Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 7)

Big Jake

Jake was to come build the new work shop this week and at the last minute Tim called me from work and said he had to go to Miami for a few days to check on one of his real estate projects and did I want to come along for the ride. I could shop, lie in the sun, have room service and use the hotel spa everyday. Let me think do I want to go along just for the ride. Does a bear shit in the woods? Hell I can fake a good fuck when I have to. We spent the week in Miami and I was a good girl, horny all the time, saw a few hunks around the pool and went out dancing one night and did a few spins on the dance floor with a couple hot Latin lovers, god what I could do with them for one night. But I was a good wife, damn it!

We got home the following Monday and Tim saw that old Jake had finished the tool / storage shed and was please with the way the old man had organized the work shop area. Saturday of that week Tim had got home from his golf game and was out in his new work shop when I drove in from being out on a mission of mercy…I had to help keep the economy going I was shopping. When I went out to see Tim and what he was doing…he told me that he had some bad news. Old Jake had died Friday night and his son, Jake Jr. or as the family called him big Jake. Tim said the man stood over 6′ 7″ and had to weight 275# and he said I just missed the son by 5 minutes.

“Oh Tim the poor old guy,” I had tears in my eyes and Tim saw me crying. “Tim that was a fine old man he was one of a kind, I’m going to miss him!” I wiped the tears away, fuck just when I had a good thing going that old bastard up died on me.

“Yap and it seems a few other women will also.”

I looked my hubby, what the fuck is he talking about. “Marca it seems Jake had a few lady friends on the side, ladies he was doing work for, his son just spent the last hour telling me that his father had more than 8 women he was doing handy man stuff for and having sex with them also.


“Marca that’s not like you to use language like that, what got into you?”

“Sorry dear, just felt like he took advantage of me, ah I mean us, working here and I was feeling sorry for him, thinking he was a lonely old man.”

“Will he took advantage of one of the ladies one time to many, seem he was in the act of having sex with one and the husband came home early and shot old Jake in the bedroom of the couples house.”

Tim went on to tell me that old Jake’s son who had his own landscape and lawn service was going to take his place and do repairs and yard work. It seems that old man Jake had only kept about 10 clients and let his son have all the rest. I knew why we were one of the old man’s chosen 10…I guess the other had something going on the side also.

“Marca…I told the son, Big Jake to come around next week and get with you…he needed to meet you since you would be the one he would be dealing with on the yard and repairs… since I am always gone…! Oh it seems Mr. Jake might have suffered a slight heart attack sometime within past few months!”

“Oh and he kept working?”

“It seems the old guy had a girl friend and was doing her and about 2 or 3 hours later fell over at home. he came clean when the doctor pushed him as to what he had been up to that caused him to suffer his 5th or 6th attack in the last 5 years!”

“So that was when he told the doctor he had been with a woman? Ah, did he, ah did he say who it was?”

“Big Jake his son just said it was one his customers. Damn I bet it was some old woman who was not getting any at home and old Jake was taking care of her!”

Tim chuckled and I smiled like yap that is funny.

I just nodded and didn’t say much about it…this may be just what I needed to get a fresh start and get back on the right road to being a perfect wife. A week to 10 days went by when one morning around 9 a truck pulled up and a black man with 2 Mexicans got out and started getting mowers and weed eaters out of the truck…who the hell is that? Oh that must be old Jake’s son and his crew to do the yard. Three men…poor old Jake took half a day to do the place…these guys will be gone in an hour. Dressed in my usual house attire of shorts and a skimpy top…today it was a halter top and it made my 40 DD hard to hide. Best I go out to introduce myself to old Jake’s son. I saw the tall black guy head to the back yard and I went out the patio French doors.

“Hello,” I spoke to him over the noise of the mower, as I put my hand out to shake his. “I am Marca…and you are…?”

“Ms. Marca I am Big Jake…will Jake Jr.”

He was checking me out as he tried to make small talk about the yard and what his father had told him what I like before he died. Damn I wonder did he tell everything!

As he explained all this my eyes could not help but notice his muscular chest beneath the white tee shirt he wore. His calves and thighs were also well sculpted, I noted. I felt a tingle I shouldn’t, not when talking to a new hired help…god no girl…don’t go there. Perhaps it was the way he looked at me, or the softness of his voice. I do not mean to imply that he was coming on to me in any way. I could sense electricity in the air as we spoke. Our small talk ended and he went about his business. I, however, had lost all ability to concentrate on my house work, preferring to sneak glances at Big Jake as he and the two short fat Mexicans worked.

Over the course of the next three month, I found myself eagerly anticipating ‘lawn care days’. I would be sure to look my best when I knew Big Jake would be about, and I found myself having naughty ideas about him in places of his father. I don’t feel guilty about what I had done with the old man…I was just fantasized about the old black men. I wonder if it was true…like father like son…! I certainly had no intention of ever acting on them…I got past the wild few times I had with old man Jake and Tim never found out…why push it…no way…!.

Than one day the bathroom sink had a leak under the counter and I called Old Jake’s number with out thinking and a recording came on telling me to leave my name and number. An hour later I got a call from Big Jake and I told him my problem and he said he would be at my place in the morning. That night I told Tim about the problem in the guest bathroom and that Jake’s son was coming in the morning to fix it…or he was sending someone. Than, like most married couples while in bed in the dark; Tim wanted to talk.

“Damn that son of his is a big guy…did you get to see him?”

“Yes I met him a few weeks ago…he has a crew with him so they are all business here and gone in an hour…poor old Jake took all day!” (One hour working…two hours fucking me) I was impressed with him the first time he came by with his father…very professional…looked like a guy who was a linebacker in the NFL…I bet he pumps iron…!”

Than Tim was feeling horny…as always the first thing he did when he wants some ass is reach over, and give my breast a gentle squeeze. He whispered, “You have me hard baby…god I been thinking about you all day…thinking of your beauty…I know other men look and want what I have…!”

I could feel that little prick of his growing to its full length…all four-inches and I got a knot in my stomach…wow oh boy all for me…damn luck…! He climbed on top of me, inserted that small cock in my almost wet pussy and started his nightly calisthenics

“I love you, too, honey.” I responded and turned to kiss him so we could get this over with. “Tim…what you just said…a minute ago…does it turn you on to know that other men look at me…think about having me?”

“Oh Marca…don’t say that…I know it’s wrong on my part…I see them looking…yes…I get excited thinking about it. You…them watching…!”

I was surprised he said that much…I notice the expansion in my pussy lips…hell it was turning me on to think that Tim might watch me fuck some stud. Tim never changed the position he fuck’s me in the, as always the missionary position. I was the one who had to make our sex life more than just a quick fuck. Tim can’t last past 5 minutes on a good night…some times he can’t get it in before he shoots off on my fold or stomach.

There is seldom any sound to his sex except for his grunting when he was close to losing his wad. Once he empties his cum into my pussy, he turns over and falls right to sleep. I lie there with the desire to touch myself so that I can feel fulfilled.
‘Damn Tim was thinking of me fucking some hunk…where could this lead to…!’ In the dark…I reached over to my night stand and got one of my toys from the bottom drawer…got up and went to the bathroom and completed the job that Tim had left unfinished.

I looked at the toy in the bathroom when I turned on the light and saw I had picked up the black one. I finally satisfied myself thinking of fucking a big black hunk…! I climbed in bed next to my unconscious husband, and slept very sound. I woke just as Tim was going out our bedroom and he saw me setup and I smiled at him as I stretched and climbed out of bed to go Pee.

“Marca what time is Jake’s son coming?\” Oh shit that big guy is due here at 9…”Soon …bye honey sees you tonight…call me if you have time…love you…!”
I had my shower did a few touch up’s on shaving my legs and mound…did my make up, hair and was ready to see the world…or ready for the world to see me. I put on a pair of shorts and a matching top…this was a sexy looking set of very, very short shorts and a tight matching tank top. I stood in front of my full length mirror and saw that the outline of my pussy lips showed though the thin material and needless to say my nipples were like head lights on high beam. A pair of 3 inch corked sandals rounded off the look…the heels gave my ass that nice full look as it made it stand out.

He was very punctual. The doorbell rang at exactly 8:45. I opened the door and said, “Morning Jake…nice to see you again! Please come in.” My smile was wide and his look told me he liked the effect I had made to look hot and sexy. “I am doing great Ms. Marca…that is what my father said he called you…is that right Ms. Marca…!”

“Yes…he does…do…!”

“By the way all my friends call me Big Jake…that way we know who in the family you are talking about…!”

“Oh…ok…Big Jake it is…!”

“Let me show you which sink I have the problem with…!” With that Big Jake picked up his tool box and followed me up the stairs and I could feel his eyes on my ass as I made my way up the steps and I did put a little extra into my wiggle. I showed him the bathroom and got down on all fours to point out where it was leaking…I felt the shorts run up my ass crack and with no underwear on I knew he saw my cheeks full and round. I got up and turned away to walk out of the room for him to do his thing…I made sure he got a good look at me before I walked away. I glanced back over my shoulder and saw him quickly look away. I knew I had his interest completely and smiled. I went to my bedroom to make up the bed and start cleaning up my bath.

Some of you may ask what I don’t have a maid to do all this…will I have a woman come in twice a month to do a full cleaning and this makes it easy for me to do light clean in between her heavy duty cleaning.

About 45 minutes later Big Jake knocked on my door and called out…”Ms. Marca I’m all finished…!” I came out of the bath room wiping my hands on a towel and said to him. “How much do I make the check for…?” He looked at me and I could see the look he was giving me…like father like son…!

“Oh you can pay me the same way you always paid dad…that is good enough with me…!” Oh…he knew…old man Jake had told him…be cool girl.

“That was always a check…!”

“My dad said he enjoyed the way you paid him for the work he did on your work shed…!”

Oh Jesus Christ…. I froze…I was at a lost for words. “In fact Ms. Marca why don’t we just take some time and talk about how much work you will be needing me to do, when, and how…!” By this time he had walked up next to me and stood towering over me. He reached for my breast and said, “Dad said you had a nice set of tits for a married woman and your ass isn’t bad either. I got news for Dad…you is fine… married or not…you are built for it…as he said you were.”
I blushed and said, “Thank you I guess…so your father told you everything…?”

“Yes ma\’am, even my crew has it bad for you…when I heard you made dad feel young again…I knew I had to start doing your yard and repairs…!”

“Well, Big Jake…is your cock as big as your father’s?”

“Yaw wants to see if I come from the same stock…?” Marca you better say no girl…if he is like old man Jake…you’re a goner. You know you can’t turn him down…better say no.

“Yes, love to see it…I guess we have a deal…same as your father and I had…!” Ms Marca if that’s all right with you, it will be just fine with me!”

He took off his belt and dropped his pants and when he did the most massive prick I had ever seen fell from his body. It had to be at least twelve inches long. I was in awe. My god he had old man Jake beat by 4 inches it seemed. I wanted to touch it and see how it felt. I wanted to lick it and see how it tasted and I wanted to put it in my wet pussy and know what it felt like to be humped with something that large.

Jake reached down to the floor and got his tape measure off his belt, “Here sweet thing check to see if it is big enough for you.”

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