Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 8)

Old Bill, our neighbor called on me:

I married Tim when I was 29 years old and when I moved into his house I became the neighborhood beauty. As most of you know I have a 40 DD chest, long golden tan legs that make my 5’10” body seem amazing and a great (38″) ass. When I dress to go out, I wear stockings, garter belt and 4 or 5″ heels. I enjoy showing off, got to be from my days of modeling. It does help to be a bit of an exhibitionist I’ve always been and I always will be. I love to flirt and show off in front of men. The thought that they are getting a hard on watching really turns me on! I like nothing better than to wear a low cut top and do a bit of flashing!

I admit…I am a cock tease and it always gives me a rush to get a guy a hard on. If I’m feeling particularly sexy I put on my tight white panties and a short skirt and give some poor unsuspecting man a hard on by positioning myself so that only they can see between my thighs! Then as he gets really interested I get up and walk away. Poor shit head must wonder what’s hit him. I often feel sorry for them…sure I do…! At home alone, I put on next to nothing if I could get away with it. Cut-off’s and T-shirt is the dress of the day most of the time.

When I married Tim he was in his 50’s and I was 29. The man had money, one of the big reasons I married him and the man had a home that any woman would fuck to live in, yes thank you I do that whenever he needs some pussy.

Soon after we were married and I moved in, Tim had an open house to introduce his bride to the neighbors. Being a high end, classier section of town you did not have the young married couples on the street. Most were retired residents and a few of the old guys that Tim was very close with were widowers Bill was in his 70’s and lived at the end of the street, Jack was a few years older than Tim, he was in his 60’s, and was our neighbor to our north and on the south side was Matt; he was in his late 60, retired banker.

Across the street was David, he was just 53, married to a fat bitch and they had a son Charles. Next door to them was the youngest couple, Nick and Kathy, Nice was 45 and Kathy was my age and they had a baby girl a few months old when I moved in. Tim always had the guys over to watch football and when I came part of the house, we continued the traditional Saturday get together. Tim liked to visit with the old guy’s best and after the game he would gill steaks and party until the last guy standing was told to turn out the lights when he went home.

After a few months of being around everyone in the neighborhood, it was not uncommon for some of the retired older men from the neighborhood to stop by to see me…always checking on me when Tim was out of town to see if I needed anything done around the house, they were so sweet. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it was the widowers who were coming by to see me. The married men I guess had a hard time getting away from the better half. I was not popular with the local wives as they knew nothing about my past…hell my husband knew nothing about it.

One day I was doing stuff around the house, in a pair of very short lose fitting cut-off’s and a very tight thin material with a deep low V cut T-shirt…it left nothing to hide if I bent over just the right way. Around noon my door bell rang and looking out the peep hole I saw it was old man Lender, Bill Lender. He had lost his wife about a year before Tim and I married and he had been over to watch football with Tim and when I came into the house he made it a point to be here whenever he could con an invitation out of us. When he was over on a few Saturday afternoons, he was known to get into the bottle …more than he should. I open the door and said. “Hi Bill…what brings you over…?” Than I got a smell of his breath…damn he started early.

“Marca is Tim here?” It was a weekday, a work day…will not for men over 70 I guess.

“No…In fact he is due in on Thursday…can I help you with some thing Bill…?”

He came in closed the door and that look…oh shit he had that look…I had seen it more than once when I was a working girl. On top of that he had been drinking. I turned to walk into the kitchen and was going to make him a pot of coffee. Than just as my back was to him…I got out the words…”Bill let me make some coffee…!” Than I felt one of his hands grabbed my arm and pulled me into the den.

“Come here, you cock-teaser.” He hissed, as he pushed me down on our big leather couch. It shocked me…I didn’t say a word because I was stunned and I assumed he was now kidding me as he always did, or maybe he had just a little too much to drink. His hands shot to my breasts and roughly felt them through the thin T-shirt I had on. His fingers found my braless nipples and they hardened to his touch.

“No, Bill! What do you think you’re doing? My husband is your best friend…I thought I was a friend…friends don’t do this!”

“I’m breaking a cock-teaser. In this neighborhood we know how to deal with cock-teasers, and you are the worst any of us have ever met. When I’m through with you, you won’t tease me or any of the other men on the street anymore.”

His rough talk and his rough grabs were so out of place, so beyond anything I had seen the old man do or say. It had to be the drinking he had been doing. I jumped a little when I felt his hand touch my leg. I looked down; he slid his hand higher on my leg. ‘Oh god no…Please I got to stop him. He can’t do this…oh fight him…I got to fight within myself.’

“Bill, you old fool…your to drunk to do anything…and being drunk at your age your all talk…get yourself together and go home…!”

I held my breath as his hand slide up my golden tan freshly shaved leg. I shivered when his hand reached the top of my cut-off’s. He gave my thigh a squeeze before continuing further. His fingers traced my pussy lips through my cut-off’s.

I started breathing a little harder. Bill had now pushed my left leg of my cut-off’s aside and was fingering me. I could feel myself getting wetter and my nipples harden under my top. That drew his attention…he was gazing first at my erect nipples, his eyes were easily drawn to the motion under my breast heaving as I took deep hard breaths. He then looked down into my eyes to see the fear…blatant hunger in my eyes…my open mouth taking in deep gulps of air.

I tried to speak…to tell him to stop…to tell him no I can’t do this…I can’t let him see my weakness. Than he place the tip of one finger on my fold and ran it over my wet pussy lips. I closed my eyes and let out a deep sigh…my hands fell to my side and I went limp opening my legs to him…he had won and without much of a fight from me. He knew I was easy…he had seen though me after all these months of being around me.

I was shocked at myself for giving in so fast and had to suppress a nervous giggle as my moans began to rise. But at the same time, the whole situation had me turned on. I didn’t fear for my safety, because of the setting and that it was Bill, and I knew he would never hurt me. Still, the roughness was causing me to respond. Tim, always a gentleman in and out of bed, had never talked to me or felt me the way old man Lender was. This was new and exciting. I fell back almost willingly when Bill pushed me back on to the couch.

“Bill! Stop…please…you got to stop I can’t do this…I can’t let you do this to me!” I was protesting, but I was also keeping my voice low…I didn’t want the neighborhood to know what was going on. I started to feel a heat in my crotch right away. I had to fight back…not give in…God no way I can let my guard down. I couldn’t think…when I get turned on and my body was showing him that I was going in that direction, no matter what I said. He was touching my large breasts. They always seem to be super sensitive, and the nipples were already hard just from him touching them.

He started rubbing, the deep massage, all the while telling me what a cock tease I was…a whore…especially with breasts such as mine, large and firm. He worked his way all around the huge globes, at first not touching the nipples at all which were pointing straight up at him. Then he started brushing the nipples with his finger tips, saying how all the men wanted to suck on them and tit fuck me. God his telling me all this was just adding to my giving in.

“Oh please stop…you can’t do this to me…ah…please…!”

He began squeezing the tips of my nipples. I couldn’t even look at him; I was getting very turned on. God I wanted him to start sucking on them. The more I thought about it the hotter my pussy was getting. What the fuck was I going to do when he got down there and there was a fucking puddle waiting for him? There wasn’t much I could do… he kept squeezing and pinching my nipples until I thought I might cum from that alone. I started squeezing my pussy muscles around his finger, giving myself that hot feeling, when he stopped. I still couldn’t look at him. I was afraid if I did, I would end up begging him to fuck me right then and there.

“You fucking whore…I’ll show you…not only have I been drinking…but I had my… Viagra this morning…my little blue pill just over an hour ago and I am ready..!”

He ripped down his zipper and pulled out a rigid old ugly looking cock. Than I looked at it again…damn it was big and it was stiff…shit it was not so ugly after all. He threw me back on the couch and pulled me to the edge of the couch as he pulled down my cut-off’s…I was wet … he fingered my clit a little, than stepped in between my legs enough to slide that wonderful dick into my already hot, wet cunt. He pressed it up against the opening to my cunt and began to tease it. Pressing against it, but not going in. I was aching for it. I took my right hand and used my finger and thumb to part my lips…than I looked up at him and with half closed eyes…I smiled ear to ear and nodded yes. He thrust his hips forward burring his cock into me.

My eyes rolled back into my head and I let out a moan…”oh yes…oh yes…yes…!” I love that first thrust, just like that, nice and hard. I reached forward and grabbed his ass with both hands, pulling him into me as I started to climax…shit it was a good orgasm…best I had in over a week…and just on his fifth stroke. “Harder, Bill…fuck my pussy…give it to me… harder” he then grabbed my feet, lifted them up and placed them on his shoulders. He grabbed my hips lifted my ass slightly and began thrusting his hard cock deep into me. Soon I was rocking my pussy against him, and he was hitting my G-spot just right. Fuck, I was going to cum again. I was gripping the sides of the leather cushion and squeezing my pussy as hard as I could.

“Oh god Bill I needed this…oh yes…take it Bill give me a good screwing…oh yes…!”

He looked down at me with that lust animal look in his old blood shot eyes…”Fuck I haven’t had a whore fuck me in 15 years and you had to be one of them top drawer… high class whore’s if I ever saw one…!”

Damn him…he found me out or he figured me out…but he was right I had been a high paid call girl for a few years. What could I say…nothing to say…just fuck him and enjoy it. He was fucking me…. and fucking me…. it felt so good … I was fucking him back like a bucking bronco…. raising my butt off the couch to meet his downward thrusts …. And he keeps fucking me … in and out; in and out … he just slipped in and out, in and out so easy!!

I learned at a young age how to milk a cock with my pussy…as the guy was fucking me. I kept milking him with my pussy muscles…. and he keep fucking me … It felt so good … We were fucking with grunts, and groans, and moans … and I squeezed his cock good with my pussy…I know I was groaning … whimpering …. Huffing … straining … raising my hips…. and he kept fucking me …in and out ….in and out…. and I come again!

“You are going to make me your whore all the time?”

That was it for him; he started shooting his hot cum deep into me. I could feel it and that’s when the spasms started, I was fucking coming so hard all over his fucking rock hard cock. When I stop moaning form my quickie I just had…he pulled out and stood up. I sat up on my elbows and smiled at him.

“You stopped…why did you stop? Oh I mean…ah…you…Oh my god…I can’t believe you forced me to…you made me cheated on my husband!”

“You fucking whore…I told the guys you were easy mark…you would fuck a dog if he had a cock…!”

“Bill…I am not that way…you made me…I just got…I lost myself…I am not this way…you got to believe me…I’m not a bad person…I was taken by you and lost myself in the moment…!”

Fuck I had to say something…it would be all over the neighborhood I was a easy fuck…Tim would die…Tim would kill me…worse…he would kick me out…!

“Bill…you can’t say anything to anyone…I was kidding about you being old and not getting it up…! Bill I’ll be good to you…please just don’t tell on me…!”

Bill grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to his still hard cock “Shut up, bitch. Lick me clean.” I took his warm and sticky cock in my mouth, sucking it and then licking our juices from its length. As I was working on his cock, Bill said, “Does your dumb husband still think you’re a saint? That shit head can’t figure out you are a cock-tease? What you really are is a slut and that’s the only way you know how to get others to do you…!”

I heard him, but was enjoying his cock too much to pay that much attention to what he was saying. Finally, when he was clean, he put himself back into his pants and zipped up. He walked out of the house without another word, and by the time I had got myself together and dressed, he was gone.

That day was the beginning of my descent into raunchy sex with men in the neighborhood… I knew it then; Bill had made me give in…I saw right than I could no longer live behind my goodie too shoes life with him and the other old widowers on the street.

I wonder if the old fart’s had a bet…what was the bet? I guess old Bill won the bet…!

Tim got home from his trip and I didn’t see or hear from Bill or any of the other old farts for a few weeks…until one morning the phone rang.


“Marca…Bill here…is Tim gone to work?”

“Oh hi…Bill…yes he just left…!”

“I’ll be over for coffee in a minute…!”

He hung up on me and before I could get out of my robe he was at the patio door. Without knocking or saying a word he came in and just looked at me like I was …will I guess I was to him…to anyone that knew me.

“Don’t just stand there…get over here and live up to your name…you cock sucker…!”

“Bill…don’t talk to me like that…you can’t come in here and tell me what to do…!”

Oh shit…what did I just do…before I could take back the harsh words Bill reached out took my arm and pulled on my robe and I felt it give way as I fell toward him. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me across his lap as he sat down on the couch. Bill placed his left hand on the small of my back. And I felt the robe coming off me over my head…my god I had only my house slippers on. My firm, round, dark tan cheeks stuck up in the air. I turned to see him looking down at my firm thighs. He had to feel me trembling thru my legs. A sniffle escaped me as I turned my head to look back at him…

“I’m sorry Bill. I promise I won’t do or say that again.” As I wiggled to get up from his lap I saw him raise his hand, I turned to look away and squeezed my eyes shut and my whole body went tense. I held my breath…knowing his hand was coming down on my ass.

“You fucking cock-teasing whore, every guy on the street has seen you in those shorts and little short skirts and dreamed of seeing this ass…I am going to enjoy making this ass turn red…!”

Out of the corner of my eye as in a blur, I watched his hand fly toward his target…my ass…! The loud SMACK sounded around the room…as his palm connected with my cheek…than it seem to echoed in the room. I felt my firm tight ass cheek bounced with the blow. I cried out. “BILL please? I’m sorry.” He raised his hand again. This time he struck the other cheek. SMACK “Oh BILL, it hurts!”

“You got to learn who is boss when I am around…you whore…!” SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK By the 10th slap, I could feel the heat coming off my ass. I could even feel it turning red as it was spreading over my ass

I had begun to struggle by the last hit. I was kicking my feet with each blow and wiggling my ass…trying to get away from his hand. Bill saw that I was trying to get up and away and I felt him wrap one of his thighs in one of my legs. But doing this caused my thighs to open wider. I felt air rush over my swollen pussy lips opening. I could also feel his pants grow wet from my dripping pussy. I was still begging him to let me up…that I was sorry…that I would be good to him…!

“You fucking slut, oh no you don’t! You needed a spanking young lady…fuck… a good whore needs to be spanked once a week…! Well you asked for it, now you’re going to get more of it.”

When his hand landed this time; because of my thrashing around it landed on the inner part of my thigh. To my astonishment, my cry was mixed with a loud moan. I also felt my thighs open even more…it was as if by in stink I open my pussy up to him…he had won…!

The next slap hit the other side of my thigh. I moaned and lifted my ass off his lap. “Oh Bill…oh your…oh!” I felt his old thick dick jump as the obvious moan came from my lips. I let his hand slide down and rested it on my ass cheek. I felt his fingers brush against my pussy lips.

“Oh Bill…!” I pushed up and I felt his fingers slid into my slit. I couldn’t believe how wet my pussy was. Even as I ground my ass against his stubby old fingers, I could feel my legs grind against his old hard dick. “Yes Bill…push your fingers in.” I was in a trance. I looked down to the floor and felt the tips of his fingers slid into me. He had pushed about three fingers into my cunt when I moaned.

“Bill, you have already got me hot. I’m almost ready to let you take me right here.” I admits, breaking out of his grasp. “I can’t be….for my actions if you get me any more turned on than this.” Bill took his hand and places it between my legs, “In case you haven’t noticed, you fucking whore…I’m pretty steamed up myself.”

“God damn you Bill…! You going to fuck me…?”

“You bet whore…that little blue pill has kicked in… let’s get to your bedroom.”

I jumped up grabbed my robe in one hand and took his hand with the other and led him up the stairs to our master bedroom. I had to rub my ass as we walked up the steps…I looked back at him with that sly smile on my face…”that spanking made me so hot you nasty thing you…!” He just smiled and gave me a love pat on my ass as we entered the bedroom.

“So this is the place where Tim tries to fuck you…!”

“BILL…what do you mean tries to fuck me…? That is not nice…!”

“Shit…I seen that boys little dick down at the club, in the locker room…in fact I got a grandson who is 10 years old with a bigger dick…baby he is not fucking you…you got him fooled…he just thinks he is…all the men around here knows that your just going with the flow…!”

I got on the bed and lay back on my elbows and watched him undress and saw that pot belly come into view. “So tell me Bill all the others picked you to come test drive the horny cock-teaser…as you call me…!”

“Yap…I am here to test the neighborhood hoe…as the black boys call one like you…!”

The ugly old man with that nasty long cock of his had me taking deep gulps of air…damn him…I was hot to trot. My nipples were rock hard and I spread my legs showing him the wet lips of my under used pussy.

“Fuck girl…you are horny…tell old Bill what you need…!”

“This!” I answers reaching up, grabbing his nasty old cock. “It and you have got me on fire…. On fire for a good fucking…. Come on…. Take me on my husbands bed….you keep calling me a whore…I’ll be your whore…tomorrow I’ll go out and turn tricks for you, if that is what you want…. But, I need you to get it in me…!” I squeezes him again.

“How can I refuse such an offer?” Bill quickly responds.

He stares down at me in awe, his cock bobbing every so often with an involuntary contraction. I shoves two fingers deep into my fold, licking my lips in a slow sensual knowing lick.

“Come on, give it to me. Give it to me now!” Bill crawls onto the bed between my thighs. Reaching between them I grabbed his cock again and guide to the entrance I needed filled. Without hesitation, he slides forward, his cock driving all the way in to the hilt. I moan in response, exhaling all my breath. Bill lies out across me, forcing any remaining air out of my lungs. My eyes close, I gasp for breath, as he searches for my nipples. Finding them, he kisses…sucks…bites and licked on them.

I love the feeling of being totally stretched and my pussy being filled to capacity. It never fails to amaze me that a cock just a little larger than I am use to, can stretch my pussy so completely and deeply. I moan to let him know how wonderful that big cock of his feels. I began to work my pussy…having done this more times than I could count…I milked his cock by squeezing my pussy muscles around it. I know men love that feeling and I am rewarded immediately with Bill’s muffled moans into my breast.

Bill rises up on his arms and compliments, “Your pussy feels so good. You’re so tight. You squeeze me like that, shit I had a whore do that one other time for me…it just drives me wild.”

“I know.” I smiled up at him. “That’s why I do it.” “It feels like you are trying to pull me in even deeper.” “I would if I could, but I think you’re in as deep as my pussy goes.” “I wish my cock was a couple of inches longer,” Bill supposes, pushing into me even harder as if that would give him some more depth.

For the next three hours I was held in the most wonderful state of sexual awareness that I had been in a while! Old Bill’s thick cock and that pill tired this girl out! His big old pot belly and small ass was a sight I would not wish on any women…but his old hard cock was all over and in my body. I became a slave to his dick that morning… He would tease and play with me until my release was about to explode, and then back off. The son-of-a-bitch drove me crazy and into ecstasy.

Tim was 15 years younger than Bill and he couldn’t compare to Bill. I didn’t want the day to end. I wanted Bill to fuck me all day. The pill wore off and the old cock went limp…as he was dressing to leave, I got up to let him out and standing on wobbly legs, hugging my fat old lover around the neck, when he patted my buns and said, “Same time, next week, slut.”

I just smiled and nodded yes…!

To be continued…

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  1. Cuckolding is global and always has been. Its nice to see a story about something other than the usual “American” version that only involves a white couple and BBC. Nice blog. 🙂

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