arched my back as I felt the full length of him against me. Jack leaned forward against me causing me to exhale loudly, pushing me over the counter as he unzipped his pants and freed his massive cock. Fully erect, Jack is almost 11 inches long and no one could ever accused him of being a pencil dick, like my husband is. Jack whispered, “Poor old Tim can’t even give you what you need so Bill tells me. Do you want to feel it again?”

Without thinking I softly mumbled, “Yes ….oh please don’t tell anyone!”

When he pulled me back up I realized Jack’s cock was between my legs, I was straddling his cock. I was already wet from feeling Jack’s cock against my ass, now my pussy was in direct contact with his massive shaft. He hadn’t realized I wasn’t wearing panties until my pussy was in direct contact with his cock.

Thinking Jack was going to penetrate me I said, “We can’t, they may come back early, please stop.”

Jack responded, “Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen, I’m not going to fuck you. I thought you wanted to know what a real cock felt like.” Jack started rubbing his cock back and forth slowly with me providing the lubricant.

I gasped as my pussy rode on his cock. He was so big each stroke lasted forever. I wanted to feel him inside of me, but I convinced myself if it went no further everything would be alright, “Promise me this is it, that you won’t go any further. Not tonight anyway.”

Jack promised, “what ever you want my big tit neighbor, what ever you want.” He began picking up the pace, as he did I began to feel myself getting closer and closer to having an orgasm. Spreading my legs and leaning forward Jack kept up the pace rubbing the full length of his penis against me. I finally achieved orgasm and partially collapsed on the countertop exposing my vagina opening to Jack’s cock. Jack pressed the tip of his cock against my vagina. I gasped when I felt him against me and secretly wanted him to penetrate me right then. I closed my eyes tightly, spread my legs slightly and pressed back against the tip of his penis.

I steadied myself for what I imagined it would feel like to have his massive cock inside of me. Oh, did I want him inside of me I thought to myself. Instead Jack asked, “I know you made me promise, but I know you want to know what it feels like inside of you.”

Frustrated, with what I had just done, I had to say no, didn’t I? Before I changed my mind I said, “No, we have to stop…” As I said the word stop I felt his penis spasm. Laughing I said, “I guess you were having a good time too.” And then I felt it, the tip of his penis was pressed against my vagina and his semen shot inside of me. With the first spasm and my reaction the tip of his penis slid just a little further inside of me. The second pulse was even bigger than the first, filling my womb with his hot semen causing me to scream, “FUCK! You are coming inside of me! OH GOD, YOU HAVE TO STOP!”

I didn’t stop him as he pressed his crotch against me again and whispered, “I see old Bill was right about you, you can’t say no to a big cock can you?”

I moaned and whimpered, “Not exactly” as I felt him pressing against me. I didn’t move to stop him.

Jack knew I wanted him to fuck me and he pushed me over the counter and lifted my dress to find no panties. I laid face down on the counter and surrendered to him. Jack dropped his pants freeing his cock even more.

Jack rubbed the tip of his cock around my vagina until I was wet enough to lubricate his penis allowing him to penetrate me. As the head of his cock penetrated me, I felt myself stretch farther than I thought possible. I had read that a vagina can expand up-to 200% its normal size if properly aroused and lubricated. I was certain at 200%+ right now.

Once I was able to relax, my vagina completely stretched, I began to realize that Jack was going three times as deep as Tim had been able to reach. It really was an entirely different experience, amazing I thought. Pressed helplessly against the counter I was completely in the moment, experiencing what his large penis was like. Suddenly I told Jack to stop; I said it in a stern enough way Jack immediately pulled out.

Standing behind me he watched as I stood up and turned around and said, “I want to watch.” Sitting back down on the kitchen table I unbuttoned my dress and unclasping my bra, freeing my big 40 DD breasts. Jack didn’t hesitate as he lifted my legs up on his shoulders and pressed his penis in my vagina again. With one hand he held my waist and the other he used to grasp my breast. He was going full steam as I leaned on my elbows intently watching him penetrate me. I watched as every inch of his massive cock slid inside of me.

Before long Jack said, “I am about to cum; do I need to pull out?”

I laughed as I collapsed back on the table and said, “You don’t need to worry about that.” I felt Jack’s semen fill me with each pulse. I relaxed as I felt his hot semen fill my womb once more. I couldn’t believe how full I felt with his cock and his semen inside of me. Each time I thought he was spent I felt more semen fill me.

I was almost done in, Jack out of breath shot his last load deep inside of me, collapsing next to me on the table, turning to lie on his back.

I lay on my side and reached over and grasped Jack’s soft, but still large penis. I marveled how it dwarfed my hand, being almost three times the size of Tim’s small sized cock. I looked up at the clock and said. “Fuck they will be back soon.”

“No baby, Bill and I had this all planed, I told him not to be here until after 8 we got 45 minutes to play.”

I giggled, then sat up and took his old cock in my mouth. I sucked, kissed and licked the big thick tool until I felt it come to life. Than I started jerking the shaft to get it up, get it stiffer. When I saw that he was hard enough to start over I straddled Jack, resting my vagina on his hardening cock. I smiled as I took off my bra, fully exposing my chest and asked, “Do you love my big tits?” After I asked the question I began grinding back and forth over his partially erect cock.

Jack stuttered as I smiled at him. Leaning down I kissed his lips, his penis lifting its head as if to enter me automatically. Jack grasped my waist and thrust his penis inside of me again. Sitting up on his cock, I said, “You know we are going to be fuck buddies, I got to have this cock of yours more than just a one night stand.”

He smiled up at me. “What about Bill, and Charlie?”

“You know about Charles?”

“My big tit neighbor slut, I even know about old Jake, I bet you got a few more you are doing, but you can tell me about them some other time!”

I rode Jack for a good ten minutes and I had one climax after the next and at last he went off again as I fell on his chest. After we recovered he slapped my ass. “Get up baby; they will be here in any minute.”

I grabbed a paper towel and began rubbing the semen off of my vagina as I ran to the bathroom. I heard the car pull into the garage and I used a wash cloth to clean as much of his semen out of me as possible.

By the time I came out of the bathroom Jack had the dinner on the table and we sat down for dinner. During dinner I could feel Jack’s semen leaking out of me. Not wanting it soil my dress I kept wiping myself off with my fingers and when no one was looking I would lick my finger, I did this throughout dinner. I gave Bill that fuck you look as soon as they got back he saw I was not happy at all with him.

After the main meal was over Tim went to the bathroom in the hall where I had gone and Jack looked over at me and smiled. “Bill you were right best fuck I ever had!”

“I told you she could put shit on you that soap and water want take off.”

I looked both of them, “Would two stop it, your going to let the cat out of the bag and than all of us are in trouble.”

After desert I feigned a headache and we headed home. Jack gave me a big hug at the door and whispered, “Call me.” I didn’t respond. In the car Tim was going on about something, but my mind was in a spin. In less than a year I had gone from being a good wife; to a one night stand, screwed the bug guy and doing our handyman.

If that wasn’t bad enough I was now in thick with three men on our street. My god Marca you are crazy look what all you got with Tim and trying to take care of your itch is worth all this? Who else has that old fart told? I’m open to being blackmailed, should I confess to Tim? What am I going to do? Where will this end?

To be continued…

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