Things have taken on a life

Things have taken on a life of their own now in the sexual life between my wife and I. Where first she scolded me and demanded the sex she felt I was not giving her, now she has just plain started affairs on her own. And it gets worse. She makes me watch them – and in the same room! It went from her having me watch her having it off with other men from a closet to far more involvement. Now, my sad ass is forced into all sorts of humiliating situations, from cleaning up her just-fucked pussy to having her have more than one man using her in front of me. Needless to say, their attitudes are totally degrading.

This gets a little humiliating, but I don’t even care any more. Let me just say now, most of this I have found to be highly satisfying. I would never ever thought I would talk like this, but I actually get totally turned on watching her get used like a total slut. I know this, too – she sure is a happy camper these days.

She met the guys at the door, dressed in her brief nightie with the low-slung top. These are guys who work for our gardener who she made arrangements with sometime yesterday. I never know. They smiled wide, seeing her big tits about to spill out of her top and those nylons she wore, running all the way up to her bare pussy. They looked nervously over at me and she laughed:

“Don’t mind him, That’s my useless husband. I’m letting him watch today.”

And, with that, she got down on her knees and reached up to each guy’s zipper and zipped them down. Pulling out one of their cocks, she immediately started sucking on it, then went to the next guy, moaning at its big size, even semi-erect, then noisily going down and slurping loudly all around it.

“God, you taste terrific, she moaned. “I think I can keep you guys busy.”

I sit and watch. She then orders me to strip off my clothes and she and the guys tie me to the chair. “We don’t want you near my pussy, Honey, until these guys have had what they came for,” she smiled, cinching the knot. I was in tight, my little dick straining upwards. This was new and exciting. “I could cum without touching myself,” I thought to myself. She looked at me, satisifed.

“You’re a pathetic-looking son of a bitch, Charlie. Are you ready now to watch how real men fuck a whore? Oh, I am a naughty slut, aren’t I? Fuck – these guys are hot!”

She turned to the guys whose cocks were standing at attention and laying back on our bed. She joined them there and began sucking again. Her deep throating the big guy was amazing. She actually finally got that huge choad down her throat, like she was trying to do. Her other buddy had his hand at her pussy and was fingering her wildly. Her breathing became irregular and loud as her moans increased. “Oh, God, someone fuck me, pleeeease,” she shouted.

Her big new friend grabbed her and turned her around, raising her ass and sticking a finger in it. He probed with his finger into her butt, then licked his figner and jammed it all the way in. Meanwhile she was sucking away on his mate. Just going for it, as sloppy as before, and looking up into his face. She looked so fucking hot there, stuck on two guys’ large dicks and rotating like some pig on a fire. She let him fuck her ass – something she would never let me even try.

They both came at the same time, filling her mouth and her ass with hot loads of cum. She drank her share, gulping it down like a glass of milk, wiggling her ass for her rearward new buddy. My own cock was dripping with either pre cum or cum, I could not tell, but watching all that was the hottest thing ever for me. I wanted to lick her pussy so bad I could taste it and I knew that was next.

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  2. want or need is to get fucked hard. But they know that all guys, and that means ALL, love to see lebsian action. So what do they do? They’ll suck each other’s pussies til no tomorrow if that will get them

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