A Good Wife

A Good Wife

By GatorRhythms

The office of the Couples Counselor was large and very nicely furnished, the floor carpeted. and the subdued lighting came from lamps with warm incandescent bulbs.

“Good afternoon, I’m Don Clark,” said the doctor as he rose from his desk to greet us.  He shook our hands, looking us each in the eye.  He was about six feet tall and looked to be in his mid-forties.

“Hi, I’m Molly and this is my husband, Rodney.”

“Pleased to meet you.  Have a seat on the couch, and tell me why you have come.”

I sat close to Rodney and launched into an explanation, “Well, we have been married for eight months and we are having some problems with – aah – intimacy.  My husband is a bit reluctant to talk about it, but I feel it is time that we get some help.”

“You are a good looking couple, what is the nature of the problem, Molly?”

“I am an ambitious person.  After college, I went to Law School.  And now I have an entry level position with a large firm.  They expect a lot of hours from me.  I was a serious student and spent most of my time studying.  There wasn’t much time for dating and romance.”

“Rodney was studying Architecture.  He also had little free time, but sexually he is more experienced than I am.  We are both busy with work now.  Rodney’s boss is very demanding – often wanting him to participate in company and client events on weekends.”

“We do find time to have sex two or three times a week, but it is often rushed.  One or both of us may be too tired to participate with enthusiasm.  My husband would also like to include oral sex, especially in quickie situations, but I have not developed a taste for that – pardon the pun.  This is a source of frustration for him.”

Dr. Clark listened with quiet interest.  He rubbed his chin and looked from me to Rodney and back again.

“Oh no,” I thought.  “I really unloaded on him in a ‘just-the-facts-ma’am’ manner.  What will he think of me?”

“Your problem is quite common among young professional couples,” said the Doctor in a reassuring tone.  I am certain I can help you learn and grow together, but we need to take a little time to get to know each other first.”

“Oh, thank you Doctor,” I said, happy that I had not offended the kindly man with my storm of words.

“Can we talk a little about your levels of sexual experience?” asked Dr. Clark.

“Sure,” said Rodney.  A little too proudly I thought.

I hesitated, then said, “Yes, I can do that too.”

* * *

“OK, Molly.  When you do have sex with Rodney, is it always in the missionary position?”

“Well, we did try doggy once.  But, I didn’t find any intimacy in it.”

“And, what happens when you try oral sex?”

“Rodney gets very excited when I put my lips around the head of his penis and I have to pull away quickly before he ejaculates.  Having him come in my mouth is not something I have been willing to try.”

Is your husband always ‘quick to come’ during sex?”

“Pretty much.”

I looked over at my husband.  His head was bowed.

* * *

“Rodney, it is your turn,” said the Doctor.  You enjoy a variety of sex, but it seems that you may have a bit of a premature ejaculation problem.  Is that so?”

“Yes, it is true.  But, I want to improve and make my wife happy.”

“Well, in addition to trying some exercises that will slow your response time, are you willing to put yourself in your wife’s position so you can understand what it is like for her to do what you want?”

“Yes, yes.  Anything that will make sex better for both of us.”

I was astounded and immensely proud of Rodney for owning up to his problem and wanting to make it better.  I couldn’t wait to help him.

* * *

“Alright then,” said Dr. Clark.  “I am pleased that both of you can be so open about sex and that you are willing to consider new experiences.  We still have plenty of time in this session, so let’s get started.”

“First, let’s reinforce your love bond.”  The doctor got up from his desk and walked to the middle of the room.  “Rodney and Molly, please get up and stand in front of me facing each other.  Look in each other’s eyes and say, ‘I love you and I will do anything for you.  Good sex takes instruction and practice; I will be thinking of you while we learn how to please each other.’”

Wow, I was so impressed.  I didn’t think things would move so fast.  I was excited and I could tell that Rodney was too.  We did as the doctor asked.

“Since this is all about sex, let’s get right down to it.  Please kneel side by side on the rug in front of me.  Now, trust me as I unzip my pants and expose my penis so we can talk about it.”

I was excited but strangely unafraid as Dr. Clark slid down the zipper in the fly of his lab pants.  It was obvious that he had on no underwear as he reached in and pulled out his penis and scrotum for us to see.  They were isolated and highlighted by the backdrop of his white trousers.

“You will note that my pubic area is completely shaved.  I do this is for hygiene, to aid in instruction, and to enhance the sexual experience.  The two of you may want to try this before our next session.”

“It is also important for you to know that I am STD free.  I get tested often and I have not had unprotected sex since my last test.  Go ahead and take a closer look.  Take your time.  Remember that a lot of what we are going to learn is about taking your time.”

Rodney and I were touching shoulder to shoulder, tentatively examining another man’s penis together for the first time.  It was fascinating.  The shaft was elongated, but not erect.  It lay softly on his ball sack.  He was circumcised, but the head of his penis was only partially exposed.  His appendages were pendulous.  They swayed when the doctor touched them.  His package was similar to, but much more manly than my husband’s more boyish set.  I was intrigued and so was Rodney.  We continued to stare until we heard the doctor start to speak.

“Of course you know that good sex involves all of the senses.  You can see my sex organs.  Now move closer and focus on the smell.  You should find it distinct, warm, and welcoming.  You will soon become familiar with the various smells of sex as we progress.”

My husband and I leaned forward, nostrils flared, and bumped heads while getting close enough to inhale the faint smell of the doctor’s sex.

“Go ahead and touch me.  Share the experience.  I’ll spread my legs so you can handle my balls as well.”

Rodney and I were enthralled.  We touched the soft skin pulling it back from the head, we handed his cock back and forth to each other while enjoying the feel of it.  We hefted his heavy balls and sniffed aloud.  What a treat it was to be able to share these normally taboo activities.  I could not stop smiling.  I glance up at the doctor’s face and he smiled back at me.

“Rodney,” said Dr. Clark.  You will notice that even with the two of you handling my genitals, I have not become erect.  This is the kind of control I want to work on with you.”

Rodney thanked the doctor and told him how much he would appreciate that.

* * *

“OK, guys.  Time to move on a bit.  Rodney, pull my cock slowly and gently a few times while Molly cups my balls.”

We did as we were told.  I could feel the doctor’s balls gather with the stroking.  His penis shaft grew just a little stiffer.

“That’s good.  You can stop, but don’t remove your hands.  Molly, can you see the small drop of pre-coital fluid that has appeared at the tip of my penis?  Touch it with the tip of your finger.  That’s it.  Now, bring that fingertip to your mouth and transfer the drop to your lips.  That’s it.  Rub it in a bit.  Now lick your lips and describe the sensation.”

“Oh wow, Doctor.  The feeling on my lips is soft and silky.  And the taste is sweet – very, very, sweet.  This is something I could enjoy.  Rodney, you will have to try it.”

“Sorry,” said the Doctor.  “Rodney will have to wait because not that much fluid was produced.  But, he will get his turn.”

“Look up at me now.  Molly, do you think you would feel more positive about giving Rodney head – oral stimulation, that is – if he were willing to experience it himself as part of this training process?”

“Oh yes, Doctor.  I surely would.  I am already feeling more positive about it, and I would really respect Rodney if he would experience what it is that he wants me to do.”

“What do you say, Rodney.  Are you ready to help Molly with this?”

Rodney hesitated slightly, so I slid my hand up from the doctor’s balls and over Rodney’s fingers around the doctor’s shaft.  I squeezed his fingers lightly and helped him stroke the doc’s cock.  Another drop of fluid appeared.  I dipped my finger into it and placed a drop on my husband’s lower lip.  “Do you like the sensation – the taste?” I asked.  Rodney nodded yes.

Suddenly, I heard the doctor speak in a stern voice.  “Molly, you may ruin Rodney’s ejaculation training if you keep this up.  Please stand up now and leave Rodney there.  Go to the couch and remove your clothes, and then, come back and stand beside me.  I want Rodney to see all of you while he does his part in the exercise.”

I felt chastised, scolded like a naughty child, for trying to take the lead.  I didn’t argue.  It was clear that the doctor was in charge, and I quickly did as I was told.

* * *

“While Molly is getting undressed, Rodney, please take off my shoes and socks, then unbuckle my belt, lower my pants and take them off too so they won’t be in our way.”

After I folded my clothes and placed them on the arm of the couch, I turned back toward my husband and Dr. Clark.  Rodney was still on his knees, sliding the doctor’s pants off.  I took my time.  I had a great view of the doctor’s package.  He was now semi-erect, about six inches long, fairly thick, and hairless.  I could not help but stare, and I noticed the doctor was giving my nakedness a good look as well.

I am an inch or two shorter than Dr. Clark, about the same height as Rodney.  I have a good figure that I am proud of.  I have tits that are torpedo shaped with large areola and pronounced nipples.  I smiled at the doctor and I rolled my hips a bit while I walked back, reveling in the naughty girl role.  The doctor smiled at me, and his dark eyes twinkled.  I felt our wavelengths were synching up.

Torpedo Shaped Tits, Shaved Male Parts, and Hand Positions

Torpedo Shaped Tits, Shaved Male Parts, and Hand Positions

As I approached, Rodney was straightening up on his knees if front of Dr. Clark, who was in the process of stripping off his t-shirt.  The doctor and I stood stark naked in front of my husband, who was still fully clothed.

“We are all in this together, and I want you two to call me Don from now on.”

“Are we all good with this?”

Rodney and I nodded yes.  Don put his right arm around my waist and pulled me close – our hips touching.

“We are going to want to take this slow so that Rodney gets the most out of the exercise.  And, Rodney, I want you to avoid touching your own genitals in any way.  Instead, focus your thoughts on your naked wife as you give her the confidence she needs to provide you with the sex you really desire.  Molly, you need to participate with Rodney.  I will guide you.  Please say yes, if you are both OK with this.”

My husband and I looked into each other’s eyes.  Each seeing no objection, we said yes simultaneously.

* * *

“Molly, use your right hand to unhurriedly feel my cock.  Now slide your hand down until you have just your first finger and thumb around the shaft.  Your remaining fingers will be cupping my scrotum and balls.”

“Rodney, lean forward and touch your lips to the tip of the cock that Molly is holding out for you.  Use your tongue to again taste the drop of seminal fluid on the tip.  Molly, milk the cock a little to get him more.”

“I am still not very hard, Rodney.  So, please slide your lips over the head and feel it with your tongue.  Lick the underside of the tip where the nerve endings are concentrated.  That’s it.  I’m feeling you.  “Unh.  Unh,” the doctor – Don – uttered as he pushed my hand with his limp penis in and out of my husband’s face to get the stimulation he needed.  “Just a little more, Rodney.”

“Good”, said Don.  “I am starting to expand a little.  Now move your tongue around the rim, just behind the head.  That’s it.  Inhale deeply, you should get more of the scent of my sex now.”

“Now, slide your lips down the shaft until you are kissing Molly’s thumb and forefinger.  Let her jack my partially erect cock into your mouth slowly and smoothly – making and breaking your kiss on her hand.  Good.  Good.”

“Now”, said Don, “Let’s all take a deep breath and relax a moment before we move on.”

Rodney continued to touch his lips to side of my thumb and forefinger as I guided Don’s semi-erect cock through them.  Rodney took a deep breath as requested.  Since my lesser fingers were around Don’s nut sack, I took the opportunity to give his balls a gentle, sustained squeeze.  Don sighed and pushed his pelvis forward a bit.  That caused his member to extend further.  My husband instinctively closed his open lips around Don’s cock, while his tongue searched the tip and slit for more nectar.  I felt the Don give a slight shudder of anticipation through his arm and our touching hips.

* * *

After our brief pause, Don spoke.  “Now, Molly is going to remove her hand.  Rodney, keep your lips around my cock, but don’t suck.  I will give you directions from here on out.  You can use your hands to hold on to my thighs and buttocks at any time if you need to for balance.”

“Molly, please move around behind Rodney.  Straddle his lower legs and move forward toward me until your thighs are against the middle of his back and the back of your husband’s head is firmly pressed against your crotch.”

Before I started to move away, Don dropped his arm from around my waist.  While my body shielded his hand from Rodney’s view, I felt his fingers linger, cupping my butt cheek, then dragging sensuously low into my ass crack, and then up, just brushing over my anus.  I wondered if I should say anything, but decided to kept my trap shut.  “Don must have his reasons for keeping some of his actions hidden from my husband,” I thought.

When I was in position, Don continued, rather clinically I thought, “I am going to start to deliberately push into Rodney’s oral passage.  Open, Rodney, and keep your lips soft.  Let me control the pace and the action.  Just let the head and shaft glide over your lips and tongue.  Can you feel my bare balls touch your lips at the bottom of each inward stroke?  Do you enjoy the sensation?  Good.  Stay relaxed.  We have a long way to go.”

Don continued to move his growing length in and out between Rodney’s moist, waiting lips in a slow rhythm.  Rodney was accepting it and he snuggled back against my thighs for reassurance.

“Molly, run your hands down past Rodney’s ears on each side of his head until you can feel his cheeks, chin, and throat.  Spread your fingers and touch his face and neck softly everywhere – use a lover’s touch.  Can you feel my penis moving inside his cheeks?  Can you feel his head pushing back against your legs and crotch?  Do you like it?”

My senses were reeling.  Don was pushing his cock in and out of my husband’s mouth – and I could feel its motion inside Rodney’s cheeks as it moved.  Rodney was getting a thrill from me touching his face in this intimate fashion while he was sexually engaged.  He was salivating and I could feel his Adam’s Apple toggle up and down when he had to swallow.  My pussy was dripping and my legs were getting weak.  I did not know how long I could hold on.

“Molly, keep your left hand on Rodney’s cheek and throat.  Move your right had forward until you can feel the moving shaft.  Gradually circle the shaft with your thumb and forefinger.  Let me fuck Rodney through the ring of your flesh.  Each slow inward movement will cause him to kiss the inside of your circled digits while the rest of your hand will trail along the side of his face.”

It was amazing.  I felt totally involved and included in the sex act before me.  On each slow poke, Don’s cock would slide through my fingers into Rodney’s opening.  My husband’s face would move forward until his lips met my encircling fingers in a true kiss that pressed the back side of my thumb and forefinger down against Don’s balls.  As Rodney’s head moved back, my lesser fingers slid over the side of his cheek.   I could once again feel and follow the progress of Don’s cock head along my husband’s cheek flesh as it slowly pulled out and left a hollowness.

“Are we doing alright?”

I was not sure, but I nodded OK.  I felt Rodney make a slight nod as well.

* * *

“Molly pull your hands up.  Softly touch Rodney’s cheeks, ears, and temples as you do.  Ruffle his short hair to let him know that you appreciate what he is doing for you.”

“I love you, baby,” I said as I stroked Rodney’s brush cut hair.  “I’m learning a lot.  Thank you for showing me how much you care.”  My husband removed Don’s cock from his mouth and said, “I love you, too.  You’re a good wife.”  Before returning to the task at hand.

“Now Molly, stretch your arms forward and place your hands on my shoulders for stability.  Hold on tight.”

Don reached out to me, his hands and arms well above of my husband’s line of sight.  He looked me straight in the eye as he gripped, squeezed, and twisted the protruding nipples on each of my tits at the same time.  My eyes flew open in surprise.  I looked for an answer in his eyes.  He mouthed the words, “Don’t spoil it for Rodney,” as he continued to pull down, twist, and pinch my nipples.  I needed the support of my hands on his shoulders to keep myself upright.  The agony seemed to go on forever.

But, soon, Don eased his grip and I felt incredible relief.  Was it relief from the pain or from the intense pleasure I felt?  I couldn’t be sure.  Maybe both.

Don continued to force Rodney’s head back into me with a steady rhythm, as he began to milk my tits. With my hands on Don’s shoulders, my arms held me steady.  Don used both of his hands to surround a single tit and then slide the flesh toward the nipple in much the same way as a farmer would squeeze milk out of his favorite cow’s teat.  First one teat, then the other – back and forth he went.  After extracting much enjoyment from manipulating my now swollen tits, he let go, looked deep into my eyes, and gently stroked my cheeks with his hand.  It felt nice.  I liked this man.

I looked down and saw that my chest had a pronounced sexual flush, my tits were full, my nipples were hard and completely extended, and the areolae around them were drawn up and wrinkled.  Further down I could see my husband’s head moving back into my crotch in response to each of Don’s arousal inducing thrusts.  I was truly excited – definitely approaching an orgasmic plateau.

* * *

My lust filled daze was broken when Don suddenly said, “Step back a bit Molly.  I want to put my hand behind Rodney’s head.”

I thought this might be the beginning of the climax, but I was wrong.  Don did put his hand behind Rodney’s head and he ran his fingers through my husband’s short trimmed hair as he continued a slow in and out motion of his cockhead over my husband’s tongue.  Don pushed in to the point that the tip of his penis contacted the entrance to Rodney’s throat, airway, and sinuses – essentially testing his ability to accept deep penetration without gagging.  I think my husband was now in a trance himself – just going with the flow.  Don was a gentle master at training.  He continued the deep throat practice for several minutes.  Before he finished, Don could insert his cockhead into Rodney’s throat right to the entrance of the esophagus with ease.  “Just for practice,” Don told Rodney, “I am going to repeat the stimulating action again and again for the next few minutes.”

I was proud of my husband as I stood straddling his lower legs while holding onto Don’s shoulders.  My legs remained slightly spread.  After a final caress to the back of Rodney’s head, Don reversed his hand, touched my open labia, and slipped his fingers into my saturated vagina – first one finger, then two.  He casually finger-fucked me for several minutes while circling and gingerly touching my clit with his thumb.  His two outside fingers extended down, teasing the sensitive area near and around my anus.

Time stood still.  We were all on a plateau now.  Rodney was into to the gentle ebb and flow of Don’s slow face fucking and deep throating.  I watched through glazed eyes as Don gave me fatherly smiles while he explored the folds of my sopping cunt with his inquisitive fingers.

Every so often, he would slide his soaking fingers out of my vagina and ease them ever so tenderly up the crack of my ass until he reached my anus.  There he would use his thumb to tease, probe, deposit, and rub in the moisture as his fingers cupped and stroked my ass cheeks.  At one point he pressed his wet thumb in and waited patiently until my sphincter relaxed enough to accept its full penetration.  I enjoyed Don’s attention to all of my erogenous zones.  And, I was most relieved that Rodney was not aware of how Don was preparing me for an act that I had never allowed my husband to perform.

I could tell that Don was getting more excited.  His thrusts into Rodney’s mouth were getting longer and a bit more forceful.  But then, he surprised me when he paused and took the time to compliment Rodney on how well he was holding himself in check.  It was a nice thing to do, especially considering what he was doing to me, literally behind my husband’s back.

Don withdrew his thumb from my ass and dipped his fingers in my pussy before removing them.  My eyes told him that I didn’t want to stop.  But he ignored my silent plea.  Instead, he swiped his fingers under my nose so I could breathe in the strong scent of my own sex.  He touched his dripping fingers just above my upper lip and left drops there so the scent would linger in my nostrils.  Then he pulled me up to Rodney’s back again.

* * *

Don removed his penis from Rodney’s mouth and placed my hand under it.  “Can you see the effect all this sexual activity is having on me?” he asked, as I cradled his penis right in front of my husband’s face.  Don’s cock was indeed as hard and as hot as any one I had ever felt.  His penis shaft was so extended that it had developed a slight upward curve.  There was no foreskin left to cover any part of the head.  His scrotum was pulled up tight and slightly blue-purplish in color.

The head of Don’s cock was light crimson, stretched taunt, and pointed like the tip of a spear – ready to force its way into soft flesh.  Pre-cum oozed continuously from the slit in the tight, cone shaped head.  It was obvious that Don wanted us to know that he was filled with lust, and needed to come, soon.  It was also apparent that he would not be denied.

Don’s Spear-Tipped Penis with Fluid Drop

Don’s Spear-Tipped Penis with Fluid Drop

I delicately squeezed the shaft I was holding.  I drooled some spittle onto Don’s cockhead.  I used my thumb and forefinger to gather my saliva and Don’s seminal fluid.  Then I spread the mix over and around the sharp head, behind its flared rim, and on down toward his balls.  “This is for you, baby,” I said, while rubbing my husband’s back and lubricating Don’s cock.  Don was chomping at the bit.  He looked in my eyes and smiled again as his supercharged cock pulsed with anticipation in my hand.  He knew that I understood his bisexual desire to be the first man to take my husband.

I was still standing behind my fully clothed husband who was kneeling in front of Don.  Rodney watched, slack jawed, as I lovingly prepared Don’s hot, hard weapon for the onslaught to come.  My tits were aching, my pussy was flowing, and my anus was starting to throb.  Don maneuvered my hand with his well lubricated, urgent cock right in front of Rodney’s lips, while at the same time, up above my husband’s visual field, he put his still damp fingers in front of my mouth.

“Open”, he said in a loud voice.  I felt Rodney put his arms around Don’s hips and grip his ass in order to hold his position.  My husband knew what was coming and he moved his head forward to take it.  But, I hesitated.  “C’mon.  Put it in!” said an impatient Don.  I held the hot, wet, ready-to-explode head of Don’s cock up to my husband’s waiting lips.  As Don pushed his hips forward, I felt Rodney take several inches, but I did not let go.  Instead, I let my hand slide down the slick, heated shaft until Rodney’s face and lips squashed my thumb against Don’s hairless lower belly and trapped my fingers behind his tight ball sack.  I could not resist becoming intimately involved again, touching my husband’s face and the doctor’s genitals at the same time.  The real fucking was set to begin in earnest, and I wanted to share in it as much as possible.

Don’s eyes were no longer gentle.  He looked into my soul and silently mouthed the word again, “Open.”  Again I hesitated, so he just forced his two cunt juice covered middle fingers into my moist and longing mouth.  The Doctor Was In Charge!

Just as the taste of my own sex was beginning to register, Don started to move his fingers in and out of my mouth in a simulated fucking motion.  Then he said in a voice loud enough for both my husband and me to hear, “Suck.”  Then, “Suck Harder!”

Rodney sucked.  I sucked.  There was no more talk, no rationale for what was happening.  It was just sex, pure and simple.

* * *

A man we did not know an hour ago was having oral sex with both my husband and me – each of us at the same time – and we were loving it!

* * *

I was beginning to lose it when I felt Don’s strokes into my husband’s willing passage become erratic.  I knew Don was ready to consummate his domination of my husband by getting the complete release he needed.  I was happy for him.   I whispered to him, “Do it, Don!  Come for me!”

Don stopped moving for a moment.  My fingers felt his scrotum compress and his shaft pulse.   I knew that my husband was getting his very first taste of warm, wet semen.  I also knew it was just the vanguard of what was on the way.  I was excited for my Rodney.  He paused, enjoying the flavor of Don’s come sample.  Then I felt his lips resume sucking with a vengeance.  Don savored the moment, then he gave several short, sharp thrusts.  I took the hint and moved my hand out of Don’s way.  I placed it on his ass cheek where I felt Rodney’s hand.  We intertwined our fingers and held on together.

Don’s cock in Rodney’s mouth was rock-hard and rampant. “Good, good.  Keep it slow at first,” he said to Rodney.  “Trust me.”  He put his hands on my husband’s head, softly, almost caressing his short hair.  Rodney continued to move his lips back and forth in time with the pace Don set.  Don was focused on getting off.  My husband and I were doing everything we could to make it happen.

“Ok, good.  Now, just a little faster,” Don said.   Don’s hands steadied Rodney’s head, moving him into a faster rhythm. “Very good,” he said.  “Press your lips nice and tight,” he said. “Very good,” he said after Rodney complied.  Don widened his stance and bent his knees.  Rodney felt Don’s cock head at the entrance to his throat now.  “Good boy.  Remember our practice, and trust me,” Don repeated.  It was getting wilder.  Don was speeding up.  He was humping deeper and deeper. Ramming his pointy tip into my husband’s mouth as far as it would go.  “Press hard!” he said, louder. “Do it!”

Suddenly Don’s hands clamped my husband’s head to his groin.  Don used his knees.  His body hunched wildly, hips thrusting his release seeking member upward into Rodney’s fully cooperative cavity, seemingly in spasms beyond his control.  My husband suddenly felt the liquid in his throat.  He tried to move his head back, but I leaned in and held him in place with my thighs as Don continued to fuck forward, entering and leaving Rodney’s throat quickly, time after time.

Don had reached the point of uncontrollable ejaculation.  It was wondrous to see, hear, and feel.

I watched Don’s face as he climaxed.  His primal orgasm was strong.  It took control over his super-excited mind and body.  Don’s back and neck stiffened.  His upper chest, neck, and face reddened.  He thrust as hard as he could and then held the penetration gained.  “Ngaar!” was the loud, involuntary sound Don made as he hunched his rampant cock deep into my husband’s throat and expelled a hot rope of his semen down Rodney’s esophagus.  After a moment he withdrew a little, then thrust again. “Ngaar!”  …. And again.  “Ngaar!”  This time, Rodney closed his throat on the out motion and took a breath.  Don’s next trust was not as hard, so Rodney took this, and the following come shots, over his tongue and tonsils.  …. “Ngaar!” …….. “Ngaaaaar!”  Five times Don explosively launched his burning seed far into Rodney.  Some went directly down my husband’s throat, but much of it ended up in his soft, sucking mouth – filling it to overflowing.

When the fireworks were over, Don released his grip on Rodney’s head.  Don was still moving his cock in my husband’s slippery, fluid filled mouth, and coming at a slower pace.  I knew that given his years of sexual experience he would probably continue to do so for some time.  So I used my body to hold my husband in place a while longer.

I felt Rodney swallow as Don’s humping slowed.  Once, twice, three times.  And then I heard my husband start to grunt and moan around Don’s cock.  I was familiar with the sounds.  Rodney was coming spontaneously as he continued sucking Don’s slick, still hard penis.

* * *

Don drew me as close to him as possible with Rodney still sucking between our legs.  He reached down between us and scooped some of the overflow from the loose seal between my husband’s lips and his own cock.  He brought it back to my face as an offering.  I opened immediately and sucked hard while my tongue lovingly laved the mixture of Don’s semen and Rodney’s saliva off his insinuated digits.  The sex fluid soup was wonderfully warm and tangy.  I swallowed as much as I could get, and knew that I would want more in the future.

Don held me tight.  He removed his fingers from my mouth and replaced them with his tongue.  Saying, “Suck,” as he did so.  Don’s tongue was fat and it filled my mouth.  I sucked it deliriously.  It felt like a miniature dick between my lips and on my tongue.  I sucked it as if I were sucking Don’s cock – something I wanted to do so badly now.

Don reached down between us again and scooped up more of the overflow from Rodney’s mouth with his two middle fingers.  He then wrapped his arms around my waist and down.  He separated my ass cheeks, and pushed those two come covered fingers deep into my moist and suddenly spasming rectum.  Don thrust his fingers up into me again, again, and again.  There was no resistance.  I was in heaven.  My mind was gone.

* * *

When my senses returned, my husband was still sucking hard and coming in his pants.  Don had dumped buckets of come in his mouth and throat, and he was still providing Rodney with an effective pacifier, while lovingly stroking his face and head.  I was on my tip-toes, one leg raised to make my pulsing asshole as accessible as possible so Don could continue his anal finger fuck.  I was out of my mind with all of the stimulation, still coming, crying tears of happiness, and kissing Don.  My thighs were trembling and my knees had buckled.

All I could do at that moment was cling to Don’s shoulders, hold on tight, and try not to let my husband, Rodney, know how much I was thrilled:  by Don’s attention to my newly awakened sexual desires; and by the most powerful orgasm I had ever had.


3 thoughts on “A Good Wife

  1. I almost came in my pants myself. Phenomenal story! Did you ever think that your husband was bisexual? Why do you think he so readily sucked the Dr off? Did you go only once or did you include this very talented Doctor in your lovemaking from then on?

  2. Sorry but the English is diabolically bad. However, the story is quite good.

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