Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby

One night stand:

Hello my name is Marca Jones and I’m a hot wife, who cuckold her husband and my poor dear has no clue that I do. I am 5’10” and 135#, with a figure of 40 DD-23-38 to be specific. I have long, firm thighs and a nice round ass. I have jet black hair down the middle of my back and dark eyes. I workout 4 days a week and take some aerobics 2 days a week. I am still in very good shape, if I do say so. I know guys like to look at me and I encourage it whenever I can. Love to bend over so they can see down my top, or up my skirt. It gets me as hot as it does them. Being 32, I can still pass for a young 25 year old.

My husband is 20 years plus older than me, I know that I married Tim for all the “right” reasons; he found me attractive, I found him successful and intelligent. I knew that he fell for me right off the bat and he knew that he could probably never find another woman that had the looks that I had. He was happy accepting me in to his world because I am that Trophy wife all men want to acquire. I had gone into this marriage trying to be a perfect wife a good homemaker and one great lover. That all changed with the confession I had with myself of my need for a full size male an alpha male when it comes to sex. I knew long before we talked about marriage that Tim could ever hope to compare with what an alpha (big cock) male has done for me. I feel like one of the female apes who are in need of the alpha male. I worshipped that cock. There is nothing like it. I almost beg for it. Each time the stud penetrates me, it is like the first time. It is as if I have never had a big cock. It is like, something that I have never seen or felt before. I suppose that it is because I am use to little Tim.

This body could pick up any man it wanted and by the end of the first month of our short marriage I was ready for some real cock. God I needed to have something up my love tunnel, besides one of my toys. I would be at home alone and find myself day dreaming about one of my old big cock bastard taking me and feel the tingle well up in my cunt, up where Tim had never been. My juices would start to soak my panties. On many occasions I would lie in bed and pull off my jeans and let my hand slide into my damp thong and explore my clit and slide down my slit. I could feel my clit get bigger and tighten as I began to come. I started to moan loudly with pleasure and imagine in my mind the feeling of one of my old big cock lovers pushing into my tight cunt as it swelled around my lover’s moist wet cock.

I loved my husband, everything about him was great but god why was he so small. There was no doubt that I was the trophy wife, the gorgeous adornment on the arm of a successful businessman. I had learned quickly how to please him, he was my VIP ticket to the good life, but I needed more. The few weeks since our wedding, a flagging libido and his pursuit of money to keep me happy meant I had a lot of time on my hands, time enough in fact to looking for firm young meat.

I decided to take it upon myself to see what kind of action I could find when Tim was going to be out of town on business for a couple days. I took a long, hot shower to get myself in the mood. I did my hair and makeup: now, what to wear. I put on my purple thong; matching bra that is cut very low. You can see the brown of my nipples at the edge. I decided on a short, black leather miniskirt, with a very low cut purple blouse…it was the same color as my bra and panties. Top it off with my five inch black stiletto heels. Now I’m set. Just need to pick up a few condoms at the drug store just in case.

Where to go? I decide on somewhere on the other side of town away from places where Tim and I might be seen. I went over to the college area. Somewhere I can let it get wild. I walk into this club and it is only about a third full. It is still early. However the young studs at the door told me I had come to the right place. He gave me a wink and a nod when he let me, “you’re hot!” Tonight my body was going to give some lucky thing some pleasure and if he had anywhere near the cock I was hoping we both would get lucky.

Standing at the door I heard a voice from the bar say. “Look at those fucking tits.” Yes, I had come to the right place, it was SHOWTIME…! I grab a table and order a drink, a white wine. It doesn’t take long before a guy joins me. He is large, about 6’2” Way over 200 pounds. Has that rugged look. He hasn’t shaved today. He was casually dressed. He is clearly younger than me, but that is why I am here for, to get some young cock. He introduces himself. “Hi I’m Richard. And you are?”

“I am Marca…!”

I began to feel a tingle in my pussy I had not felt for a long time. I became so wet at the thought of another man wanting me, taking me, wondering what it would be like having another mans cock enter me. I started to shudder and began to feel a wave of pleasure come over my stomach and started to breathe really hard. My pussy was contracting hard, my legs shook

I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his khaki pant, as he stood in front of me, god what a bulge. My heart jumped and I became damp. I wanted him. He smiled…”would you like to dance…?” I nodded yes and stood; he took my hand and led me out on the dance floor. He pulled me into his arms and rubbed me up against his manhood. I looked up into his eye to see him smiling, I smiled back at him and rubbed my belly on it, we both knew we had found what we had come here for. We stayed on the dance floor for 2 or 3 dances and on that slow one got the small talk over with.

I pictured in my mind this hunk of a young man, nude and erect in front of me imagining his hot wet tipped cock softly tapping on my flat stomach. I was seeing how it would feel as he slid this huge tool into my horny wet pussy. Oh this young hunk, he knew just how to touch a woman. When he took me back to my table I asked him if he wanted to join me and the boy was on it like a bird on a June bug. He went to his table to get his drink and I watched him walk away from me.

Some women are turned on by a man’s eyes, some by a man’s hands or chest. Some are only excited by a man’s ass. For me it is a man’s cock. I watched intently his every step. Just by the way it moved, I could tell there was power and strength in that body. An image of my hands grabbing hold of that cute butt flashed through my mind, feeling it thrust against me. At that moments and I knew, with absolute certainty that I was indeed going to fuck this guy.

After a few more dances and 2 more wines I told him I had to be getting home, he asked could he see me to my car. I smiled, shit I hope so you big bulge ape. Out of the club he walked me to my car which I had parked at the rear of the parking lot. At my car I unlocked it and turned to tell him how much I enjoyed the evening, when he bend down and kissed me. I rested myself back against the car and let him tongue me as he felt up my boobs. I was ready for him, god yes I needed this, my pussy was wet.

I pulled away and before I had time to react he open the back door and I fell into the backseat and he stood before me. With the backdoor open the dome light would not come on and I saw him look around as he moved up close to me, making my legs part for him to stand between them. Once I was seated and looking up at him with that big smile looking down on my face, he put his hand on the back of my neck. I leaned forward ready to enjoy a caress and felt his thumb and finger tighten on my soft skin. He pulled me close to him and pushed his mouth on mine. I enjoyed this but couldn’t help that feeling of dread that rose within me.

Damn you Tim, why can’t you give me what I need. The young hunk broke the kiss, stood up and I lowered my hand to his crouch and felt his manhood on the outside of his pants. That hard firm tool that had rubbed me on the dance floor; his hands open my blouse and slipped under my bra than down to my nipples.

He pinched the erect nipple and a shudder ran through me. Juices spewed in my hungry pussy as I pressed my lips to his. I started to unzip his slacks. He had no underwear on and his large, thick cock popped out like a snake. I just knew that big pink snake had a big eye that pointed at me. I felt a drop of pre-cum on it as he was smiling back at me. I looked and saw that it had to be at least eight inches and its veins showed blue and purple under the skin.

“You like that baby…you like what you been feeling all night…?”

I licked my lips and lick the tasty juice from his red, flared head.

“OH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I COULD LIKE IT…I can use a man like you tonight. I have an itch that I can’t seem to scratch,” I smiled at him and licked my lips.

“Oh you big tit thing, I promise to do the best I can to take care of that itch.”

He assured me; I laughed and said, “I’m sure you have the right tool to do the job.” He kissed me deep and hard as his hands explored the curves of my boobs and down to my hips. He paused at my hips and squeezed the thickness there. Moving his hands under my skirt I felt him touching my thong.

“Nice hips, like velvet too,” he whispered. Than I felt his thumbs hook in the sides of the thong and I rose up off the seat to let him pull them off. I smiled and pulled him toward the open door of my car. I wanted to feel that nice prick deep in my luscious whore pussy. My juices were flowing and it was all I could do not to attack him. When he hit the edge of the backseat, I fell backwards pulling him toward me. His face fell into my breast and his mouth covered my left nipple. Fire shot through me and electricity flowed through my veins. It was as if it had been years since a “real” man pleased me, not just a few weeks.

He was hard and I could feel the veins pulsing as I stroked his heavy penis. It felt good in my hands. It was so thick that I had to use both hands to caress it. As my fingers massaged its mass, I whispered to him…”Set up honey I got to…oh Jesus I got to blow you…!” Than my tongue flicked at its head and I tasted the salty fluid as it trickled slowly out. Its flavor excited me and more of my fluids flowed in my pussy.

My mouth covered his plum-shaped head and I swallowed his length down my throat. His hands pressed against the back of my head to insure that I would take his length. He assisted me by pushing up and down on my head as my lips and tongue played with his manhood. My nipples became hard and my fingers reached for my pulsating clit. I was so horny and I wanted nothing as much as I did his hard shaft pounding in my hot love nest.

“Oh, baby that’s good; oh yeah you blow girl!” I bobbed my head on his cock trying to take a little more of it on each stroke: as his hips gently thrusting to my rhythm. “That’s it! Yeah that’s the way…suck my cock! Suck it all the way down!”

With my eyes closed, I worked, sucked, and pushed that great snake down my throat until I felt his pubic hair tickling my nose! “Oh god baby you are something! No chick has ever taken me that deep before!” With his cock stuff fully into and down my throat, I reached around and grabbed two handfuls of his ass. I forced him to fuck my face, using his butt to push his meat deeper. “Oh god you’re going to make me cum!” Hearing this, I stopped and removed his cock from my mouth. As soon as I came up for air, I leaned back on the seat and spread my legs. One hand I use to support myself…the other hand instantly went to my slit and found my pulsating clit and began to rub it I looked up at him and said…”OK big boy I am your pussy for the evening…!”

“Damn…you are horny…why so horny, baby… how come a knockout like you is in need of it so bad…?”

“I need a real man to satisfy me. My husband can’t please me…he…he is just too small. I need a man that can make me cry out in pleasure and fuck me for hours. Please give it all to me!” “Oh, I’ll fuck you all right!” he replied. “I’ll fuck you all night if you want!”

He slipped down some and pulled my legs wide apart. I had one leg over the backseat and the other resting over the front seat. Then he licked the palm of his hand and ran it the length of his shaft. With his other hand he placed two fingers between the lips of my pussy separating them. He stroked the inside of my lips with the tip of his cock. It was smooth and soft and ran a chill up my spine. Then he plunged his hips forward and the plum shaped head slipped effortlessly into the moistness of my waiting cunt. My breath slipped out in a sigh of pure pleasure as my hips pressed forward to welcome him to my pleasure center. My nipples grew hard on his down-stroke and a pleasing cry escaped my lips as he ripped through the soft skin there.

“Yes…. Yes…. That’s it…. Oh god yes…. I feel it… oh, I’m going to…cum..!” His thrusts were deep and penetrated the soul of me. My hips plunged forward to meet his lunges. Our breath came in gasps and our bodies were slick with the salty sweat that covered us as the cool breeze played in the open doorway. I could feel his cock making my cunt walls expand with each thrust he gave me. Where had he been the last few weeks, oh how I needed this! It seemed to me that I couldn’t ever remember sex being this emotional or as sensual and passionate as it felt now.

My god I always enjoyed sex and loved sex, but this was definitely different. Maybe it was doing something that I shouldn’t being doing, it was wrong, I knew that, but it didn’t feel wrong. It felt wonderful, more wonderful than anything I had done since I was married. Maybe this young hunk had just awakened me to a new world. No matter what it was, I wanted it and wanted more of it.

“Oh Jesus your big…oh yes…that feels so good…oh please make it last…!” In and out, my new lover for the night rode my body for a long while before his stamina gave out. I reached up and rubbed over my engorged nipples, oh my boobs were about to burst! His breath came in long sharp gasps as he continued to do pushups over my sucking pussy. “Oh baby…I am coming…shit yes…oh yes…you mother fucking…oh you fucking married pussy…shit…!” He finally gave way to the impulse to release his seed into the darkness of my love nest.

The moment he said married pussy, I was lost into another earth shattering orgasm. My pussy clamped around his dick and pushed him over the edge. He launched his rocketing cream deep into my body. The pulsing of his prick sent me tumbling over and over again, one climax after another. His load overflowed my tunnel and spewed onto both of us. The warmth of his seed filled me with such pleasure that I wrapped my arms around his back and pressed his hips deeper into my womanhood not wanting this moment to end. Then all motion from him stopped. My body was pinned under his weight and I felt completely fulfilled for the first time in weeks. Finally, he pulled out of me and sat up smiling.

“Oh I had no idea I needed that so badly. You have a beautiful body and it’s so responsive. Is your husband really so small that he is unable to please you?”

“Yes, actually he is only about four…maybe four and a half inches hard. But, he loves me very much..!”

“Does your old man know you need other men…a man that can give you…what he cannot…?”

“Oh god no…No way and he must never know…!”

“So your one of those women, who need to go out and get some to take care of that itch…! I had heard of men that small…but shit never knew one that could not make his woman get off…!”

If he only knew of my past life and how many men I had been with. “Oh, I can assure you that it is true. There are many men out there that are under endowed and are unable to please the woman they love…!”

“So you are married to one…why…?”

“Honey he has everything I need…he just is not man enough to be a Bull in bed…! He is more like a steer…might as will be one…he has no cock…to speak of…!”

I looked down and saw he was playing with his limp cock that was starting to stand up firm. “You like the idea of being a Bull to some horny wife…don’t you…? Wow! You’re harder than when we were fucking. I’ll have to take care of that for you again.” He knelt over me again and stroked his dick a few times then was ready to go again. He slid his head between my pussy lips and moved it up and down using my juices to moisten it. Then he pressed only slightly to slip it into my wet cunt.

My hips plunged forward to meet his thrusts and a shot of pleasure coursed through me once again. It felt as if hot cream was flowing through my veins. My thigh muscles quivered and my legs flailed uncontrollably. “Oh yes! Fuck me hard!” I cried as his body slammed against mine with more passion than before. I thought to myself, ‘he’s really turned on by the idea of fucking another man’s woman.

“Come on be my hot young stud tonight make this married woman want it…fuck me big guy…make me your pussy…!”

These young college kids can fuck, not like a 50 something year old who needs help keeping it in. This young (later found out he was 22) bull was built to fuck. God he lasted over 40 minutes the second time and got me off, a wonderful 3 times….or was that 5 times…shit I lost count…!

To be continued…..

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