Daniel’s Dick

Daniel’s Dick
Natalie & I hadn’t tried the cuckold scene before even though we’d talked approximately it. I knew that she was nervous & I certainly was. What if, despite what she said approximately being ready to run a cuckold, she was disgusted with me afterwards & kicked me out? What if the thing was just too explosive for her & after one go we turned to an emotional freezer- with no sex whatsoever? Anything might happen- I knew that. But as we received to know the new man at my work place, Daniel, my lovely brunette wife seemed ready to go for it. He was so suave, so arrogant & it turned her on. She wanted me to ask him to fuck her. I pleaded no. We should start with a stranger & a white guy- someone that we could see this as a one off adventure with. But she wanted Daniel. She wanted black dick, superior dick, the prick of a man who believed that he could take any woman that he wanted & keep her there- on the strength of his manly attractions.
So I decided that we had to try. I had to see whether I could cope with seeing her go to pieces on Daniel’s dick. She had to see what terrible comparisons might be made after he had serviced her. We were going to the pub, with Daniel & Natalie asked me what I thought Daniel would like to see her wear? I knew- he had remarked on her look once before. So she squeezed into the leather hot pants & the Victorian lace up boots, the tight bound, oh so disciplined bitch look. She was putting herself on a plate for him & I guessed that the whole pub would know that. Every leery onlooker would guess that Daniel was taking her home to fuck. I fixed the string of pearls around her throat, slipped the extravagant rings on her fingers that he had once noted, & squirted on the perfume around her cleavage that he liked. Then I quivering with anxiety, & Natalie with excitement, went to the pub. She said as we walked to the pub door, ‘this is your last chance…once Daniel is fucking me I won’t donate him up?’ & I nodded, ‘understood’ I said.
I remember we sat in a secluded alcove & beneath the table Daniel put his hand on her thigh. It was as if he guessed that he was on this afternoon. Natalie told me to ‘run along & play pool- you always want to’ & I did as I was told. I didn’t want to, I’m crap at pool as I am in bed according to my wife, yet that was where I was sent. I heard Daniel ask whether she could make me ‘disappear like that anytime’ & she smiled & said yes. She said that he could too, he had only to order something & I would do it. He wanted to try that out & made me fetch drinks for them both which he accepted without any thanks. Presumably I wasn’t worth the effort. The girl who I was playing pool with, rotund yet worldly wise said, ‘he’s fucking your wife right?’ & I nodded. She replied, ‘I can see why she prefers him…no offence mate.’
The petting & the flirting lasted around half an hour, enough time to lose all my matches against Miss Rotunda. I paid her the winnings & then followed my wife & her lover out. I drove the car home with them petting freely in the back. The hardest thing was seeing her in the rear view mirror snog open mouthed with him. Natalie told me to concentrate on the driving & I apologised. They had decided she told me to have me come up to the bedroom, because Daniel wanted to establish his supremacy. She had though begged him to have me blindfolded once I had seen the sheer girth of his cock. He was longer than me for sure, yet it was the thickness of his snake that did my head in. I could see how what emerged from his jeans could fit inside Natalie’s cunt.
A silk scarf was found & Natalie wrapped around my head, so I could see nothing. She wanted this little bit of privacy the first time. The scarf though had an astonishing effect. I’d heard that people who went suddenly blind, quickly appreciated their other senses- that they attuned to other things bloody swift & that was true for me. I remember I sat at the foot of the bed, sensing thwe warmth of the sun on my face from the window & feeling the bed jiggle as Daniel took down her hot pants & then her thong. The leather material landed against my head as it was tossed aside & then there was the sound of kissing. You can hear people kiss. You can hear all the little moans & the whimpers as their lips lock together & presumably Daniel’s fingers descended to her sex. I remember waiting to hear the drawer go. The drawer where we kept the sheaths for this moment. We had always said that we would sheaths- yet there was no sound of an opening drawer. Instead, a little after I heard Daniel say that he was going to ride her bareback- there was no other babe in his life & this would be exclusive. I heard her whisper meekly ‘yes…of course’.
There is a squelch sound when a cock enters cunny- at least when it enters a wet cunny. By the time that I heard that sound, there was ample time to have received Natalie that way. You could feel her wriggle & writhe, making the bed shift as he pushed her legs apart & tongue her cunt, pushed his fingers inside & up to her G spot. Little moans, sudden gasps & even ‘oh darling’ squashed me then. Hearing the squelch sound as he plugged into her, destroyed me. It caused my wife to scream. It was the sort of deep, needful, almost primordial scream that indicated utter pleasure. It was an instinctive scream & I understood why. The bastard was stretching her, brutally stretching her cunt & wrecking her for me.
Beds bounce, the shift & move in four or five ways that you can feel through the back of your head if you sit against them on the floor. Now every sound & every movement was accompanied by an intoxicating aroma. It was the raw, sinuous, thrusting smell of sex. Each time that he pulled back from the deep thrusts, it must have allowed her perfume to explode outwards. I could smell heat, & saltiness- I don’t know how. Perhaps it’s an association in your head kind of thing. I only knew that I didn’t need to see her legs up over his burley shoulders, curling & squirming with the lusty pleasure. I could picture them there- all courtesy of the perfume in the room!
Daniel was used to riding harder & longer than Natalie. That first time she begged him to come with her just a few minutes into the copulation. He didn’t. The bastard brought her off on his stiff member, wriggling & gasping with the force of her climax & then when she had caught breath again, started to work her up relentlessly again. I could hear my wife’s breath catch, hear her panting for breath & swearing how huge & handsome he was. She had always wanted him it seemed. ‘Good babe…that’s fine..we’ll obtain your pansy boy up to sniff your cunt once I’ve seeded you’ Daniel said in a growl.
Dirty ideas work on women too. I heard Natalie gulp for air & beg him to come inside her & this time he did do that. I felt the bed jolt again & again- & in concert the screams of my wife as she took his spunk. Daniel gasped this time- a deep gravelly gasp. I knew what it meant & then I heard Natalie, ‘oh darling, darling’ as they shuddered together.
Silence…and stillness. How long did that last? Perhaps a minute. Perhaps a bit more. Then though I sensed him pulling out of her & I was dragged up by my ear & directed to the honey pot. You could smell Natalie’s arousal long before my mouth met her sex. She exuded heat & excitement. When her thigh brushed my ear I could feel the skin still quivering from the force of their sex. Then my wife pulled my mouth onto her sex & I tasted the thick, repugnant gloopy mess that trickled out of her slit. Don’t mistake this- even if you learn to like licking out cream pie, the first time I swear, it is always repugnant. It’s approximately knowing what it is & why it is there. It’s the terrible realisation that it’s not yours & she prefers it that way. The rush of thoughts counter act any tide of arousal that you might be feeling. You gag & gulp & then, Natalie said, ‘lick me out.’
I licked & at first she laughed. I thought she was sneering at me, yet after she said that Daniel was making a gesture with his thumb, indicating my position beneath hers. She laughed too because if you lick a wet & recently exercised cunny it tickles. It takes a moment or two for the arousal to recharge. When it did, I felt her nails dig into my scalp & wedge my mouth on her sex as she gasped, ‘go on damn you…fucking hell, lick it up you pathetic little bastard.’ Blindfolded, I couldn’t believe Natalie had said that. But she did. It was her voice- a voice that was changed now.

I am a 25 year old white boy engaged to a 37 year old Iraqi BBW with huge tits

I am a 25 year old white boy engaged to a 37 year old Iraqi BBW with huge tits, & a huge ‘ol phat ass! She used to be a street prostitute in Iraq years ago, & continuously told me how much she loved to have sex with the American soldiers. She has always talked approximately the gangbangs she used to have with the military men, & how they all took video & pics of their “sessions”. She always fucked me so satisfactory when she brought up these memories that I knew she missed those days. One day while watching tv we saw an advertisement for an airshow at the local base & we decided to go check it out. Well my fiance (Sayeeda) received dressed (if you want to call it that) in the sluttiest outfit she owned! In fact I had never seen it before! I was suprised in both satisfactory & offensive ways, yet gladly went along with it! When we received to the airshow that day she flirted with every man in uiform she came across, which was EVERYONE! She asked soldiers for cigarette after cigarette & light after light putting her far arab titties in their faces. Some guys were completely turned off by her aggressive sluttiness if you will, yet a lot were feeding into her also. Begging her to flash her tits (which she gladly obliged to), grabbing her ass & even kissing her in front of me. I received so upset by her behavior that I went back to the car planning to leave her there. I made it back to the car after a 20 minute walk, & I decided to turn around to go obtain her. I reached in my pocket to call her & realized I had three text messages. They were all pictures of Sayeeda in what appeared to be & after confirmed a port-a-potty sucking a huge black dick! She never picked up my calls or answered my texts. I went home after that night alone crying & lonely. I logged on to Facebook to see if she had been on, & she had posted a video of her with 8 black & 1 white military men in uniform, & she had tagged me in it so all of my 450 friends could see. We haven’t interracted much since then, & we haven’t slept together either. Most of our interraction now is her asking for my credit card to buy slutty clothes, cigarettes, food, & liquor all in attempts to fuck other men. I am astounded at my feelings toward this. I love my Arabic hooker fiance, & can’t wait to marry her & spend the rest of my life as an American bitchboy who could never make it in the service like all the men MY wife sucks & fucks regularly!

Going public

Going public
Thanks Cuckold Stories Blog for posting my last message, which I hope has helped some hotwives to manage matters more enjoyably. I have given some thought to another matter once you have cucked your husband & that concerns going public. There’s nothing so restrictive as keeping all the pleasant indoors & once you are getting the best it’s natural to want to brag approximately it. But going public requires a little thought, if you are then to make elite sex your lifestyle. I’ve been going with Wes for just over a year now & my husband Edward is pretty well behaved approximately matters. I’ve talked to a few friends such as Trudy (see my last post), approximately how to handle things like cunnlingus. I think that a girl needs to anticipate arrangements, with regard to her cucked husband, with regard to her own impact when you go public. Wes was always relaxed approximately it. I suppose it confirmed his sex appeal, all the stereotypes approximately the pulling power of black guys.
Let me start though with Edward, my pliable husband. As I said in my last post, it’s always possible to obtain a man ready for public humiliation by making that a challenge to be managed in return for sweet rewards. That was what I did. I received the man hooked on pussy licking & demanded it morning, night & day. I’m sure that Edward was intoxicated! Then though it was time to pull the leash. Wes & I were fed up with driving out to distant pubs. So I started to deny Edward his licks & you could see all the panicky speculations commence to build inside him. What if I was approximately to dump him? What if I was so disgusted with his behaviour that I was excluding him from any physical contact? The temptation is to dictate your strategy then, to set out your demands, yet that’s not the best way! Whilst he is in withdrawal & wrong footed, you keep schtum. Eventually he asked, with a pleading expression on his face, ‘what’s wrong- what aren’t I doing right, why don’t you ride tongue anymore?’ Well, I didn’t say at first, yet when he pleaded again I admitted that I was fed up with the sneaking around. Wes was the man of my dreams & if Edward accepted that, then we should see whether others could too?
I remember that we spent a few sessions, me (quite unusually) playing with Edward’s member, encouraging him to talk approximately who he would tell that he was a cuckold & liked the lifestyle. The more I cock teased him, the bolder were his thoughts. There were some of our close friends, of course, & then most significant of all, some of his golf buddies. Telling male mates that your wife thinks that you’re not satisfactory enough is a massive hill to climb for a husband, yet its key to a more open arrangement too. There’s nothing more horny than being near other blokes when they know that you’ve cucked your husband. They’re probably wondering just what a bitch you are- it sets up a wonderful frisson. Of course when they meet your alpha male, the reasons why you made your choice are probably obvious- yet their furtive little imaginations still work overtime.
Edward shortlisted 6-7 people that he would tell & he rehearsed accounts of why. I didn’t really want any of those explanations, it seemed better that he fess up that I wanted better. But the chosen account helped Edward make his transition. He decided that he had an erectile dysfunction, to do with low grade yet long present diabetes that he didn’t have yet which was in the family somewhere. ‘Just as long as they understand that Wes does the fucking’ I said coldly.
Those accounts (if used) are significant because they affect how you are perceived. In this instance, I was seen as a lusty lady who needed something that Edward could never donate me. The response was more sympathetic as a result- although we needed to make clear that the erectile dysfunction was permanent & Edward was thankful to Wes for servicing me. They reduced some of my ‘bitch image’, & that watered down some of my enjoyment, yet it moreover kept us more friends.
It may surprise you that in a modern & more permissive world that I should need to mention the keeping of friends. But its true- when you come out, you will lose some & gain others. Other wives might worry that you’re a cougar with a veracious appetite that will steal their husbands. Blokes will be fascinated for sure, yet then fearful that if they flirt with you, that you might smack them down hard. After all, they weren’t Wes, & you are now the discerning woman! So you go into this (if you’ve any sense) thinking approximately possible consequences. If you live in a very conservative neighbourhood, it could be time to move. You might need to build up the alternative community before you lose some of the old one.
Before we came out then we nurtured a few associations. I invited Trudy, her lover & Robin her cuck husband over to dinner & after a nice meal & a lot of wine, Trudy & I were emboldened enough to take tongue from our cucks, whilst the men folk shared a beer & admired our control. It was a ground breaking evening I suppose, for Edward & Robin as they tongued, & even more so when I told Robin to lick my cunt & sent Edward to attend to Trudy. The buzz that gave our boyfriends was immense, watching the cucks lapping away & the pair of us getting hotter & hornier by the minute. When we then fucked with the alpha males on the thick pile rug in front of an open fire, grinding & thrusting in what turned out to be a very practised & thrilling session, the climaxes were major! Edward & Robin had been cased up in Perspex so that they couldn’t obtain an erection & afterwards they said that was the hottest thing- their balls ached like crazy.
The six of us started to go out to the pub together, the clubs & the restaurants. It was tremendous because you enjoyed the arrangement publically, sprinkling little hints of what some of us girls received & helping the cucks to develop ways of showing their subservience to us & our lovers in ways that didn’t cause a riot. You have to handle this well, I suppose like gay people did in the past. You can’t be outrageously in other people’s faces in less liberal surroundings.
I remember that at one club, two rather drunk young ladies quickly guessed that we were hotwives with our cucks & studs on show. Perhaps they wanted this sort of action? They were certainly jealous & tried a few times to tempt our boyfriends. When Wes & his mate were having none of that, they received snotty & bleated approximately what spoilt little tramps Trudy & I were. Wes had the perfect response though. He told them to shut the fuck up until such time as they had climbed out of the gutter & had the nous & the looks to rule one man & interest a red blooded male. It was a terrible put down!
Other girls are sincerely curious approximately how you live- managing two relationships. The most usual questions are, ‘why don’t you just leave your husband?’ & ‘don’t you ever have any doubts?’ I explain that I’ve spent time being honest with myself & I want to control a man as much as I want to submit to another. I’m a bit political too, I think women should be able to select the best & that goes on to breeding too. Competition drives so much & women arbitrate on who has won! Sincerely, I no longer have any doubts.

There are few enough places for a girl to share good and intimate advice when it comes to sex

There are few enough places for a girl to share satisfactory & intimate advice when it comes to sex, so I thought I’d offer up this practical experience for any hot wife readers who visit your blog. The thoughts stem from a conversation that I shared with Trudy a friend of mine. What I share here though is strictly for the established relationship, when you’re exclusive with your lover & you’re sure that he’s not fucking around elsewhere. Health & safety is a real consideration here- it’s not a silly obtain in the way constraint.
Trudy has recently started cuckolding her husband Robin & inevitably the conversation turned to cunnilingus. She knew that I have been running Edward my husband as a cuck for a year or so, & because of that she thought that I might have some answers. Having your husband lick you out for the first few times after you have been with your lover is something that takes a little getting used to. I mean, it might seem disgusting that he does that sort of thing & you can’t assist yet despise him for doing it when he should have tried at least to compete with his cock. But then it’s arousing too, especially if he curls up his tongue like a straw & holds it long enough to slip in & out of your cunny hole. A well disciplined cuck can siphon up some of the copious spunk your lover has deposited that way & it’s then very sexy when you see him swallow.
First things first though- what does licking you out really mean & how does it stand when you have chosen someone better? Well, with Edward at least, I made sure that he understood it was a capitulation, that Wes my lover had beaten him & that from now on he wouldn’t ever try to make love to me with his tiddler cock again. I wanted this as informed consent, so the first time he made to tongue me, I didn’t allow it. I made him think approximately it for a few days, & then after I had been out with Wes for the evening, I asked how he felt? He begged to lick me out & I felt sure enough then to have him proceed. As he lapped away, I whispered things to him, to reinforce what this little rite de passage really meant. ‘Do you see how stretched I am down there…your tongue gets lost inside me’. ‘That sticky white spunk you’re ladling up is Wes’s- he shot lots of it inside me, you’ll never reach it all.’ Its bitchy I know, perhaps at first, & when not feeling aroused, it sounds even farcical, yet you have to establish the rules- to have him know how low he has sunk in your eyes.
Trudy asked whether it was normal to worry that the permission to lick could be misunderstood. I said sure, yet if she really wanted things firmly established, then she should make her husband tongue her with her lover watching. There could be no confusion then- this was a submission, an act of obedience in front of the proper bloke. There was no chance that hubby would obtain aroused & think it could proceed to anything more. Trudy then asked whether I cum on Edward’s tongue, because that seemed different. If you did, then it looked as though your cuck still had some sort of power. If you didn’t- then the tonguing could become a little frustrating! Well my own take on that is to say that if I straddle Edward’s mouth, if I ride his face, then I do allow myself to cum. Make no mistake approximately it, I am using him then & he knows it. If he reaches for his weeny erection I slap his hand away & tell him to concentrate on my cunny. Then when I climax, his face is sometimes drenched in little squirts of my lady cum. Not all women produce that, not all women know it can happen, yet it does for me & huge time since I started going with one man & dominating another. It’s as if your inhibitions are blown, as if you can respond huge time to the urges that have seemed too unladylike before. As you lift off, you see your cuck’s face, covered in cum, hot & sticky (because you forget yourself as you grind & rub on his mouth) & probably a bit breathless looking. Remember, don’t smother him though- there are pleasures to be repeated!
‘And if you’re not riding Edward’s face? ’Trudy asked, sipping the chilled white wine. Well I don’t cum & that is possible with practice, because I tell Edward to stay off my button. It’s a different sort of oral, & it serves to show his submission to me. If you’re going out with your boyfriend, you might want it that way to gently arouse you before you step out. Wes likes to push his hand down inside my pants & feel that I am juiced up & ready for a night time of teasing before he penetrates me. He sees Edward as the prelim act. Sometimes I use that sort of oral for pictures. I mean I will set up the camera on a little tripod on the bedside locker & then put a foot up on the bed & beckon Edward to tongue me leisurely before I go out. I want him to make a meal of it- to put me in the mood for Wes. I tell him that he’s useless to me otherwise.
So this is lifestyle, full on, when you know you’ve found the right lover & its exclusive-Trudy checked. Yes, I nod. We are alpha together-elitest approximately sex, an item, chic, sophisticated, & that’s part of the buzz for me & a lot of other hot wives too. If your stud insists on screwing around, & you’re ready to party that way, then use sheaths & don’t make your cuck lick up the cum. This is the most intimate, the most fulfilling set up any woman could want- cake & eat it, the best of both worlds, yet it’s worth protecting. So obtain there in a considered way.
Trudy nodded- the message gone home. Good I thought. So, I continued, ‘have you thought approximately how you use licking to obtain your own way even more?’ Clearly Trudy hadn’t. She’d pictured the act, understood the submission & the pleasure it would donate her boyfriend too, yet she hadn’t yet realised that cunnilingus was part of her control. ‘Well, you need to think what happens to your husband once you obtain him on the oral on a regular basis’ I observed. Silence..Trudy needed a pointer or two. ‘Well, you produce loads of pheromones when he licks & sucks, when you obtain aroused & they go straight up his nose which is just centimetres from your cunny, & they enslave him. Edward is addicted to my scent, the body scent I mean & addicted too I suppose, to the taste of my juices. Once he is lapping regularly, he’s likely to beg for it as often as he can. It can become a nuisance & its then that you use it to your advantage.
‘You ration it’ Trudy said, & I smiled.
‘What do you want in return for the oral delights?’ I asked her.
Well, on the spot & right then, she didn’t know.
‘Perhaps you want to go public, to enjoy being out with your man. That takes a lot of getting used to for your husband. Perhaps he hoped to keep this all hidden away behind closed doors. You can wean him off the secrecy, assist him to obtain used to a more public shame, by offering cunnilingus treats.’
Trudy wondered what I wanted, what I had received because Edward was on a chemical leash to my pheromones. I waggled the keys to my Mercedes CLK. Some things are very expensive. We’re not all material girls, yet each to their own.
Trudy had seen a few video clips, some steamy ones (I smiled when she blushed) of husband’s being made to suck a lover’s cock. Personally she said, the idea seemed ridiculous & distasteful. ‘Maybe’ I conceded, ‘it’s very much your lover’s decision. No man is going to be allowed to suck dick unless your stud is sure that game rules are understood. It’s the ultimate humiliation, if you make cuck do that’. Trudy gave me this look that said, ‘well?’ I replied, ‘high days & holidays. I made Edward do it the first time the three of us went on holiday. The hotel staff knew that I was the spoilt bitch & I was drunk on power. So I told Edward to take Wes’s tool out & lather it up for me. You could see that Ed was almost gagging, it really wasn’t his thing. But he did it & I reserve the right to make him do it again.’ Remember though, I concluded, we’re well established. It’s our lifestyle & part of my complete control philosophy.


I’ve been fucking Emma for about three months now

I’ve been fucking Emma for approximately three months now & she is the first married bird that I have bedded, at least when it comes to having a subservient husband in tow. It wasn’t something that started through the classifieds, we simply met at a party & I liked her shapely figure, her bob cut blonde hair & her playful pale blue eyes. She struck me as a rich bitch, she wore a gold Rolex for instance & had loads of expensive rings on her dainty fingers, yet I thought what the hell, she’s enjoying dancing with me & seems really pleasant loving. It was an extreme sort of bash, with a lot of booze & radical people around. After a few dances she suggested that we go & obtain a drink together. I’d seen her look over at this sheepish older man who seemed to stare so long at her, yet cast his eyes down whenever she checked on him. I guessed that he must be her husband & perhaps he didn’t dance. I said, ‘won’t your minder obtain upset?’ & she smiled alluringly & said, ‘oh he doesn’t matter.’
So we had the first of five drinks together & the other man pretended to take an interest in some drunk old fart who was pontificating on politics. I was enjoying our chat, she liked the same bands as me, played the same sort of sports, & then she asked, ‘is the old man bothering you? I’ll obtain rid of him.’ I knew she meant the minder & I suppose that I had been checking him over once in a while. I fancied the lady & I didn’t want anyone getting in the way if we decided to take this somewhere. So I said, ‘just a bit- he’s such a sad hanger on isn’t he’. Emma strode over to the bloke, checked her watch & told him to take a hike. Perhaps it was his bedtime I mused. I watched him slouch off without a word- as satisfactory as gold. When she came back I said, ‘your husband?’ & she nodded, passing me her glass for a refill. ‘But I’m bored with him & he knows that I will take a lover.’
I call it cock instinct, that lust surge you obtain when a woman tells you something that charges your ego, that says bluntly, ‘I want you’. I liked her head strong manner, the way she had dismissed him. Posh bitch with attitude I thought- great! We retired to the conservatory of the house, where in the moonlight several couples were already exploring what each excited in the other. We kissed greedily yet slowly & her eyes were wide when she then said to me, ‘don’t worry…I won’t let him obtain in the way if you want to fuck me. He does as he’s told.’
That conservatory was really sultry- several of us were petting partners in a wanton way. Emma’s legs quivered against my hand when I pushed up beneath the hem of her little black dress. I felt her stocking tops, the straps of her suspender belt, & then, momentarily, her thong as I pushed my fingers beneath its material & found her wet sex. I slid my fingers inside her slit & she gasped, before opening her mouth to my kisses again. ‘I want to go somewhere…’she breathed & for a second I considered a bedroom upstairs. But right then I didn’t want any short, sharp, rough fuck. I wanted her for the night & told her. She smiled eagerly & said that was what she wanted too. She made a first call to a taxi firm to pick us up & the second to ‘Roger’ who was told to bed down in the summer house for the night.
Back at their place I could see a lamp on in the summer house & the same sad old git reading on a camp bed. Emma locked the doors so that his destiny down the garden was complete & we went up to bed. The bedroom was swanky, richly done up with nice silk sheets. I undid Emm’s dress & it fell to the floor. I took off her bra yet told her to keep the stilettos, stockings & suspender belt on, as it was sexier. Before I could decide what next, she dropped to her knees & lovingly took out my member. She licked it up & down the length of the shaft, always looking adoringly upwards. It was bloody fine, seeing her rouge lips against my sun tanned skin, the way she caressed my tool. We’d just met, I really wanted & liked her, I wanted this to be something bigger, so I said, ‘I’m going to use a sheath until we’re well established …I care approximately you.’ She rolled my condom on & promised me that Roger was never allowed to fuck her. I was going to be the man of the house.
The bed may have been posh, yet I can tell you, it creaked like any other when you’re going at it full pelt. I pulled her lovely legs up over my shoulders & a little too briskly ploughed on in to that succulent little cunt of hers. It made her wince, she wasn’t used to proper cock. So I dug more slowly in to the hilt, & she confessed that Roger had only tongued her during these last months. ‘I don’t wank him…he’s not allowed that either’ she explained, between little gasps as I stroked into her pussy. Feeling her sex spasm on me, feeling it grip my shaft as I drove in & out was mesmerising. Her breathing was now in rhythm with it all. Little whimpers escaped her lips & her lovely tits shook with the thrust, thrust, thrust of my tool. The nipples were bullet complex & every so often I swept my tongue across them.
Emma was unquestionably out of practice at fucking! She came so complex & so easily, within the next few minutes. She screamed with pleasure, a sound that must easily have been heard through the open window & down amongst the magnolias. She clung to me, her body shuddering with the force of her climax. She was completely out of breath, lost to the sensation when I started to gradually stroke once more inside her cunny. She apologised profusely, promising to learn to fuck harder & longer. I stroked her hair, kissed her red lips & promised that I would take her through a few orgasms yet…there really was no hurry & by the morning, she would have a clearer view of what decent sex could be.
I realise that sounds so arrogant, yet it was true. She was a novice at this & there was time for her to learn. Roger wasn’t going to interfere was he? So we began again, grindingly, slowly, my cock being made to rotate at a leisurely stir within her sex. Posh women like dirty words sometimes, so I whispered, ‘are you ready to be a bitch to him then’ & she nodded, ‘with you I am’ she replied. ‘You are too classy for the old guy’ I confirmed, & she agreed, ‘yes…I see that now’. A few more pushes, faster & deeper now. ‘You really are so fuckable…’ I said in this aloof voice, & she giggled, ‘and you are so arrogant!’ You could feel her relaxing then; feel her fingers running across my hips, sensing the strength in my thighs. It was nice. ‘I’m sorry…’ she said, as we upped the pace once more, ‘I can’t stop myself’ & this time we climaxed together. We locked complex against one another, she thrusting up to meet me as I bore into her- thump, thump, thump. Her pubes must have felt bruised afterwards, that fuck was quite brutal. More gasps, more screaming & this time two people breathing heavily-excited & relieved.
The sheath was bulging when I withdrew & she peeled it away. She smeared its contents around her pubes, across her wet lips. ‘One day shortly I will have it inside me’ she whispered. I nodded. I guessed what she wanted to do next, what she & perhaps he had always anticipated. So I said, ‘why don’t you make him lick it off your cunt?’ Emma nodded. She put a silk wrap around her & I watched her step out into the garden & then over to the summer house. By the light of the lamp I watched Roger tongue her slit nice & eagerly. She didn’t touch him, didn’t kiss him, just let him do it. I watched his mouth working on her cunt, sucking & lapping. She just looked down at him as though it was a tedious little ritual. He had to do it, because that was what separated him & me. It was satisfactory when she received back to bed having locked the door again. She was cold & smelled of perfumed roses. ‘That was disgusting, he is such a weakling’ she said firmly, ‘but I can make him do anything that I want.’


My wife and I started dating when I was 26 and she was 19

My wife & I started dating when I was 26 & she was 19, On our very first date we fucked, she loved sex, we married 6 months after & had sex several times a day. she loved watching porn movies they really received her turned on & she would comment approximately how the guys with the huge cocks really excited her. 10 yrs into our marrage she was still going strong sexually I was getting to the point that it didn’t excite me all that much anymore. she was just too much for me, Yeah I was only 36 yo. yet damn she wanted to do it all the time. I received to where I would put off going to bed with her & she would obtain pissed off at me. She came home one night from work (Nursing Home ) & told me approximately this older (55 yo) man named Paul that was the son of one of her patients, they had gotten friendly thru coffe breaks where she would go to relax, She told me he had ask her to have a drink with him after she received off yet she told him I was at home waiting on her. I ask her if she liked him & she said he was nice, I said do you want to fuck him ? she said she had wondered what it might be like to have an older man do her. I told her that if she wanted to do itwitth him that I wouldn’t be mad & that I thought the idea was thrilling . The more I thought approximately in the days to follow the more I wanted her to do it.After a lot of coaxing I finally received her toagree to bring him to the house for a couple late niter drinks. On Xmas Eve she called me & told me that Paul would be coming home with her that nite. They came in around 11 pm & they had one drink & went straight to our bedroom & was all over one another, I was hidden in the closet because she didn’t want me there & I wanted to see what was approximately to take place, well I wasn’t disappointed it was just as thrilling as all my thoughts & fantasties had been She took her clothes off & she was so sexy looking I almost stepped out of the closet yet instead I just watched as he removed his clothes & they laid on the bed & began to kiss & fondle one another , His cock grew to look like it had been taken from a horse ,his cock was at least 9.5″ & was huge as your wrist. I couldn’t beleive he would be able to obtain it in her yet slowly it disappeard deep inside her, they fucked for approximately 45 min. with her having 5 to 6 orgasms.This sort of thing has taken place many times over the last 12 yrs. I have come to enjoy it as much as she has, I will post ads on craigslist from time to time in the M4MW section serching for guys that want to come to our place & fuck my wife. She loves all the attention she gets . However she does practice safe sex, condoms are a must.

It was something of a relief when Jenny started showing an interest in my best mate Dave

It was something of a relief when Jenny started showing an interest in my best mate Dave. Not because I am a natural cuckold or a voyeur, anything but. It was simply that my otherwise joy loving wife had gone off sex during the menopause. She was 40, quite shortly for the alter & for three years Jenny had feigned headaches, complained of tiredness, & found excuses for us not to fuck. She was considerate though & when I was gagging for some action she would firmly take hold of my cock & start to jerk me off. Even when she had no real interest in coitus, she had a nice line in seductive talk whilst masturbating me. ‘Don’t fight it,’ she would whisper, ‘I’m still in charge of your cock even though I don’t want it between my legs.’ And that was how it worked. Jenny would talk sultry approximately things, her lingerie, the way she dressed, approximately stockings & how it was natural for a man to be wanked off when his woman didn’t fancy his cock. I always came hard, thrusting up into her manicured finger embrace, gyrating my hips & groaning loudly. It made her giggle when the spunk flew in the air & she presented her fingers for me to lick. ‘I’ve won…I know, yet you must lick my fingers clean now’ she purred.
Thinking approximately it, Jenny’s menopause helped her realise a sort of control over sex, approximately the need for fucking. If she didn’t need it herself, she liked controlling it, winning the competition between us. I’d read DH Lawrence approximately that sort of tension between men & women & could relate to that now. So when Jenny took an interest in Dave, I guess that I thought he might bring her back to the coital sex fold. Stupidly, I thought that my mate might enjoy helping my wife to enjoy a satisfactory shag again & with that interest reawakened, we could resume our marital sex life. There came one night when she was playing with my cock, after we’d had a couple of weekends watching Dave & his mates play rugby when she whispered, ‘do you think I’m more suited to Dave than you…I mean he’s so hunky isn’t he?’ It was difficult to concentrate on the question as Jenny was stroking my erection. She ran her tongue up & down my shaft. The lustful sensations from her touch & tongue, the dirty ideas from her words were exploding inside my head like fireworks. I said that they were both naturally physical. Jenny has always been sporty. I think I said something approximately thoroughbreds! She seemed pleased by my response & caressed my balls. ‘Why don’t you ask him to fuck me? I think he’s only waiting for the approach as I’ve been giving him cow eyes already.’
I guess that I should have been infuriated. After those years waiting for nooky my wife wanted it with someone else! But perhaps this was what it took to re trigger things at this point in life? So I said that I would have ‘a quiet word’ & make it clear that if he wanted to obtain his leg over with her I would turn a blind eye. We were both aroused by that, Jenny pushing her cunt against my fingers & her hand working my erection vigorously by now. She was unquestionably turned on & we both climaxed at the same time. My sperm shot up into the air & splashed across her red nails. She said, ‘now imagine that you’re licking Dave’s spunk off my fingers!’ I did so- & the idea was repellent- yet she loved it. She whispered, ‘his spunk was pouring out of me & I’ve ladled it up. But then he’s fucked me several times, so there is a lot to lick clean isn’t there darling.’
Over the next three weeks Jenny kept asking whether I had spoken with Dave & of course I hadn’t! In the cold light of day it was bloody scary. Nice man as Dave is, he’s very attractive to women. There was every chance that he would take Jenny off me. My wife was getting very frustrated by the delay & eventually snapped, ‘ask the man or I will sleep with him anyway. I’m far more likely to walk out on you if you don’t meet my demands.’ So I took the opportunity. It was after another match when my wife had cheered Dave on (not the team), stood on the touchline in her tight jeans & revealing blouse. Dave & I had visited the john together & I saw him pull out his thick cock & started to chase a fag butt around the pan with his pee. I said, ‘Jenny wants that you know…your tool.’ It didn’t seem to surprise him. Perhaps he knew that lots of women did want that. He said, ‘OK…I was going to fuck her anyway mate. She’s clearly bored with you. But you have to be nice alright…you have to make it effortless for her to move up a league.’ It was a fucking audacious observation, & bloody arrogant thing to say, yet I nodded & said, ‘of course.’
We returned to more beers with Jenny & at the end, Dave said to her, ‘fancy a night out babe..I understand your old man doesn’t hold the reins.’ To my wife’s credit she actually blushed, before saying yes, she would love that. She gave Dave her mobile number & he rang her that evening to set the date. She said on the way home, ‘Dave pushed his tongue inside my mouth when we kissed goodbye at the pub.’ Well, I knew, I’d watched him. Then, she said, ‘did you make it clear that you wouldn’t object if he fucked me, as often & as complex as he wants.’ I said that I had. ‘No sheaths…I want his spunk inside me’ she checked, & I replied, ‘yes…OK, yes.’
Jenny bought new gear for that first date- a black silk jumpsuit that showed off her cleavage to tremendous effect. She looked voluptuous & wanton. There was fancy lingerie, new perfume. I was required to paint all her nails & as I did those her look said, ‘tonight you’ll be licking these & tasting Dave’s spunk, hot & cosseted from inside my cunt.’ She looked gorgeous. Dave called around at 8 pm & took my wife off, telling me not to wait up. They drove off in his motor & I needed to go & relieve myself. It was bloody terrible. I wanted some sort of helpline to talk me through this. How do you deal with the anxiety? What do you do approximately the terrible bloody excitement of it? The fact that the idea of Dave fucking her aroused me left me with a shed load of shame to make sense of!
Jenny received home around 9 the next morning. She said that I looked awful, which I probably did given the lack of sleep from that night. She was in conciliatory mood, yet not ready to talk approximately her pleasant & games. ‘Go & draw me a bath’ she said, which I did. I followed her into the bedroom & was told to undress her. Her nipples were complex & erect- could they still be that way after they’d fucked perhaps an hour before? I slipped down her jumpsuit & was confronted by cum smeared pubic hair. There were no panties, just a thick & gloopy mix of her cum & his spunk adhering to the curly auburn pubes of my wife. She saw that I was transfixed by the sight of it & casually ran her fingers up & down her slit for a moment. She presented them to me, palm up with what looked gloy glue there. Her hand was cupped, as you might to ladle up water from a stream & it made the spunk look like a sticky mess in the bottom of it. Once its been shot & cools it gets that way, & looked even more repellent. But I licked it up & she stroked my hair. I had to chew it before swallowing & the taste of salty cum exploded in my mouth. ’Swallow’ she insisted & I did so. Afterwards, she drew my mouth to her sex & once again I did the unspeakable thing- licking her out after a night of sex.
‘Now kiss me’ she ordered, lying back on the bed & opening her mouth. I did so, greedily & sensuously. She whispered, ‘Dave fucked my mouth…I’ve rinsed my mouth with his cum & I swallowed too’. I wanted to ask approximately it, yet such enquiries seemed forbidden. She caught my tongue inside her mouth & held it there trapped, as I thought approximately her giving him head. I was directed next to her peachy bottom & her quivering arse hole. I was required to lick her ring piece & she didn’t need to say what had been jagging away in there. I knew instinctively & she climaxed on the thought of it all again.
Perhaps other couples talk approximately this stuff afterwards. Perhaps it arouses them more when they do so, yet we didn’t that first time. I was told to lead her to the bath & once she had slipped inside I sponged & massaged her back, bathed her glistening full boobs & then gently cleaned between her legs. It was a terrible sensation. As my fingers worked down there her sex lips seemed bigger. Her clitoris was bullet complex & rubbery, prominent & swollen, so that even beneath the soap suds you could see it stand out. He must have fucked her silly- the bastard.
I washed & shampooed her hair & massaged her scalp. When she received out of the bath I towelled her dry, massaged her feet with aromatic oils & dried her hair according to her direction. I was directed to select her frilliest panties from the drawer, a revealing front release bra & clipped that in place. I fixed her suspender belt for her & rolled up her stockings & attached those to the belt. There were high heeled shoes next & a pencil leather skirt that showed all her lovely contours. I helped her into another revealing blouse & fixed a leather choker around her throat. She said absolutely nothing save for to donate me instructions. When a car horn sounded down below around 20 minutes after that bath, I knew whose it was.

For sure the first time that I saw Leon fuck my wife I was blown away

For sure the first time that I saw Leon fuck my wife I was blown away. He brought out the vixen in her, the discerning & the unbridled. I mean I knew that women were capable of multiple orgasms, that they were capable of fucking for longer than men, yet in Leon Madeleine had found a man who could take her there & release the instinctive. He would walk her along the precipice of an orgasm, finally take her through that, & afterwards, gently, insistently, bring her back to the boil, so she realised what a huge appetite she had for cock. That the man was three fold bigger than me down there, broad chested & strong armed made it easy. Her lovely legs looked so fine & long up over his chunky shoulders. His lancing cock made her cunt squelch & afterwards her sex was always awash with his thick spunk. The sex was always noisy. There was the pounding slap,slap,slap of his body against hers as he drove inside her, the urgent gasps & moans as a thick dick ruined her interest in the likes of me, & the struggle for breath. Madeleine struggled to breath with any composure once he had her driving hard- begging for his spunk.
Yet it hadn’t started that way. I hadn’t dreamt at first that she could be so sexual. She was such a snob, so aloof & insistent on things going her way that I didn’t dream that another man would bed her. She ruled me, ruled the home & all the marriage decisions that you imagine couples talking over. ‘It’s time for you to obtain me pregnant’ I remember her saying once & she gave birth to the perfect daughter who would grow up like her perfect mother. She said, ‘it was a surprise that you managed that wasn’t it? You’re not especially macho’. That she could be a terrible bitch I knew. She once told a girlfriend at a party that I would never run off because I wasn’t very satisfactory at servicing a woman & in the end that was how affairs blossomed-through lust. The girlfriend was no better than she, & being a little tipsy she asked me in front of Madeleine whether it was true that I was crap in bed? Madeleine was listening to us & I hesitantly confirmed that I didn’t think I was very special when it came to sex. My wife smiled when her girlfriend realised how rock bottom my self esteem was, how Madeleine ruled the roost on this as all else. My wife said, ‘go & obtain me a G & T.’
If I stopped to think (and I didn’t) Madeleine was ready to submit to the right sort of man. He was the rugged, virile, alpha type that climbed her snobbish façade with ropes & grappling irons to secure the treats inside. She had decided that she wanted a personal trainer & it was then a cliché that I introduced her to her perfect, masculine, lover. I’ll never forget the day he put Madeleine through a rigorous gym test & when she started to complain that this was too much, he told her to shut up & keep at it. She said afterwards, ‘he’s the boss in a way that you will never be’ & I knew it then- she would submit to him in bed. Perhaps she had always needed that, to be pliable in the arms of a stud, someone who had real authority.
The first time I saw them kissing was when I received home early one morning after a game of golf had been cancelled. The house was quiet as little miss perfect two was out at the pony club. I remember that Madeleine was wearing just a silk house coat, a string of pearls approximately her throat, a suspender belt & black stockings. She presumably had been dressing when Leon called by. His hand wondered down to her cunt, inside her slit & then up over her erect nipples. She knew I was there, staring at the open mouthed & passionate kiss. She said, ‘go & do some work in the garden.’ It was such an imperious instruction & Leon chuckled when I slunk off, feeling a mixture of shock, shame & so what the hell do I do next?
They retired to the conservatory. They could have gone up to the master bedroom yet I guess by then Leon knew that he had won. Perhaps he guessed too that it might appeal to my bitch of a wife if he fucked her in full view, & with the doors locked so that I couldn’t do a thing. At any rate, I watched her take out his erection, the biggest & the ugliest cock that I had ever seen. It was brutal rather than beautiful, yet that was what my wife wanted. She then lay back on the sofa, spread her legs very wide indeed & with manicured red nail fingers, opened her labia so that he could see the peachy moist hole within. I wondered how many times he had fucked her already, whether he had taught her to present her fanny in this way, an open invitation to penetrate her. I noticed that she was fingering her clitoris & thought, ‘yes, you’ve taught her to wank too- always thinking approximately you.’ I remember how his cock filled her- the way her eyelids closed & the little gasps from her pursed lips. You remember the detail that first time. I remember the sudden gasps as he thrust harder, the adoring look in her eyes as she rocked rhythmically on his thrusting member. She didn’t have to be a snob anymore, to control, she could let go & be whatever he wanted. I remember how he pinned her arms back, how he thrust his mouth complex onto hers & she submitted to that. Because her rear was bared to him, he could fondle her buttocks, drive to the hilt of his cock inside her. Even as he pounded away I could see cum seeping out around the edge of his shaft as he slid in & out of her. I remember how quickly & completely she climaxed. Back then she hadn’t learned Olympic standard fucking with him, yet Leon would teach her. When he eventually deigned to shoot his load, his buttocks clenched with such a rhythmic ferocity that made me worry that he might somehow break her. His back arched, she screamed & dug her nails into his shoulders. When he then dragged his hawser of a cock free, spunk gushed from her hole & made a dark patch on the sofa material. It poured out of her quivering cunt for several moments, the thickness of glue & with little bubbles erupting, all courtesy of the force of his thrusts.
I was notionally weeding the flower beds right then. The shed had seemed an impossible & cowardly retreat & she didn’t seem to care that I was openly watching anyway. They kissed & fondled before me, my wife’s eyes huge & round & doe like, something quite different to those she used with me. I heard Leon suggest that they go to the pub together & Madeleine smiled. She checked her watch & then strode over to me, her sex still dripping with the seedy residue, & said through the conservatory glass that I would have to pick up & entertain our daughter as she was going out for the day. I must have looked crestfallen because she told me to pull myself together. It was inevitable that Leon would fuck her regularly-I didn’t really appeal to her. I had to ‘think on’ now approximately how to support her affair & take over the parenting. She would be too busy to fuss over that. Stupidly, I nodded & she went up to dress, in a pencil leather skirt & high heels. It had started.