I’m sitting at my desk right now, jerking off

I’m sitting at my desk right now, jerking off and watching the hottest fucking porn I have ever seen. What makes it more special is that it’s my dear wife, getting herself gang banged by 4 guys, taking turns with her. Her loud moans sound so familiar it touches off another wave of hot lust as I watch her take some hellacious abuse. She’s getting happily abused by men calling her a cock whore and skanky slut and telling her what to do. They slap her now and then, to enforce The Rules of her behavior, then use her again and again. And she always comes back for more. Truth is, this is what she fucking lives for now.

Yes, this was all recorded by me. I was the lucky camera man at this sexy little event, as she insisted. Watching it now it stuns me just how low I have sunk, I guess, in terms of giving her what she wanted. 2 black dudes and two of the local Mexicans showed up for this party – all no doubt invited by my slut wife.

So there I was, being the little camera guy, getting closeups of her sucking big black and Mexican cock. It was me, getting behind her to watch guys pound her willing asshole with an unending stream of fucking. She has made me operate the camera before and I now know the views she especially likes. She loves me getting close while she sucks. She says it’s her favorite part, having me watch it all this close. In fact, it isn’t her that watches all this later – it’s me. I don’t think she expected that. She just wants me close by when other men fuck her. She often looks directly at the camera and me when she gets especially naughty.

Looking at this now, my little 4 inch cock pops up and throbs as I stroke away at it. Fuck, its really pretty crazy and Oh So Hot.

There she is, lying on her back in our wedding bed, her hands both stroking the cocks of guys nearby, her head hanging off the edge of the bed, upside down, as some black guys slides his huge dick in and out her her mouth. I mean, you can even see it fill her throat as it forces its way down her pipes. She asked me to make sure I got this one in a closeup and I do. Her eyes, which I couldn’t see well behind the camera, look directly at me in the movie. She wants me watching, big time. Her exhibitionist and her sexually cruel sides merge in my humiliation. Her lips tighten around the guy’s cock as he fills her up. Then he starts pounding harder. It flat disappears down her throat and I can see her choking on it, but never leaving the sucking. He tells her she can do better and she sucks harder.

The camera then travels down her body to where she is getting her pussy fucked by a dude who has a hold of her legs in his hands and who spreads them completely outwards as he fucks her.Overall, as I pan back, she looks like some useful fuck and suck toy, made to pleasure big numbers of guys at once. Which, come to think of it, is exactly what she is.

Jacking off here at the desk, I remember the parts we did not record and it makes me even hotter. These guys had all cum on her – two of them did it twice – and she had swallowed a couple of quarts of cum as well. When the last guy finished off, she lay there, nearly exhausted with cum literally splashed all over her entire body – especially her face. It was my job to clean her up – and we are not talking towels and washcloths. I must have licked up another quart of cum, just to makemy wife happy.

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