Pathetic Cuckold (Part 4)

During the first week of my “Vacation” i was made to walk around the house in stockings, garter, bra and heels, with my buttplug in and lipstick on. Part of my duty was to suck Tim’s cock at least 3 times a day. It got to the point that all he would do is point to his cock and i would get on my knees and begin to suck. Lynn enjoyed watching me suck cock and having me clean her cum filled pussy as she made fun of me.

One day she called me into my bathroom where she was waiting for me holding a black dildo in her hand. She told me to take off my heels and remove my buttplug. When i was done she handed me the dildo and a tube of lubricant. OK cocksucker, lub this up and get in the shower she barked. Once i was in the shower she took the dildo from me, placed glue on the suction cup and held it by the wall. She orderd me to spread my ass cheeks and back up to it. As i backed up she aligned it so that it was set at a hight that would match my asshole and resed it to the wall. Back up to it wimp, lets get this dildo up your sissy ass.
i felt so degraded as i backed up to it. Lynn was laughing as the tip of the dildo made contact with my hole.
Tim walked in and was laughing. Get it in there she yelled, get that dildo up your sissy ass right now. i backed up to it and pushed on it until the head of it slipped into me. Lynn reached down to my locked up cock and pushed hard on it. Get it in there she demanded, get that fucking dildo up your wimp sissy as right now or I’ll have Tim beat you silly. i backed up more and more until i had worked the full length of it into me.
Now stay there with that dildo up you wimp sissy ass and let the glue dry. From now on, when you prepare to shower you will get on your knees and suck on the dildo for 10 minutes. Then you will lub it up and take it up your sissy ass and shower. They left me standing there with the dildo up my ass and went off to the bedroom to fuck. When they were done i was called into the bedroom to do my clean up duties. I was told to put my heels back on and re-insert my buttplug.
It was Tuesday of the second week of my training when Lynn took my humiliation to a whole new level. The two of them had gone out and left me to do the dinner dishes. They had been gone a little over an hour. I heard Lynn laughing as they came in the door. Oh Bobbie she called, get your pathetic cocksucking sissy ass in the kitchen right now, I have something for you. Little did i know what what i was about to face. As i entered the kitchen there stood Lynn and Tim with one of her girlfriends Carol, and some other guy. i felt the blood drain from my face when i saw them. There i was, in pink stocking, garter, bra, and heels, locked in my chastity device, with my cocksucking red lipstick on and a buttplug up my ass. As soon as Carol saw me she broke out laughng. Oh my God she said, you really went through with it.
I didn’t know what to do, i stood there frozen in place feeling so ashamed and humiliated. I thought i was going to pass out. Look at that pathetic little dick of his locked up in the chastity device Tim said laughing. Can you belive she is married to this wimp he added. Carol looked down at my locked up cock then over at Lynn. You weren’t joking when you told me about how small it was, no wonder you’re fucking someone else Carol said laughing. i felt the tears building in my eyes as they joked about me.
After a few moments Lynn said, lets go into the living room and I’ll fill you in on everything. The look on her face made it clear that she was very much enjoying my humilitation. They were still laughing as they walked off. Bring Carol and I some wine and get the Men a beer and get your cocksucking sissy ass in the living room Lynn ordered. When i didn’t respond, Lynn yelled, did you hear me wimp? I was wiping away the tears as i responed, Yes Mistress i heard you.
i was shaking a i poured the wine into the glasses and placed them on theserving tray with 2 bottles of beer. My head was down as i walked into the living room and served the drinks. As i was serving them Lynn said laughing, Bobbie Dear tell Carol that you are a pathetic wimp cocksuckig sissy who is caged and buttpluged by your Mistress wife and her Boyfriend Master. i looked at her and pleaded please don’t make me. Now she barked or I’ll send pictures to your work. Ashamed and humiliated i said, Carol, i am a pathetic wimp cocksuckig sissy who is caged and buttpluged by my Mistress wife and her Boyfriend Master. Everyone Laughted! i was made to kneel in the middle of the living room while Lynn told Carol and her boyfriend Ron all about what she and Tim had done to me. When she got to the part about making me suck cock Carol looked over at me. So Bobbie, you really are a cock sucker now she asked? i didn’t know what to do or say, i just looked at her and then over to Lynn. Lynn told me, answer her question Bobbie, are you really are a cock sucker now? i looked over at Carol and said i guess so. What do you mean you guess so she asked, are you a cock sucker or not? They were all laughing as she demanded a answer. Answer her Tim ordered. i felt so degrded as i said yes Carol, i’m a cock sucker.
I don’t believe it, I’ve got to see this Carol said. Lynn can i watch Bobbie suck cock, please? Lynn looked at me then over to Carol and smiled. I’ve got a great idea she said, lets have him suck Ron’s cock. Carol was out of her seat in seconds, thats a great idea she said. She reached over to Ron and began to pull him up. Ron, come on you have to do this, I want to see her husband suck you cock. Ron stood up, you sure he asked? Oh yes I am sure, I really want to see the cocksucker in action.
Carol walked Ron over to me and reached down and unzipped his pants. Lynn told Carol to wait a minute and walked away. When she returned she had a mirror and the lipstick tube with her. What is this called Bobbie she asked as she laughed? i remembered what she said about the pictures and answered, that is my cocksucking red lipstick Mistress. She handed me the mirror and lipstick and ordered me to put it on. When i was done Lynn told me, now ask carol if you can suck her boyfriends cock while she watches. i looked over at Carol and asked, Carol may i suck your boyfriends cock while you watch.? Carol smiled and said, you know Bobbie, i think you should ask Ron if you can i you ca suck his cock, why don’t you do that, ask him. i looked over at Ron and aske, Ron may i suck you cock while carol watches? You bet your ass you can he said, as he reached in and pulled out his cock. Ron was about 4″ soft but fairly thick.
Carol took hold of his cock and pushed my mouth to it. OK Bobbie open up that cock sucking sissy mouth and lets see you suck cock. i opened my mouth and took him in. Carol was roaring in laughter as i began sucking on Ron’s cock. It did not take long before he was fully erect at 7″ and reasonably thick. Everyone was making fun of me, calling me names as i sucked on ron’s cock. Lynn yelled out, Ron take hold of his head and mouth fuck my cocksucking sissy husband. Ron took hold of my head and began rocking his hips pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. Yea you are a cucksucker, suck that cock you fucking sissy cocksucker Carol yelled. It took about 10 minutes before Ron emptied his balls into my mouth. As soon as i was done Tim walked up and made me suck him off as well. He shot part of his load in my mouth and the rest all over my face.
When Tim was done he stepped away, zipped up his pants and went back to drink his beer. I was left kneeling with cum all over my face. They continued making fu of me and calling me names for a while. Lynn put her wine glass down on the coffee table and looked at me and said, Bobbie, there is something Carol and I have hidden from you that I need to tell you. I knew about your size problem before I met you. I knew that I could get you to marry me if I played my cards right and it woorked. I have never really ever been faithfull to you. I just played the part and hid it from you all this time.
Do you remember Carol’s brother Dave she asked? Yes mistress i replied. She looked at me and smilled and said, well I know Dave Very Well. I was fucking Dave while you and I were dating. And not only while we were dating. On the day of our wedding he fucked me just before I married you. His cum was dripping out of my pussy as we took our vows. The first day you were back to work after our honeymoon, he came over and fucked me all day. And Dave was not the only one, over the first 2 years that we have been married I have fucked more then 10 different guys and have taken part in a few gang bangs.
When she finished telling me all about her cheating on me she told me i could go clean myself up and go to bed.

Sometimes you can find the right man to fulfill your every need

Sometimes you can find the right man to fulfill your every need. He’s perfect for you in every way! But the more common scenario is you can find a guy to only give you half of what you need. You find a man that is your perfect partner, but he stinks at sex. What’s a girl to do?

Find a bull! That’s what I did, anyway. A guy who had a rock hard cock and was able to fuck me like a slut just about any time I needed a stiff dick to ride.

As soon as he arrived, he could tell my poor little pussy hadn’t been fucked right in days. I was in desperate need! I nearly ripped his clothes off! I think my eagerness caused him a little rush of excitement, because his cock started to slowly rise to attention. Taking that as my cue, I happily wrapped my lips around the head of his thick cock and started to swirl my tongue around the tip. Pretty soon I was bobbing up and down on his cock, licking the shaft and stroking it as I worked up and down with my mouth. Once he was fully hard, he flipped me over to my back, and started licking my sweet pussy. Feeling his hot tongue on my very wet pussy lips and clit nearly sent me into orgasm first thing. I rocked my hips and raised my body off the bed, pushing myself onto his face more and more, harder and harder. His tongue felt incredible as it forced its way into my pussy, I could only imagine how much pleasure that big cock was going to give me! I begged him to shove his cock deep inside me, telling him how I craved it more than anything. He gladly complied…
Pushing my legs down and ensuring he could get as deep as possible, he fucked my sweet, wet pussy hard. I enjoyed every last minute of it, and of course he did – cocks don’t lie! 😉 So what do I love more than being fucked with my legs in the air? You guessed it, doggy style, guy fucking me from behind while my ass is way up in the air. My guy gets to hold my sexy hips and use the “handles” to push and pull me as he pleases. I’m totally in his control. Pounding me almost non-stop, my guy made sure I came quite a few times while fucking me doggy style…

All that hard work will wear someone out… so as he lay back down on the bed, I positioned myself to where my mouth wasn’t far away at all from his cock. I think it surprised him that I immediately started licking my own juices off his big cock, enjoying all of the different tastes and textures. What can I say? I love sucking big dicks, no matter where they’ve been. Within reason, obviously. 😉

Now, what horny woman can resist a hard cock just hanging around? You know I couldn’t! I climbed right on top of that stiff shaft and never flinched – I needed to have all of his dick inside of me! He was really getting into it too, and it seems like the harder I wanted to fuck him, the harder he ended up fucking me!

He continued with me on top for a good bit of time, bouncing up to meet me mid-stride, and then changing speeds a bit, before it got boring. I liked it when it was rough with me just a little bit, pulling my hair and holding on to my hips, using me like his little fuck toy. It makes me feel like he wanted to have complete control over a woman that cuckolds her husband. Quite the bull!

Finally he decided he’d had enough of my pussy. He orders me to get up on all fours again so he can plow in really deep with his big dick. Of course I did exactly as I was told, wanting to be very submissive to this bull. He kept thrusting harder and harder and my moans grew louder as well, until finally we both exploded into orgasm at the same time! Him, filling my slut pussy full with his hot, sticky cum, and my orgasm, which soaked the bed! Did I mention I squirt from time to time? 😉 It was an amazing experience, having a bull treat me like his personal slut, and being able to orgasm at exactly the same time. SO hot!

We both collapsed from exhaustion. Can’t wait for next time!

Cyndi, Mike and Johnny

The time of this story was when me and my sweet sexy hotwife Cyndi were living in North Carolina. My wife was a member of a full service health club, and our friend Mike was the manager. Mike and Cyndi had been just fucking around for two or three years at least. He had fucked my wife in his office, in the gym on the floor, in the stream room, about everywhere except the lobby.

They would also have sex at our house as well as his house and when they did they would let me watch, or listen, I would always get to go down on her afterward as they both laughed and teased me.

My wife spent really much time on tennis courts in the summer and was just dripping sexy in her tennis skirt and clingy thin sleeveless t shirts with her hard nipples straining to escape. One of the regular visitors, a guy named Johnny at the club started spending much time in conversation with her at every opportunity.

One day when she walked in Mike was standing there at the door talking with Johnny, as Cyndi walked in Mike greeted her and they kissed as they did Johnny couldn’t help but notice it was a deep kiss and Mikes hand cupped her ass briefly. After she had walked away Johnny said to Mike “She is so hot, I wanna fuck her” and Mike looked at him and laughed saying to him, “Thats the sweetest, hottest peice of pussy I have ever had”. Johnny was really surprised, he asked Mike isn’t she married and Mike said “yes she is and sometimes when we fuck we let her husband watch”.
Well, Mike asked Johnny if he really wanted to fuck her and the answer was yes. They were talking about something while walked out to the tennis courts and watched Cyndi play. When she finished, Mike started talking to her and they walked away from there. A few minutes later she and Mike walked back up to the place where Johnny stayed and Cyndi winked and said “see you tomorrow guys” and as she pasted Johnny she stopped kissed him on the cheek and said “Yumm you taste sweet, I can’t wait”.

Cyndi was agree to go out with them the next night and have a good time fucking both of them, and Mike told Johnny about that. The next night when Cyndi pulled up Mike and Johnny were waiting in Mike ‘s Dodge Ramcharger. When she got in the truck Mike started kissing her and feeling thru her clothes, pinching her nipples and rubbing her pussy outside her pants, she just moaned in his mouth as he kissed her. After they broke the kiss she turned to Johnny put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply when they broke their kiss she looked him in the eyes and said “I have been wanting to fuck you since the first night I seen you”. Mike said to her we are going to take you out in the woods and fuck you silly.

Cyndi said he drove her to a spot that undoubtedly he knew and when he stopped the truck he started kissing her and taking her clothes off. She got in the back seat and looked at Johnny and asked him, “Are you going to watch or wait outside for your turn” she said he mumbled he would wait and got out of the truck. Cyndi said that as soon as Mike got in the backseat she started sucking his cock and as she did she looked out the window of the truck and made eye contact with Johnny, she said that she was so turned on she gave Mike the sloppyest blow job she could just to turn Johnny on as much as possible. She has always said that Mike was the best fuck of all her fuck buddies over the years because he just fucked her like he owned her.