Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 9)

Charles Keen young and hung

Whether one can outright accepted it or not, your little venture to the world of sex outside of your own marriage does transformer you into an addict. OK…so it did me! Future rendezvous with any of my big cock lovers and sex partners and perhaps even others that I had not met, were very likely going to be a part of my married life. After having it on with Tim’s old college room mate and doing his best friend Bill, from the neighborhood, my bed was made and I was ready to lay in it, even get laid in it. The main problem I faced now was how to manage things. Maintaining the best of both worlds was going to require some serious planning.

The more I play the more I want; I never seem to get enough. What I also realized at an early age, that I probably never again be satisfied by a less intense bedroom performance than the one I experienced with my full body hung studs that I seek out whenever I can. Sometimes a good screw just seems to fall in your lap.

So it goes…part 9:

The early months of our married life were wedded bliss; will to some degree it was. Then problems arose. Due to circulation problems, it started to affect Tim’s ability to maintain an erection. That was what the doctor said might be his problem, but I was playing mind games with my new hubby. Since Tim did not have a large prick, at the best of times, only 4-inches when stiff, coupled to his new problem of not getting it up led to bedroom tears, god can I put it on. I found when he was licking my pussy I did sometimes get off to…will shall I call it a mini organism but it was not ideal and certainly not the answer to a satisfying sex life. In frustration I turned to the only thing I knew and that was my whore ways, I went back to my well-endowed lovers. About once a week, I found I had a little stiff one in bed with me at night that I was married too. I let him; sometimes I helped him to toss himself off while lying next to me. Unfortunately, this arousal did not transfer itself to the other side of the bed…to me, his wife.

I love Tim but I have started an itch you men know where. To be blunt, I needed, just a good fucking, which my husband and anyone who saw him nude, must admit he has not been able to give me any, nor could he. It was after Bill our old neighbor was doing me with his hung horse cock (that needed Viagra to make that big old thing work) I knew I had to make some big changes, if I wanted to have a sex life again.

Soon after that, I made it a habit to keep a packet of condoms in my purse for just such an occasion, should it come up. I had always stayed away from the men in our neighborhood, which was to close to home. I was making friends with the wives and a woman with my body and looks does not have many female married friends. The neighborhood husbands however had a different take on me, I was the object of their jokes, looks and I am sure their fancy at night when they were fucking their children’s mother late at night.

Over time, I began to notice what man was trying hard to be friendly and whose wife was cold toward me. All I needed was some bitch to find out she could not keep her husband happy and she end up telling Tim what her better half and I had done. I never set out to bed anyone of them or let them have me, but if it happens, so be it. With what I was getting at home, it would not take much for me to give in to a big cock motherfucker that I knew that some of them were. Over the summer of my first few months of marriage, we had several get together, Bar B Q and cookouts in the neighborhood that gave me a better look at some of my future lovers. After Bill and I had set up our play time, I found my next victim.

One of the first husbands I did was the young hunk across the street from us; Charles Keen who was quite a handsome hunk who stood about 6’ 2” and no more than 200#…! It did not take one long to see that the man worked out, you could tell by the way he carried himself; he was, built in all the right places. Charles, in other words was mouth watering handsome matter of fact with short black hair specked with a few gray flecks at the temples. A firm jaw made of sharp right angles and vivid blue eyes. He had some dark chest hair that ran down that hard flat stomach. I knew he was my age and he looked to be no more then 30. His wife was Kathy, 22, perky thing who was a 5’5” beauty and they were newlyweds as were we. Kathy did not know much about cooking and I helped her with a few things that I had learned in the kitchen. No, I did not give her lessons on stuffing the meat in the kitty!

As I said, Charles was a tall nice looking young stud around my age and he filled out his weekend jeans nicely. The boy did have a package. Than one Saturday evening the Keens had Tim and I over for a cook out and Kathy was will into the wine as it got later in the evening and the men were off talking sports and she unload on me about how Charles was always horny, she seem to never get him to quite.


“Marca, you and Tim have been married as long as we have, can I ask you something…I need to talk about some things!” Kathy was way into the wine and she was hurting inside it looked like. “Kathy any time, please feel free to talk.”

“Marca, only one way to say it…Charles, he wants to screw all the time I am hoping Tim will get him drunk so he will sleep tonight…is Tim that way…?”

Damn…this woman hates sex…I can see that. “Kathy, Tim is 20 plus years older than Charles, I am sure Tim was the same way when he was 30…!”

“Oh…I guess your right…me being 22 and I waited until my wedding night to give it up…I sometimes think I might have been better off dating a few others before Charles.”

“Yes Kathy, I went that road…I had a few men in my life before Tim! I guess you might say I can compare him to the others and like all men he has his good side and not so good side…!”

“Marca, does it hurt when Tim does it…tell me how do you get past that pain?”


“Kathy just how big is Charles…is he thick…?”

“Marca, I can hold his sac in my palm and his old thing runs half way up my forearm and oh god that ugly old head is wide and nasty, that’s what hurts…! If Charles were not so big, he would be perfect…if he were just a little bite smaller…! You know what I mean Marca…?”

“Oh Kathy, I know what you mean girl…shit I do I…! Kathy, does Charles make you get on your hands and knees and do it to you that way…?”

“Oh I hate that and he wants to spank my ass when he gets it in. I am so embarrassed to tell you this, the other night he had me on my hands and knees and he licked my rectum…I was so grossed out. I made him go brush his teeth and gargle before I let him back in bed…!”


We were saying our goodnights at the door and Charles gave me a hug goodbye as all the men in the neighborhood did when I was saying our good night. I kissed Charles on the cheek and winked. I did not mention to Ted about Kathy’s conversation or that my pussy was sopping wet and that my thong was drenched. I made Tim have a midnight snack at the Y that night.

My mind went wild on planning a way to get my hunk neighbor between my legs, oh lord, forgive me for what I am about to do. I picked a day when Kathy was to go to her mothers house, a Saturday, and Tim was at the club playing golf. That left the poor victim and me all alone. I was to strike at high noon. I made sure I dressed to fit the mood I dressed for combat…god I know how they felt at Normandy, D Day…June 6, 1944. I was going out that front door across that street and breach their house. Oh, shit this was going to get nasty, I knew it would turn into hand-to-hand combat; oh, I might have to take him in close…if I am lucky I might get his bayonet run in me, before the afternoon was over.

I looked in the mirror to check my equipment. Pussy was shaved smooth, boobs were in place, damn, with a set of 40DD I knew I could make it past the door. I went this day with out panties, the less equipment I had on the better I could storm the objective. I slipped on my combat shoes, a pair of 5-inch FMP’s, that made my ass stick out. Than I slipped on one of my sexy, wrap-around sun dresses that I knew would be easy to slip off me, when the enemy had me in his grasp. I took one last look in the mirror and told myself…you who about to go down for you own sexual satisfaction…we salute you…go fuck him girl!

I looked out my up stairs window to see the enemy working in his yard, doing something in the flowerbeds. Out my front door and across that lonely beach that seem to be a mile wide (the street…) “Hi Charles…Kathy home…?”

The hunk looked up and smiled and stood to speak when his eyes gave him away…he liked what he saw. I had made it onto the beach…signal London that I have landed. “Hi Marca, no she went to her mothers, should be back about 5 or so…!”

“I had used some of her pastry tools and was returning them to her and I got a platter of cookies…I guess for you…! Charles it is hot out here, how can you stand this heat…?”

“Come on in Marca, your right I need something cold, how about a beer…?”

“Oh Charles I cannot stay long…I will take a glass of wine, just a quick one…!”

I go into their house and hand him the cookies and cookie cutters.

Charles took the cookie cutters into the kitchen. When he returned I stood in the middle of the living room, my back to him, bent over looking at a book they had on the coffee table. I knew he could see up my dress to my ass cheeks, but with my knees together, he could not tell if I had thong/panties on. I knew he was admiring my sexy body for a second, then walk up behind me, wrap his free hand around my waist.

“Your glass of wine my lady…my beautiful, sexy neighbor; damn Marca you always look so good!” I turned around in his arms. Our lips meet, but suddenly I pull away.

“Where is your wife anyway?” I asked.

“She’s out…at her mothers and will not be home for a while.”

“Then I should go. Charles, Kathy is my friend and Tim is your friend, this is not right!”

“No, please Marca, god…please, stay a while…!” With that, he pulled me towards him, wrapped his arms around me, and laid a big kiss on my full open lips. At first, I played the game and did not respond, but then I let my tongue kiss back. My free arm wrapped around his neck, his just above my waist. My tongue found its way into his mouth, as his hands dropped to my ass. I offered no resistance so he reached up with one hand and fondled my breast thru my dress and bra. Again there was no resistance so he led me over to the couch, we sit down, and continued our kissing. This time he slipped a hand up my dress, then under my bra, and found my big hard nipple. He rubbed my nipple, and then gently squeezed it. I moaned. He pulled his hand out and tried to pull the dress over my head. I stopped him.
“We shouldn’t be doing this, what if your wife comes home?”

“Don’t worry, just relax and enjoy the moment,” he replied.

Again, he went back to my dress, and this time I let it come off. He reached behind me, unsnapped my bra, pulled it off and threw it across the room. Now he had full unrestricted access to my bigger than life tits. He fondled one tit with his hand, sucked the other into his mouth. He ran his tongue around it, over the nipple. I acted as if I seemed to be relaxing a bit, as I leaned back and moaned. I moved so he had my other tit, and sucked that as he sucked the first one. I had my head back and my eyes close, obviously enjoying the attention my tits were receiving. He started kissing down my chest, down to my belly, tonguing my belly button. Than he looked, up at me and said.

“Shit, Marca you…you are not wearing any panties…!”

I look down at him and smile…”I hate to wear panties when it is hot…they give my pussy a rash…!”

“Oh Charles what am I saying…we cannot do this. Where, are my things?”

I stood in the middle of the living room, naked from shoes up, turning, looking for my dress and bra. He came up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing on my neck.

“I know you want this Marca, so just relax and go with it.”

He than slipped a hand down, and found my clit.

“But we are married, and this is…oh Charles, oh…this is so wrong,” I said.

“Do not think about that, just enjoy the moment.”

He slipped a finger into my steaming hot pussy. I moaned, leaned my head back onto his shoulder as he rubber my clit. He led me back to the couch. I sat down, than leaned back on the arm, as his mouth found my tits again. My nipples were still rock hard, and he teased them with his tongue. His hand found its way back to my slit. After stoking it a few times, he slipped a finger into my pussy. I spread my legs a bit, allowing easier access. He slipped a second, then a third finger into me. He started kissing down my body again, down my flat belly, kissing my belly button, finally reaching the top of my mound. I can smell my musty pussy sent as he moves in. His tongue finds my clit, rubs it a few times, than sucked it up into his mouth.


My hips start bucking as I grab his head and pushes it further into my pussy. He slips his tongue into my pussy, tongue fucking a few times before returning to my clit.

“Oh yeah, suck me suck me,” I moaned.

Then my thighs start to squeeze his head, I am moaning louder, I can feel my pussy quivering, my pussy juices flowing all over, as I start to go off.

“Oh my God, Oh my God,” I moaned repeatedly.

My back arches up and then I exploded in a giant orgasm. One last “Oh my God” and I settled back into the couch.

As I relaxed on the couch, he stood up and stripped off his clothes. My god he had a winner…it had to be 8-inch cock, rock hard and ready to go. Poor Kathy if she thought this was big…she should take on some of my old customers. He knelt between my legs, rubbed his cock on my juicy slit. I reached down and grabbed his cock, stroking it. I lifted up my knees and spread my legs, then guided his cock into my waiting pussy. I looked up into his eyes and said. “Thank god you’re not small…!”

The grin on his face told me he could be a bastard if he wanted to be.

“Oh Jesus, I been needing this for months…I need your big cock…fuck me like you never fucked anyone before…!”

He pushed in slowly, sinking all 8 inches into my hot wet pussy. “Yes, yes fill me oh shit that is so good…!” I reached to grip his ass and pull him toward me.

“Now fuck me hard,” I ordered.

With that, he started thrusting in and out pretty, quick and soon I was moaning again. I reach up and massage my big nipples, squeezing them. I can feel my pussy starting to quiver on his cock.

I reach behind him and hold his ass cheeks apart pressing on his hole with my finger, he moan and grip my ass tighter making my crouch open more. In his excitement, he picks up the pace and fuck’s my tunnel hard, fast and with no mercy, saying to me. “You fucking slut! You are…what I thought you were a teasing, filthy, fucking whore!”

“Oh Charles, yes and I want to be your whore…do me, do your whore…!”

“Oh my God,” he said. “You pussy Marca, my god it is sucking on my cock…how you can do that…?”

He continued to pound into me, as I start bucking again. Suddenly he pulled out, I gave him a what, the fuck are you doing look. He pulled me off the couch.
“On your hands and knee…god damn you…I am going to ride that ass of yours, hard and long!”

I quickly followed his orders. Now on all fours, I turned to look at him. He moved in behind me, grab my hips, once again slid his cock along my slit before burying it in my pussy, in one deep thrust. I let out a long moan and tell him…”oh, Charles this is my favorite way! Charles you like my ass…I love to have my ass spanked…!”

“I’ll give you a spanking you will never forget, you fucking slut…!” The excitement was evident in his voice.


“Ahhhhhh fuck!” I shrieked.

I let one hand slide between my pussy lips. “Spread your legs now you fucking whore!”

I spread my legs and he grabbed my pussy hard lightly smacking it too. My body jumped up. “Owwwww!” I yelled.

He starts pounding into my pussy with a regular rhythm. Reaching between my legs, I finds my clit and start rubbing it. I pushed back to meet his every thrust, driving his cock in deep. I am moaning, starting to quiver, my orgasm is building again. He is holding on to my hips as a cowboy rides his horse. He thrust in even deeper. My pussy starts to grip his cock even tighter, I am really starting to buck now. I am rocking my head back and forth, than I turn to look at him.

Oh, god did this feel good, it made me think of my working days and nights. I felt like a whore again and I loved that feeling when I can please a man and make him want me, my body, the power I have over his sexual drive. Making love to my husband is one thing and loving him is the greatest joy in the world. Now I had rediscovered the bliss of just getting and giving a good old fashion fucking.

“Ride me big man ride my ass until I cry…give it to me make me your dog bitch…!”

“Ooh it’s so deep!” I cried out suddenly.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. “You like it like that don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes, more, oh god yes…! This f-feels good!” I purred.

Charles kept pumping me in the doggie position. I screamed out and tossed my head back. I was coming again! I felt my pussy clench his cock so tightly that he could not help but go off as well.
“Ahhhh fuck! I am Coming! Oooh I’m c-Coming!” I screamed.

“Yeah! Oh, fuck me too! Feel my juice baby! Feel it shoot in your hot pussy!”

Than I have a massive orgasm. Several more thrusts and I feel his orgasm building, than suddenly he explodes deep in my pussy. I fall off the sofa onto the floor. He falls on top of me, trying to recover and get our breath. His shrinking cock slips from my pussy and he rolls off me. I props myself up on my elbows, looks at him.

“That was great, why we waited so long to do it, is a wonder to me…!”

He moved up next to my mouth and I looked at the wall clock. “Charles, call your wife and see what time she will be home!”

“Marca she said 5…this afternoon later, we have time for more!”

“God damn it Charles…I said call your wife…!”

“OK…ok shit don’t get bent out of…you …forget it…!”

“Honey…I am not mad I know what I am doing, call her…!”

Charles called and asked Kathy what time she was leaving and she told him in about an hour. He asked her to stop and pick up a 6-pack of beer, I see the boy was learning.

“Wow, guess you were right Marca, good thing I called she will be here by four, if she walked out the door of her mothers right now!”

“Charles, if you screw around as much as I do…you figures out how to play the game!”

“Marca, Tim not doing enough for you…?”

“Charles, Kathy has told me that all she needs is some cock once a week…she and Tim would be perfect…! Tim has a cock so small she would never feel it, will she might once a week…! Come on get on and give me some more…this has got to last us both until later in the week!”

Some forty-five minutes later, I am in the bathroom cleaning up and Charles is in the living room picking up. I hear a car pull up and make my way back to the den. The backdoor opens and Kathy walks in. I am setting on the sofa watching the TV as Charles is in his recliner. Kathy has several bags, and Charles jumps up to help her.

“Marca, hey girl…how long…have you been here…?”

“Not long, I was just returning your cookie cutters and Charles and I were talking about the latest dirt in the neighborhood…!”

“Oh, what is it…?”

“Old man Matthew, who lives behind us…he walked in on me the other morning as I was coming out of my bathroom naked…!”

“Oh weren’t you embarrassed…Damn Marca, what did you do…?”

“After I stop screaming, god I thought he was a rapist…I calmed down, than remembered to cover myself…the old fart saw me in the all together…it is funny after you think about it.”

“Marca did you tell Tim, has he said anything to Matthew…?”

“Oh I did not tell Tim, he would worry so, and you know how much he travels, this would just give him more to fret about. The old man said he knocked and called out to me…no big deal.”

Shortly after and a little small talk, I said I had to go. Charles volunteered to let me out and then lock up. Kathy went up stairs to get ready for their dinner date. At the door, I turned around and was sucking my finger…”mmm we taste good together,” I said.

“We’ll have to do this again sometime soon; honey you like to butt fuck…? I hope you do Charles and I love to have my asshole tongued. You need to call me Tuesday after you get to work…! I kissed him one last time and was out the door.

More to cummmm…