Ego and liabilities pair

Hi I’m Nick 28chr. I had an experience recently that I stayed with a couple memorable Dean 25 years old. and 20 year old Mary.

One day then I did chat and was looking to have sex and while I could not find anything to me suddenly started talking to Mary and after a time he told me that he had an affair with a boy and would like to be doing a trio, at the beginning but after Kolisis I agreed to meet .

So I went out for coffee and was very good and two children and Mary was very nearly 1.65 Mounara impossible, with a bit thick, lath and big ass Vizari.

After we drank coffee was at home to drink a drink, after sevrire beverages or Mary came and sat beside me and Dinos face.

Mary is starting, my packages but I still kratioumoun why the boy was face till her Mary chouftose my dick and asked:

-Horny bitch got me nice;

Look at Dean and my face makes sense to go, and I am responding to Mary:

-If you want to see him pull out

H Mary opened my pants and starting, my playing and I says:

Let the soft-my own now to play the kaflaki and ascholeisou with me psolara me!

Dinos not antredrase and caught Mary and AUTHORITY to kiss, to suck, to undress and to undress after we were naked in the suck Vizari We cup and the shaved pussy and I put finger Dinos She took a small dick no 10s centimeters and play.

Me and Mary we did now 69 with me underneath and on top is a little cried with us and there Dean who eglyfe grabs Dean by the neck and puts him to make me blow the vrizontas:

Paliomalaka-lick the dick to fuck me a little and you will see, I lick the gamia pleasings him and you too will fuck me!

ME over to my dick in pussy afosiomenos Mary that dripped from the spills did not give great importance to get a little Mary and I lay on the couch and sit on the dig in the mounara, AUTHORITY to fuck furiously possible or Mary AUTHORITY shout and swear Dean.

-Paliomalaka gamane see how the men in your own little bird did not understand anything when the fuck!

Mary grabs the head and puts him to lick the bottom of my balls and the liquid running over my balls in and we continued to swear and the vongaei.

-Come gamioli lick the balls of my psolara paliomalaka, motherfucker, xekoliari!

Outbreak of the eglyfe gamaga my balls Dinos awesome feeling but it is time to pour, I took my dick from inside the Mary and poured over in the pussy and Mary put the boy to lick the spills from my pussy saying of:

-Come on motherfucker I lick fluids gamia my pussy, come to you like men Cumshots!

After three and sat on the couch to rest for a while but in the little Mary began to strokes my bitch again and started me grows old, put Dean gets to my pipe and my friendship with a little paithiasmena sikothike pige and wore a waisted vibrator, put the boy to the four castes, while the house took my pipe, so that was the Dina vibrator stuck in his ass and while I normally gamage gamousa his mouth and say:

-Etsi xekoliari my fuck together with my gamia

-Do you like to fuck and pass pipes in my psolarades

-So I likes to kouniese very like a hooker

Come my baby, my release that I love to get

Suddenly Mary pulls me by the hand and puts me back from them and I says:

-Rip my kolara fuck me as my boyfriend

Go after the slaver and the pinhole pink and starts to dig in so that the kolara gamousa the pin and the boy is in the gamousa and two together.

Shortly before the pour stops and Mary comes from the middle and poke my dick to my ass in the market, starting, to fuck with an equal number again and was ready to pour while the Mary gave him a vibrator in your mouth and swearing:

-Xekoliari my likes to be gamane Want to be a whore like me!

You’re a big-kariola you like to be the gamane gamiades me!

-You want us gamane Damn!

Kounisou-coming in your ass a dick!

-Take him as a hooker babe!

So that the swearing in and very kaflone trelene to fuck boy and likes the motherfucker do not last long ass filled with sperm Dinos and horny by Mary pouring into his mouth after running spills over to the vibrator and then to Dinos mouth.

After sikothikame saw the floor full of Cumshots by the Dean of the gamousa and when pouring, Mary put him to lick spills from the floor exeftizontas him, after relaxing with a drink and dressed and left.

It was a very cool experience and liked the remake madness some time with another couple.

Good reading and expect comments and messages!