Chattel – a slave and personal property

It was a bit past 4:30, I pulled into the horseshoe driveway just in front of Bill Robert’s house. I could see at least 10 cars already parked there. I took notice that my wife’s BMW was also there.

I parked my Ford Escape and looked around the place. I visited this house some time ago for an office party. But I seemed to have forgotten how luxurious Bill’s home was. He was doing great as an attorney obviously.

My wife was Bill Robert’s assistance in administrative matters. She thought Bill was a good employer. The salary he paid her was really generous, and the working atmosphere felt great. I used to hear a lot how she enjoys her job, and she also spent many long hours there.

There were these two partners Bill had, Rick Sullivan and Jerry Goodrich. All the three men were really handsome, in their early forties. Also, they were all divorced. Lindsey shared some information with me and I knew their marriages were destroyed because they had trouble with marital fidelity. She would not say this directly, but from the details she gave I realized all three of them were really accomplished playboys.

The company they had, Roberts, Sullivan and Goodrich, was a small but a very prosperous law firm.

Their office manager was Margo Williams. Lindsey told me she had just about as much power in the company as the three head attorneys. She was a divorced woman, late 30s. I once met her at the office party. Margo was a very graceful and elegant blonde, really attractive. I used to feel weak in her presence because of the air of authority all around her.

Each lawyer in the company had an assistant in administrative matters. All of these people were present at the party.

A girl called Trish Gilbert was Rick’s assistant. She was a young dark-haired woman. Her figure was of that kind many men would refer to as ‘soft body.’ I had a suspicion she would worry over her weight when she got older, but back then she was in her mid twenties. Her large breasts, perfectly shaped round ass and a narrow waist gave her a truly sexy, luscious look.

Jerry Conroy was Jerry’s assistant. You could say Lindsey and Jenny were almost identical, like sisters. Both of them were small-chested blondes, young, with slim shapely figures. Lindsey was 23 and I was to believe Jenny was of the same age back in the day.

Jenny was married while Trish was single.

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