Becky’s awakening

Like some feedback on this, love it or hate it. Never tried writing before but had this in my head for a long time so figured what the hell…

Charlie rolled over early in the morning and snuggled up to the backside of his still ******** wife. His morning wood aching for some long over due attention. He ran his hand along her bare hip as he worked his hard but short cock against her butt. Slowly moving his hand up he grasps one of her breasts as he kisses her shoulder, as she says, “Better not start something you can’t finish.” And with that his short term morning erection faded. The story of his life it would seem. In Becky’s mind, unless she could get a decent fucking out of it, whats the point? She could get a better orgasm from her vibrator and lets face it, their sex life was never all that great but as Charlie aged his ability to maintain a decent erection was but a distant memory. Love between them was never an issue but physically, the 15 years that separated them was and it showed. Doctors were consulted about his E.D. but the “Little Blue Pill” was apparently a non starter as there were too many risks of the unwanted side effects that came with it with his health issues. In other words, learn to live with it.

Becky got up and started getting ready for work. Her husband had awoken a craving this morning that there simply wasn’t time to take care of. “Guess I’ll have to remember to pick up some batteries after work today.” It would be just her luck, she thought to herself that her vibrator would be as dead as Charlie’s dick when she got home later.

Becky got to the factory at her usual time and went about her normal pre-shift activities. Chatting with some co workers and just killing time in general. She was studying an ad on the post-it board in the break room when a man’s voice from behind her startled her. 

“There is lots of stuff to get rid of, most has never been used.” He said. “This is your ad?” Becky asked. “Yup, the ex-wife was into crafting, and when she left she didn’t take anything.” “My name is Chuck Thompson, by the way” he said as he extended his hand to her. “I’m Becky Anderson.” She responded, taking his out stretched hand. Becky was surprised at the size of his hand and also somewhat surprised at the clash of color between his dark chocolate brown skin against her very light, almost white skin. Chuck said, “Well I have to get back to my line but if you have any questions just ask.” “Will do”, she responded. As Chuck was walking away Becky asked, “Hey Chuck, you on Facebook?” “I am, yeah”, he said. “Great I’ll send you a friend request later”.

As Chuck was walking away, he smiled to himself. “Oh yeah, this will get interesting” he thought to himself. This was hardly the first time he had noticed Becky. He had admired her from afar for quite some time. He knew she was married but he didn’t care. In fact he found sport in trying to seduce married white women. He wasn’t always successful but he did love the chase. 

Later that afternoon after Becky got home, she stripped out of her clothes and took a long, hot and relaxing shower. After drying off she laid down on the bed and looked at the clock. An hour and a half before Charlie would get home from work. She smirked a little, rolled over and pulled her vibrator from the night stand drawer, turned it on and began to massage her nether region. It wasn’t long until her mind was racing towards the encounter in the break room this morning. “Now where did that come from?” She thought to herself. As her mind went back to the image of her hand in his. His hands were so big, “Could it be true what they say?” “Big hands = big cock?” “Wait, he’s also black so…” Becky was imagining Chuck pulling down his pants and exposing a monster cock. At that point a small orgasm hit her causing her squeeze her thighs together and lift her hips off the bed. Becky turned off her vibrator, and lie there catching her breath. She thought to herself, “Did you seriously just get off fantasizing about a co-worker? A black one at that??” “My God where did that come from?” She found it really odd and out of character for her, but hey it got her off and quickly at that.

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