Ms. Marca and my cuckold husband (Part 6)

Tim my little dick lover

Tim and I had found each other! If there was such a thing as soul mates, then that was us in a nutshell. I was the sick puppy and he was more stable one who recognized a kindred spirit in the face of this fallen slut, he just did not know I had fallen let alone how far I had gone. Tim’s potency and value to me would not be in the bedroom or his own cock or the ability to provide me with a better bull than what I been use to the last 15 years. After my one night stand with the college hunk I tried to keep away from that life that I once had and be the good wife that Tim wanted. That is like keeping milk from a baby, or drugs from…oh you get the picture.

On the days that Tim had put in long hours at the office and was beat, I knew that having sex was away to get some of the tension off him, but having him perform that night was out of the question so on theses nights I would be the good wife and just get him off the easy way. I was in to giving a BJ but half the time it was just a hand job. Being an ex model at the age of 29 when we married and with this body that men drooled over I had it all and I took full advantage of my new life. Married to a man who was in his 50’s did have its down side.

Tim and I like most married couples fell into the same old routine each night when he got home from work. I would have him take a shower and get ready for bed and than have Tim lay down on the bed naked. I sat along side him, also naked. Looking down on his genitals, they appeared even smaller each time I played with it. They seemed, over the months to be literally disappearing. After some of the big bull men I had sucked and played with since I first had sex with as a teenager, it looked like he had just a couple of little marbles.

I tried to play with Tim’s little nub of a penis by first clasping it between my thumb and forefinger and gently pulling on it. I would almost start laughing as I did this, because the way the little thing would stretch reminded me of old cartoons of a bird trying to pull a worm out of its hole. I was trying to pull this worm into a hole.

After pulling on it a little, to no avail, I would begin to flick it back and forth with my index finger. As I did this, I could see his arousal building. His balls were now so little they seemed to be contracting into him. It was as if he had none any more. Then came the grunting, I knew this meant he was getting off, but I saw no cream. Then quickly a drop flicked off the tip of the little peanut that was all that was left of the strong man I had married.

I took a single tissue from the box on the night table and dabbed up the drop of semen on Tim’s little shaft and the small drop that ran down to his stomach. I touched the tip of his tiny nub with it also.

“All done,” I said. He would smile and nod yes and let out a deep breath he seemed to be holding. “Tim baby was it good for you?” He was so beat on these nights that he would be asleep in just a few minutes. I would look and play with his little worm, just trying to see if I could get it up, knowing it was not going to do me any good if I did get it up.

“How pathetic,” I thought.

I was once told by a professor that I had at TCU, that in the animal kingdom the strong male is always the dominate male in the pack, herd, troop and all the other names you have for a group. The ape, which is our nearest relation in the animal world, has a philosophy that runs somewhat similarly. The professor explained this to me. There is one male in the pack that dominates the entire female harem. That male is the alpha male.

The alpha male in the ape world is the strongest and biggest and has all the females. He recognizes and tolerates the presence of inferior males, but he will never allow them to challenge him. He is a masterful pack leader, and dominates his females well.

It means he can have and fuck any female he wants and they want him because of his power. When it comes to sex my husband is not an alpha male, he is more on the other end of the chart way down on the end. He has to be that poor ape that sets in the tree and jerks off as he watches the alpha –give them cock- fucks all the females. I wonder if all the females get together later and talk about the big orgasm they had with him. Do you think they look at the other males, point to their little worm, and laugh at them?

On the other hand, when it comes to brains and I Q my Tim is an alpha male, stands head, and shoulders above the rest. We humans have a different standard when it comes to picking a mate. But when I have a big cock humping me better than my poor little dick hubby ever could; the fact that he is even in my life will become… insignificant. When I am with a big cock stud all I can think about is his big cock, and how beautiful it is. I end up confessing to myself how much of a disappointment Tim is in bed and how badly I wanted the gorgeous cock that is inside me at the time. I always end up worshipping the studs cock and I fall in love with it, not him just the cock. I give myself to him completely, at that moment just for the sex, his cock.

I know that I married Tim for all the “right” reasons; he found me attractive, I found him successful and intelligent. I know that he knew that he could probably never find another woman like me. (Looked like me.) He was happy accepting me in to his world because I am that Trophy wife all men want to acquire. I had gone into this marriage trying to be a perfect wife a good homemaker and one great lover.

That all changed with the confession I had with myself of my need for a full size male an alpha male when it comes to sex. I knew long before we talked about marriage that Tim could ever hope to compare with what an alpha (big cock) male has done for me.

I feel like one of the female apes who are in need of the alpha male. I worshipped that cock. There is nothing like it. I almost beg for it. Each time the stud penetrates me, it is like the first time. It is as if I have never had a big cock. It is like, something that I have never seen or felt before. I suppose that it is because I am use to little Tim.

With Tim, I had no problem at all doing a deep throat on him. Giving Tim a BJ was like sucking on a finger, and not a fat finger. Most of my past male friends were so much bigger and longer then Tim could even hope to be. I think in a way I was obsessed with that, I kept comparing my Tim to other men I had in my past. How much fuller my mouth was with this man, how much longer is this stud than Tim is. I was doing that from the time I let Tim have some sex, about 3 months after I first met him. I could have compared him to my first three hundred lovers in my date file and he would lose to each; I guess our sex life together was so bad that is was an easy comparison to make.

The other problem with Tim is that he ejaculates to quickly, a problem he said he had with his first wife. Many a night I would fondle his limp little cock in my fingers, and half the time receiving no response. Then I put it in my mouth and sucked gently. I kneaded and swished with my tongue on the warm worm-like organ. With one hand I fondled the sad sac that was my husband’s scrotum; with the other I fingered his ass hole. I worked and worked at this limp worm…wet rope…after a few minutes with the limp cock in my mouth, I felt something give. Quickly Tim’s little dick got hard and filled my mouth with its small dimensions. I worked at the tip and the underside, gently simulating the thrusting of a vagina by moving my head up and down.

For all the time it took to get my poor husband hard, it was over quickly. I tasted the salty pre-orgasmic juice, than my mouth became awash in raw cum. I drew my head away, drawing a bead of semen. I swallowed hard, sucking the string of cream in like a strand of spaghetti. Those nights that I was horny (that seem to be every night) I would try and get him to slip it in. I would come to bed after doing my face and find Tim half a sleep or reading some report for a meeting he might have the next day. I would slip in bed without him noticing and began to stroke his chest with my French nails. I pressed my big 40 DD breast up against him.

“I want you baby,” I whispered in his ear and moved my lips closer to his.

I could see I was going to have to take control. I needed it bad tonight and I was not going to let Tim fall asleep on me again. I moved down under the sheets. I reached into his boxers, and took his soft little cock into my hands. I heard Tim breath deep and after a few minutes of sucking kissing and stroking, I felt him getting hard. I licked my lips, and licked the tip of his little boy dick.

“Get it up for me honey,” I said with lust. Hoping this was one of the nights he could get it up and stay up. I opened my mouth wide and took his semi-hard cock deep into my mouth. I began sucking him feverishly until he was hard. It wasn’t long before I could feel that Tim was close to going off. I stopped, glanced at Tim and saw him with his eyes closed and mouth open.

Just in the nick of time I thought to myself. If he came now that would be it for the night. I rose up to meet Tim’s lips to kiss him. I made sure I had some pre-cum on my lips when I kissed him. I wanted…I needed to feel him…even if it was little… inside me. I turned my back to him, facing his feet I pull down his boxers to his knees and than lowered my self over his stiff little we-we…god he was small. I took his little toy canyon and slowly slid him inside my wet pussy. I could hear Tim moaning and felt his body tensing up, trying to hold back. I stayed still until I felt it in as far as he could get it.

He has got to be ready by now, I thought to myself. I started to ride Tim’s little dick hard. I was on my feet bracing myself with my hands on his legs. The room echoed with the sounds of my ass slapping hard against his body. I turned and open my eyes to see my reflection in the mirror across the room. This turned me on more, seeing me bouncing on my husband…his cock going in and out of me.

“Shit, I’m coming, oh yes baby…oh yes Marca…I am coming…!”

I began to fuck him harder, trying to get off myself. It was too late, he went soft. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I returned Tim was dead asleep.

“Fuck…! Fuck…! Fuck…! Will that calls for a trip to the mall tomorrow…!”

To be continued…