The realisation

Sit on the floor below me. You should take notes; maybe you’ll learn something. You’re going to watch. Watch as this man I just met at the bar fucks me like I need to be fucked; like I deserved to be fucked. You knew this day would come; how long could you expect me to lie about what I need? Now do as you’re told and don’t make a sound.

I can see his bulge through his pants. He’s so much bigger than you. My mouth is watering as his hands squeeze my breast. I can’t help but grind against him as I straddle him on the couch. Our shirts are removed quickly, along with my bra. His hands are replaced with his mouth as he tongues my nipple. He grabs my hips and pushes me down as I grind. Fuck, I can feel him against my pussy.

I can’t wait any longer; I need him. He doesn’t need any words to know what I want. We remove the rest of our clothes. I’m back on his lap, this time the head of his cock rubbing against my clit. My entire body screams for him as he slides his head against my slit but doesn’t enter. You’ve never heard me beg to be fucked like I am now. I sound so desperate…and I am.

He pushes into my soaked pussy, and all the air leaves my lungs. My eyes didn’t do it justice. He stretches my walls to fit his cock. I feel stuffed, and he’s not entirely in me. As I move against him, he holds my hips to help me take his length. The moans that begin to leave my mouth you’ve never heard before. At that moment, you realize you’ve never satisfied me before.

Don’t touch yourself. I haven’t given you permission. You don’t really deserve to cum, do you? I didn’t think so. Just sit there and watch your wife have multiple orgasms on a huge cock. Watch me completely ignore you and get lost in my own pleasure. You know this won’t be the last time. The lust filling my eyes is all you need to see; you won’t be fucking your wife anymore.