Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 3)

The Old Handyman:

The next few weeks after my one night stand at the night club with the young hung hunk, and doing the AAA bug guy, I was beset by conflicting emotions. I needed time to think. I valued my marriage and my commitment to my husband, but the experiences of the two young hunks rekindled memories of my wild whore years. I yearned for that young stud’s cock or one just like it. I wanted it like a child wants a toy at Christmas.

I knew I could not take anymore chances doing that night club thing again, god if someone saw me it would all be over but for the visit to the courthouse. I had made a phone call to the AAA Bug Company asking for Steve and found out he had been fired. I managed well with Tim and my infrequent naked sex sessions for a few more weeks. I intentionally wore Tim out in the bedroom and myself out at the gym, at least three times a week, did some fast walking…with boobs like these you don’t go jogging, and I played tennis with only women partners and women opponents when we had time. I was staying away from men, I had to try and kick this Sexual Addiction I had.

I was proud of my youthful figure, my tight ass, and firm 40DD breasts. Almost constantly in need of sexual release, I would masturbate before the bedroom mirror, occasionally making use of my battery-powered 10″ dildo. I was damned if I was going to risk losing everything just to get a much needed real cock fuck. Tim’s eating of my much needed cock hungry snatch… and his little cock would have to do. The poor thing he put in long hours and when we got in bed late at night I was on his face with my long tan leg spread and having him lick and eat me out until I came over his mouth.

I am cursed, or blessed, depending on who you ask…at my age of 29 almost 30 and with a set of double-D tits. I found a big set of tits were terrific when I wanted to get noticed or have a conversation with the most gorgeous stud in the room. They seem to always work wonders, but as I found out…they sometimes got in the way. Often, I found my tits caught me the wrong kind of man. And then there is all that weight on my chest, plus the way the bra straps chaff my shoulders.

Tim had an old black handy man working for him doing ode jobs around out place long before I came into Tim’s life. Mr. Jake was in his 60’s tall skinny old guy who was the typical old black gentleman who called Tim … Mr. Tim and me Ms. Marca. The year before I married Tim, Jake started doing the yard and keeping up the flower beds. Jake would do his work and come to the backdoor and ring the bell and I would let him in and get him a glass of something cold to drink while he filled out the bill. About two months after I had done the bug guy in my kitchen, I found myself in the kitchen one afternoon looking at the old man in a different way this time. In fact I had started looking at all men different after that night with the big cock kid in the parking lot.

I was standing across the room from him by the kitchen sink, wearing sandals, white shorts that covered almost nothing and a pink t-shirt that was pulled way too tight across my 40DD and the low cut neckline left a lot of cleavage to be seen. With my golden tan and long black hair I was a walking wet dream, so I had been told since I was 14. The old man looked at me and he seems to have that look of lust…sex…horny old fart look on his face. I smile a sexy sly smile at him when our eyes met. He gave me a wide smile.

“Wow Ms. Marca if you were not married and I was 20 years young…oh me…!

“Oh Mr. Jake you make a girl feel special…just what would you do…?” As if I didn’t know…I just had to tease the old guy…what I was good at…god I love it when men look at me.

“Oh pretty lady I would…!” I smiled at him and bent over the counter to rest on my elbow…knowing my boobs were about to pop out of my top. Shaking my head, I noticed he was looking down my open neckline as his mouth seem to stop open wide and he licked his lips with that long old reddish tongue. Glancing to the side I saw the bulge in his pants enlarge as he shifted it with his right hand.

“I would…oh; Ms. Marca I better get back to work…still got a lot to do today…!”

With that the old man thanked me for the cold drink and went back outside to work. I went about cleaning up the kitchen and after a minute or two I found a screwdriver that Jake had dropped on the floor by the chair he was setting in. I went out the patio door and toward the old tool shed to find Jake…I rounded the corner of the old building and saw him standing facing the building holding his cock in one hand and jerking it with the other.

“OH MY GOD! Oh sweet Jesus, oh me!” I cried out. Shit what a cock, I thought to myself. Part of me wanted to run from the shed, but then, another part of me wanted to pull that big black cock into the shed and fuck his brains out. My mouth fell open and I moved a hand down to my crouch, just as old Jake looked toward my direction. My nipples went rock hard and I knew he saw them poke though the thin top. As I backed away to take leave I noticed the big black thing fall from his hands and it ran down the left leg of his pants. I froze in place.

My eye first glanced and then had to take a full look to see if what I thought I saw was what I really saw. It was! Jake’s cock ran more than half way down to his knee obscenely. He saw me looking but just smiled and continued looking straight into my eyes. I didn’t know what to say. What could I say? I said the first stupid thing that came out of my mouth.

“Oh Mr. Jake you’re…so big…oh my god…so big…!”

“It is big enough for you darling…?”

All I could do was nod yes. “Show me what you got in those little shorts of yours, you big tit hoe…!”

He went back to stroking that monster and grinned at me as he pointed his black snake at me. I looked him in the eye, the old mother fucker had my heart pumping and my pussy was dripping, the old shit is old and ugly, but look at that long black hose he has.

“You don’t get any cock like this here at home do you big tits?”

I just look at him as if in a trance and mumble no. than I got my head to come back to the real world.

“Jake, if Mr. Tim found out about this we both would be looking for work.”

Reaching down, I pulled the crotch of my shorts and panties aside allowing my fingers access to my pussy. I was so wet, my fingers slipped inside me easily as I let out a weak gasp. The old guy stopped stroking and unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the ground and than pulled down his boxers to his knees…my god it was even bigger than I had thought.

“Girl you ever have a black cock before?”

Do I tell him I been fucking black guy since I was in high school, or do I act like he will be my first? Was I actually sexually excited by this pathetic old maintenance man? Did he have me this hot just by him exposing himself to me? My question was soon answered as I found myself leaning back on the shed wall, my knees falling wide open, my fingers reaching unconsciously for my clit and I started to work the stiff standing bud!

My eyes closed, I could only see Jake’s huge dick hanging down his leg! Oh! So hot! My fingers worked furiously. I started making high squeaking sounds as I neared a major orgasm. Then it broke and I had to stifle a scream. My fingers were flooded with my juice

“Come over here girl…you can touch it…I know what type of hoe you are walking around here in them tiny string bikinis, showing off your fine tan ass. I saw you last week at the gas station off the freeway pumping gas with that shirt dress on bent over letting that ass exposed to the young hard dicks down there. You pretend to be all prim and proper, but deep down you’re just a big boob slut hoe!”

I looked around to see if anyone was watching…the backyard had a high fence and from our location on our4 acre place, just behind the shed we were protected from anyone near the house. Oh god what am I doing.

“Come on Marca… tell me you want it! Show me what kind of slut you are you horny cunt!”

Leaning on one arm I leisurely reached out and grasped the base of his love club and positioned the nozzle to my lips. I looked up at Jake and gave the large, hunk of meat a big kiss. He smiled and said, “You my girl now.” What could I say? In response, I just began kissing his weapon all down along its thick, vein barrel. It was my way of giving silent agreement to his pronouncement. As I kissed down along the barrel of his dick, I soon found my face buried in his thick, brill-o like pubic hair. I inhaled and drank in the strong musky scent of him…the sweat of the old man…and I loved it.

I reached down and palmed his large, meaty balls. I lifted them and began kissing and licking them. These were the size of large hen eggs, vessels that would produce a load of cream. I licked and loved them fully. “Here. Let me help you out of that t-shirt, honey…!”He grabs the middle of my t-shirt and pulls it up over my head, releasing my mountainous boobs.

This caused me to fall back and rested on my hands to my back making my big tits stick out even more. They bounced and jiggled on my chest. After they wobbled a bit, they settle on my chest and stood out perfect and form perfect melons on my chest. “Oh my god Ms. Marca, just look at those big boobs of yours,” moaned Jake with excitement, as his hands moved down and knead my enormous breasts.

Squeezing them like bread dough and mashing them against my own chest. He trapped my nipples between his fingers and started pulling them from my breasts. Then he started swing my breasts by the large nipples. He separated my massive breast and stretched them out to my sides and jiggled them. He spread his legs and stepped up and over me to where his cock was at my face. I started moaning from the tit play while his heavy cock slides in and out of my mouth.

“Shit girl you got some fine tits, them boys down at the Exxon station, all they talk about what fine tits you got. That brother who drives the UPS truck wants to fuck you so bad, fuck they all want some of your ass.”

I looked at him in a trance and then I turned my attention back to the thick knob of his immense dick. I opened my lips and engulfed it…with some difficulty. I found myself beginning to milk his cock with both my wet lips and my tugging right hand as my free hand help prop me up. Soon he was growing in my mouth; so much so, that I was soon straining my jaws to still contain him. My nostrils flared to allow me to breathe with his ever swelling muscle of manhood half way down my throat.

At this point I was now sitting up on my knees to get my head high enough to continue to contain his now stiff standing shaft in my mouth. Jake then stepped back from me, pulling me along by his dick, lips first, till I fell on my hands and knees in front of him; still desperately working at his fleshy organ. Then he casually placed his hand behind my head guiding it as it bobbed back and forth on the end of his thick, rock-hard tool. I pull off to get a gulp of air and look up at the old fart.

“Jake, I can’t believe how big you are, oh I never had any idea you were …. Oh me, oh sweet Jesus I love it so!”

I took air into my lung and went back to giving the best head I could remember. Soon I could feel the old man’s dick really stiffen, like steel. He began grunting as the meaty muscle in my mouth expanded frighteningly and then spewed a thick load of molasses-like cream down my throat. I began gagging, but Jake now held me tightly by the hair not letting me slide off his ballooning, ebony pole. The thick cream filled my mouth and began seeping out around my lips which were still stretched lewdly around the immense circumference of his cock. I heard him begin to moan between his lustful grunts.

“Suck it you big boob hoe, suck all my nigger seed you married hoe, suck it!”

He let out a wild groan and let me pull my mouth off him and finally breathing. I fell back against the shed, just sitting there on the ground looking up at him. Still dumbfounded at all that had happened, all this man had gotten me to do, in the last few minutes. My lips were coated with the thick gloss of his cum. Some had sprayed onto my cheeks and into my hair. I sat there, licking the thick salty goop from my lips; I could feel a rope of cum drool hanging, swinging, from my chin. He looked down at me.

“Ms. Marca…you a fucking mess when you eat, girl…! Clean it up your mess!”

He stepped up to me grabbed his dick and. I opened wide and took him in and sucked the baby making nectar from his meaty, black limp snake. Black men taste so good, I thought. I cleaned his dick off thoroughly and then started kissing it all over again when he pulled away and started to pull up his boxers and pants. He handed me a rag he carried in his back pocket and told me to clean up. Oh no I wanted to fuck…the old fart had just got me hot and I needed cock.

“Ms. Marca I got you all setup for that husband of yours. However if he can’t do the job when he gets home tonight I will be here at 9 in the morning…I will do the job for the boy if you need me to…!”

Before I could say a thing he was gone and I sat on the ground still in a daze. I looked down and saw sperm on my tits and I wiped it up with my fingers and licked them until I had cleaned myself. I sat there for the longest thinking about what had just happen to me and what the old bastard had said. “I will do the job for the boy if you need me to…!”

Fuck yes you can do me, my little dick hubby can’t and has never got the job done, you old man is getting some white pussy in the morning! That evening when Tim got home and asked me how my day had gone and why I seemed so quiet. I couldn’t say much, still confused and bewildered over the day’s happenings. That night as I lay in bed waiting on him, he came into the bedroom naked. Looking confidently at me and smiling, he strode toward the bed.

But all I could think of was how ridiculous he looked with his man-sized body and, seemingly, child sized penis and testicles. After he climbed into bed he started to mount me. As usual I had to help guide his 4 inch penis into me. Strangely I felt almost repulsed by his naked body. Somehow it seemed deficient in some masculine way. Only later did I realize I was subconsciously comparing his manhood to Jake. He began to hump into me and then slipped out. God, he’s so little, I caught myself thinking. I put him back in and he began again.

By the third or fourth try of keeping it in, he was humping and began grunting and going through the usual gyration of his orgasm. I found myself annoyed. I played the game and I slapped his ass cheek as he bounced on me sucking my tit and I encouraged him on.

“Oh give it to me Tim, go deep baby, give me all you got sweetie, make me cum baby!”

“Oh Marca I feel it, oh yes!”

I slip a finger to his ass and put it in as far as the first knuckle and he cried out “OH FUCK YES!”

All this grunting and bluster about what I knew was a drip of semen. When I had given him oral sex in the past, I found I often didn’t even know when he came—except for all the grunting and writhing round, because his cum was so minimal. After he stopped, he rolled over and held me close.

“Marca was that good for you baby?”

“Oh yes honey it was the best, I love it so, you were good to night!” in just a matter of minutes he was snoring.

Shit I got more pleasure form that old black cock this afternoon, just sucking it than I did from the man I love while he was fucking me. It was then I realized how pathetic our sex life was. As he snored away I closed my eyes and found myself seeing Jake bulge down the in-seam of his trousers, its length and thickness, its power, nearly ripping through his pants… for me. All of that size and urgency because of his desire, his lust, for me. Soon my hands were beneath the covers working furiously again at my clit. I needed relief from my growing excitement.

As Tim snored my hand worked away and my legs spread ever wider. I was building toward a fantastic explosion. I could hear the sticky squishing of my fingers as they worked away at my flooding channel. Then it broke!!! Wave after wave of pure passion!!!

“Oh!” I half moaned, half screamed, again and again, as I rode multiples of my lusty, mind numbing orgasms. When I was done I lay there in a sweat panting heavily trying to regain myself. Tim continued snoring and I fell off into a deep sleep.

To be continued…..

I want to say a special thank you to all you gentlemen who have sent me e-mail telling me how much you enjoy my adventures…love Marca