A Chastity Cycle of Three Months

It started with one of those dirty weekends of ours, spent away. My wife insisted that I wear the cb3000 for as long as 2 weeks. By the time we arrived at the hotel I was near explosion. The sexual tension was unbearable. She said she had a special cuckolding birthday present for me.

Several months before that I used a dating site to find some willing partners for her. I shortlisted three men. We dropped the first one at the very last minute. Second guy was not available for the time, so we had to pick the third, our only option. We had been lucky because my wife told me she immediately liked him, he was nice, a lot nicer than his photo suggested.

Our first date was the time when they kissed and fondled each other in the back of the car as I watched them from the drivers seat. She gave him a handjob and he spurted all over the top of her black stockings. After that, I was really willing to see him make love to my adorable wife. Alas, they never seemed to be able to get things together, until, I guess, now.

Then, she told me straight away that she had booked two nearby rooms in the hotel. One was for us and the other one was for her lover by which I guess she meant Rod, but that was part of the surprise.

Just as soon as we reached the room, she ordered me to bet undressed and put a humiliating French maid costume on. It was completed with white stockings and white pinnafoir. I could not say I enjoyed the idea of her lover seeing me like this, but she assured me this would never happen.

There I was, hands cuffed behind my back, I’m on my knees, and my face was deep buried in her hairless pussy. My cock was rubbing against the tight embrace of the nylon. Suddenly her phone rang. She gave me a slap, told me to get on with it, and spent some minutes chatting with her lover. Right away I felt very jealous for her loving tone as she was talking to him. I enjoyed hearing her flirt with men but I kinda hated it at the same time. It’s something you don’t understand if you are not a cuckold.

She pushed me away, hung up the phone and ordered me to kneel in the corner. She then went to the lover’s room to help him get settled. It felt like it took her ages to come back, but then she returned. She was alone which I liked. To return, she used a connecting door installed between the suits.

What she did next was telling me to get my sac from the suitcase we brought. It’s a body bag made of rubber, with a rubber zipper in the front. Inside, it has arm sleeves. The thing is really right when zipped. Soon she had me fully secured and lying in bed. I was wrapped in tight black rubber head to toe. It was really hot inside. I could very well feel my sweat coming out through the maid outfit which I still had on. I felt totally helpless. She had so much power over me and I could see she was smiling.

‘Now I will go and have my brains banged out by my lover. Do you want me to leave this door opened so that you can hear it all?’
‘Yes,’ I replied, my cock struggling out of its prison
‘Dear, you are not too good with your manners, right?’
‘Please, Ma’am, yes,’ I muttered
‘Alrightie, my pet. Let me just cover you with my leather coat so that you can enjoy the lovely scent of leather and my perfume as you listed to a real man doing your wife.’

Hearing things with the sound of my own heavy panting under the coat was tricky. It was a gorgeous experience. I had never imagined she could be so vocal in sex. I was lying there, wondering whether she was teasing me or it was really this good.

Soon I heard the door being shut. Then I had to shut my eyes as the coat was lifted from my face. In a second I opened my eyes and saw my beloved wife standing there with nothing on but her hold up stockings. She had one hand cupped beneath her crotch. She smiled and said: ‘Ready for your present for the birthday, sweetie? Here it is!’ She climbed onto the bed and straddled my chest. I realized what was the present all about. I often had fantasies about cleaning her with my tongue after a nasty fuck session with another man. I could never believe though it could happen for real. I always thought she would have never agreed to have bareback sex with anyone but me. She removed her hand and treated me to an outstanding sight. Thick white cum was dripping from her lips, wet and swollen. A bit of it detached from the load and landed on my cheek. It was truly disgusting. I thought it was too much, it was real, not in my fantasy. I attempted to turn my head away. She grabbed my face with her strong, smooth thighs. She cooed ‘happy birthday slave’ as she spread her legs and her crotch was pushed onto my face.

I shut my eyes and pushed my lips together. I was waiting for her to free me. I waited, until I realized I was gasping for air and had real trouble breathing. She told me to start cleaning up there if I wanted any air. She sounded austere.

I tried not to do a thing for a long as I could. I searched for ways to pull in some air but I was desperate and it did not work out. I gave in soon and pushed my tongue into her overflowing twat. She moved up a bit so that I could have some air. It was salty and bitterish, the taste, but generally better than I’d imagined. Then suddenly there was sort of a little explosion and there I was, my face all covered with some guy’s sperm mixed with the love liquids of my dear wife. My mind exploded then, too. I went crazy licking and swallowing everything, nearly getting drowned, in cum as well as in my own degradation. This was my way to express love towards this exceptional woman.

She could not miss the chance. Pretty soon she started rubbing her cunt against my face, pushing her lips into my mouth fucking my nose with her swollen clit. More hot sperm was flowing into my hungry mouth, and then I heard a groan of release.

‘It was a nice job, slave,’ she said. ‘Still I have to return to my lover right now. Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon, and my yet another special gift will be putting your mask on for you.’ Our mask is a tight rubber thing with an inflatable cock gag and two nose holes, really small. The neck of the mask embraces my neck really tight, airtight, I would say. It’s secured inside the top part of the rubber sac. She continued: ‘Let’s make sure you can still smell and taste me here as well as in this rubber.’ Saying this she opened the neck of the mask, spat inside it as many as three times, and rubbed the sides against each other to create a smooth layer of spit. It was not enough for her! She then spat in my face leaning forward. Three times, too. And slid the mask over my face.

There I was, fully cocooned, sweating in this latex body bag, face floating in a mixture of my wife’s spit, pussy juice, and cum of her lover. I realize I should have been sickened and disgusted. But the two weeks of teasing and denial had their effect. I could not help it. My cock was nearing explosion in its harsh prison. My hips moved involuntarily trying to acquire the friction for my cock which I needed so bad.

‘Now stop that right now!’ My wife scolded. ‘You behave yourself. Or would you like me to bring my lover in here, turn you over and have him use his belt on your sorry wimp ass?’

She scolded me for that: ‘Stop right now! Behave yourself. Or I will bring my lover over here and have him turn you over to give your ass a real hard time with his belt!’

That pretty much stopped me.

‘Oh and as long this was brought up, I thought you might be interested – it’s not Rod who’s in there.’

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