Janices Perfect Ass And Evil Sexy Dirty Looks Mind Fucked Me Into Wanting To Be A Girl Rather Than Fuck One.

Janice's Sissy, Christopher Jason Suse.
Just a glance of her ass walking away from me in those demon filled jeans had my lust and desire set where I would do anything to have her sit on my face. Usually I would imagine banging that ass and watching it bounce off my pelvis, her doggie style and naked, ass arched, head tilted back, mouth wide open and moaning….but not this time…something was different….I wanted to worship that ass and I knew immediately she was better than me…a real catch, a red hot sexy bitch in the shell of this quiet christian single girl that i met at a very conservative church in the bible belt.
She always wore very baggy clothes at church and singles functions…never showing a hint of having a nice ass, let alone a perfect ass that would become my obssesion for over 20+ years, and I fear for all of eternity.
I was lamenting at the singles bible study one Wednesday night how all the single girls in the group are all 2’s with one exception; Janice. I thought their could be some relationship possibilities with her since her chiseled semi-cute face had nice dimples and she did have feminine long dark hair, and pretty, but dull, unimpressive blue eyes. I assumed her baggy dresses and shorts covered another very average, nothing to write home about sad looking butt.
Everything changed that evening when she walked in wearing those soul stealing tight as fuck jeans showing off the most perfect, tiny, apple bottom bubble butt I have ever seen.
Janice sealed my fate by quickly turning around in the dining room and throwing me a look that started changing me from a man, to a girl, from the hunter, to the hunted, from the Stud to a sissy, bringing out my past secrets from 13 years prior when I seduced the neighborhood boys during sleepovers, gobbling those tiny pre-pubescent dicks that didn’t satisfy…always wanting a big dick like my 5.5 inch dick.
OMFG, I couldn’t believe how just one look from this sexy as fuck evil bitch could get me back on my knees, wanting to act out like a girl, as she would very soon get me totally naked, on all fours, with my ass arched up, my head tilted back, my mouth squealing the words of a porno chick from the last porn flick I saw as she was being fucked doggie style by a real man, with a real man sized cock. “FUCK MY LITTLE PUSSY!!!!” I would exclaim, over and over again as she kept pumping my pathetic sissy dick until I would explode caving in to her charms, her spell turning me into a sissy, destroying my manhood with every tryst. All the while, I thought I was corrupting her, the sweet innocent christian girl, not knowing she would have me obsessing over her ass with a real mans cock in my mouth as I stare at her picture that captures some of the look that started my forced feminization and sissification.
She cast a spell on me that night, and although I don’t recall her words, I will never, ever forget that powerful, evil, sexy, strong dirty look that instantly started controlling my cock.  It all came down on me by total, surprise, followed by shock, and an instant raging hard on.  These “surprises” go to my soul, and is something she will do again and again on her demonic quest to trap and steal my soul, mind and body, turning me into my deepest fantasies, and dumping me for a real man with a big dick she can fuck.
Once she saw I was totally caving in to her spell, and acting out my secret fantasies, and things I’ve done in my past acting out on the fantasy of being a girl, sucking cocks and seducing other faggot losers, she introduced me to Sandy, her former, and only other “boyfriend.”  Her goal all along was to destroy two guys who she could tell at first glance were easy prey for her to dominate because she could look right through us, see the desperation in our eyes when she let us see her ass in tight jeans, or shorts, and sometimes naked.  She knew we would do anything to have her spell capture us more and more.  She said the only way she would ever let either of us have another tryst with her, we would have to let her video Sandy and I fucking…doggystyle, ass up, and act like the sissy faggots she created.  She said it was just for her pleasure and she would never show them to anyone else…well, I found this on Flickr (She never would fuck me, because “…girls don’t fuck fags…LOSER”), and that was the last thing I ever heard he say to me.
Ohhh, that perfect ass, and her shockingly powerfully strong mean dirty looks took control of my cock instantly, and I craved for her to humiliate, dominate and destroy all traces of my manhood masking me her Sissy Cocksucker Cuckold Bitch LOSER FOREVER.