It’s a cuck life

We were on one of these sites three years ago when we first started exploring the cuckold life style. I wrote approximately how my small dick could not satisfy my wife, I talked approximately how I wanted her to have mind blowing orgasms we even discussed a gang bang. We were posting rather regular until she snapped. Be careful what you ask for because you might obtain it.

We are at a new point in our cuckold life style, no we are not stopping yet the last three years have been beyond intense. There were times I didn’t think I was going to survive. I will talk approximately the last three years as we go, like when she took me to the homeless shelter on Christmas & made me donate everyone a blow job, or how on our wedding anniversary she had me gangbanged by twenty men, an event that lasted more than eight hours. In the end one of the men had to carry me to the car because I was so warn out I couldn’t move.

First I should tell you approximately her going off the deep end. Things were going well & she was getting laid two or three times a week. I would always lick her clean even after her 8 man gang bang. Then one night we were talking & she remarked that I had become quite satisfactory at sucking cock, mistakenly I told her that the sucking dick part was the worst part of this cuckold life style. I have no idea what happened because she exploded with anger telling me that if I was going to make her pleased I was going suck dick & learn to love it.

The next morning we went to the local porn shop & she made me service the glory hole for three hours, while I was filling up on cum she was talking to the store owner setting up a regular visit from me to be the glory hole service man, they even promoted it so more men would show up. Suddenly every other day I was at the glory hole from 9 to noon, there would be a line of men lining up fifteen minutes before I received there.

She was still seeing various bulls I think she was seeing who measured up at the glory hole & inviting them over for more. Every day I would go home with a belly full of cum, the first scheduled day I received in the car with a belly full of baby batter & just sat there total wiped out, my jaw ached the back of my throat was raw & my forehead was bruised from her slamming my head against the top of the glory hole forcing cocks down my throat. She asked if I wanted anything for lunch & I just groaned. She stopped for swift food & when she started eating onion rings I puked all over the car, suddenly I was sitting in a pool of cum that had just moments ago been in my stomach, She wasn’t as angry as I had expected she just told me to make sure I clean it up when we received home. When we pulled in the drive there were 4 bulls waiting for her, she took them inside & told me to clean the car.

The next morning she woke me up early explaining to me that she knows that some smells make me puke & that we need to cure the problem, With that we received in the car & she drove me to the part of town where the homeless live, when she received there she said you are going to obtain a chance to obtain used to offensive smells here cuck boy, She preceded to make me blow as many stinking nasty homeless men as she could find she even found two female & made me eat their dirty nasty pussies that hadn’t seen clean water in years. I puked several times when she made me suck three men’s cum out of a homeless woman’s ass. I don’t know how many times I puked that day yet it was plenty.

There are tons of stories & several days I don’t even remember so I will obtain on with the subject at hand. I promises to reminisce in future posts just know the last three years were a lot like the first two days nasty & gross followed by her loving caring side making all better. I still to this day love my wife & would do it all again if she asked me too.

Now three years after we have come out of the worst of it, I just think she couldn’t think of anything more humiliating than what she has already done. We sat down & talked approximately what’s next, how were we going to keep this lifestyle going & how was I going to start bringing my share of money in to the house, after all I haven’t had a job in three years.

That’s when it came to us we needed to open a Bed & Breakfast that was exclusive to people who wanted to explore their sexuality. We opened the Cuck Inn 6 months ago. It is a invitation only B&B that has 16 rooms to rent & several play areas, we rent by the week & we are closed every other week to make sure the place is cleaner than you would want it to be. The wife makes me clean every square inch of the building. We have several ways of booking the INN sometimes we have four women & 12 men & once we had 15 men & one women it all depends on what the ladies want.

The first week we were open we had four ladies & 12 men not including my wife & myself, when they first arrived we let them alone so they can obtain comfortable in the surroundings, I am the cook, the maid & the cum dump so I have so much to do I wouldn’t have time to donate pleasure to anyone that first day.

After everyone was checked in we had a meet & greet in the huge room because it has the best bar & the room is so open that no one feels closed in. I explained that we would like everyone to obtain to know each other yet to refrain from sex on the first night; I explained that everyone was there to fulfill a fantasy & that if we do it right we can full fill all fantasies & then just obtain wild. I moreover explained that my wife was available to join yet unless requested she will be hands off. After I told them no cum leaves the building unless it is in me I gave them all a button that would activate a pager that I was wearing so that no cum would be wasted. Next I pointed out the wine glass that were positioned around the Inn just in case I can’t obtain there quick enough they are to deposit the cum in the wine glass & I would drink it up as shortly as I could obtain to it. The only other rule worth repeating is that if a man upsets a woman he has to leave no questions asked.

They were all given a list of rules to agree too before they could make a reservation, rules like no man can cum in or on the cum dump for the first three days unless there is a woman touching him, In other words if you’re not pleasing a women you shouldn’t be getting off.

The first night went as planned & there were only a few cum loads that needed to be cleaned up.

The next morning I was cooking breakfast when one of the men came in to the kitchen with a huge complex on it sort of received me excited to think I might obtain some of that. But as the rules state we would need a woman if he was going to cum in me. I have to admit at this point over the three years I did learn to love sucking cock & the feeling I obtain when one is deep inside of me. That said he was stroking his complex cock & looking for relief when I reminded him of the rule If asked if there was a loop hole because all the ladies were sleeping. I told him that there is one way around it, he could cum in the blue coffee cup, he did & I was surprised as hell when he filled the cup more than half way full with his huge cum load. Just approximately then another fellow came in to the kitchen with the same problem I gave him the same advice. Finally I lady came in to the kitchen wanting to know if she was the first one up, I told her she was the third, then asked her to put a little coffee in the blue cup & hand it to me, I received a cup full of cum & coffee from the lady no rules broken here.

After we all ate we gathered in the huge room to see how the day was going to play out. I received out the fantasy list I preceded to read the fantasies not telling which fantasy went with which person.

Fantasy number one is a lady who wrote,” I love to donate head & want to blow at least a dozen men in a row, the problem is I don’t like to swallow can you help.” As you can see we a blowjob chair on the other side of the room so this lady can have maximum comfort while she gets everyone off. I will sit next to her & she will snowball me so that she doesn’t have to swallow. I suggest that this lady go first only because every man has been holding his load & she will obtain the biggest loads of the week.

Fantasy number two is from a lady who wants to be doubled pumped at least three times without stopping.

For fantasy number three we have a lady who wants to have a gang bang with as many men as she can until the cum pours out of her pussy like a fountain.

After reviewing 6 fantasies we all agreed the lady who wanted to donate all the blow jobs should go first. She climbed in to the chair so that her belly was on the pad & her head hung of the end right above the other half of the seat where the first man was sitting. When she looked down his cock was poking her in the eye & then she received busy sucking & rubbing that cock like she was starving. He blew his load in a matter of minutes & she held every drop in her mouth until she kissed me & cum poured from her mouth to mine; I licked her mouth clean before each new cock filled it back up again. This went on until she had given 16 blowjobs & I swallowed each & every load.

I know you can’t all sit here & read my stories all night so I will stop here for today. Please cum back & read more I will post more memories like the guest who wanted to see how much cum her ass would hold I swear it took me almost twelve hours to lick all the cum out of her. Of course I will only write when my wife will allow it. I know she will because she wants me to tell you approximately how she humiliated me the last three years.

Who ever thought that being a cuckold husband could turn in to a full time job, not me? Got to go the bull just finished filling her & I need to clean her up before we go to the store.

Cuck Jeff

Getting to know the neighbours

In my case it happened at a Halloween party. My wife Kelly & I went to our neighbours Halloween party & she was brilliant. I’ve been cuckolded for approximately 10 years, 2 years before we were married. My wife dates 1 or 2 times a month & we have remained fairly discreet. She usually comes home & tells me approximately her date while sitting on my face while I wank, yet does sometimes bring guys home & lets me beat off & watch her obtain fucked , while she laughs at me for being her “slave”. We have lived in our current neighborhood for 3 years & have become satisfactory friends with the couple, Rich & Cathy, who throw a party every year. The last 2 were pretty wild, yet nothing like this year.

She had a very hot costume of “the farmer’s daughter” & I was dressed as the farmer. The party was really crazy with lots of flirty people & plenty of booze. And things received out of hand whe it was after nearly everyone else left. There were two couples left who we know pretty well also, & the four of us. My wife was in the hot tub with Cathy & Rich & I was on the deck with the other couples. I wasn’t facing the deck, so I wasn’t initially aware of what was going on until my wife called out to me. I turned around & saw Rich sitting up on the side of the tub, with Kelly & Cathy in the tub on either side of him. My wife had a hold of his huge cock. My wife then yelled out Cathy told her she would share Rich’s cock with her since she didn’t have anything nearly this nice at home. Cathy then says “she told me approximately your little dick & the agreement you to have, so I hope you don’t mind. Then they both took turns sucking Rich’s cock, & he just looked at me a shrugged his shoulders.

My dick raised instantly & I was dying to beat off. Cathy then said something to my wife while laughing which I couldn’t hear, yet then my wife said “come on over here baby, Cathy wants to see you play with your little dick like you do at home”. I didn’t hesitate for a second, went over to the hot tub, undid the overalls I was wearing & started stroking my already complex dick off. I looked over at the other couples, & they looked like they were enjoying watching this unfold. It has been a few years since my wife has done a threesome like this in front of me, yet I always find it 100x hotter being humiliated by her in front of another woman.

After a while, stopped sharing Rich’s cock, Cathy jumped up, kissed her husband & ran into the house. She returned quickly with a condom in her hand, gave it to my wife & said she should go ahead & obtain the full treatment since she obviously had no chance of getting a satisfactory fucking at home tonight. My wife immediately agreed & walked to the opposite side of the hot tub & bend over so she was approximately 2 feet from me. Rich then put on the condom, received in the hot tub, walked over behind my wife & started fucking her. The look on her face was great, & I had to slow down stroking or I would have come. Cathy told her husband” come on baby, fuck her harder & make her come, we have to be satisfactory hosts & make sure our guests enjoy themselves.”. She then said” judging by her husband’s little stiffy, he is certainly enjoying the show”, which cause my wife to laugh as well. Kelly then commented how I never received that complex when she used to let me fuck her, its only when I watch & beat off does my dick obtain really hard. My wife starting moaning, when Cathy pulled her head back by the hair, told her to “let it out & enjoy herself” then stating making out with her while she came on Rich’s cock.

After she came , my wife said she wanted Rich to come in her mouth, so she turned around, received back on her knees & took the condom off. She started sucking him, then Cathy grabbed it & said” here baby, let me do the honors. You just stick out your tongue & open wide” She then started jerking off her husband aiming right at Kelly’s mouth. Cathy then started glancing right into my eyes & laughing while she jerked off her husband, & I could barely keep from coming. Rich then exploded into Kelly’s mouth & on her face. Cathy then gave me the most astonishing stare & wicked grin, which caused me to feel the most humiliated I think I ever felt. She then bent down & started making out with my wife, the whole time not taking her eyes off f me as I shot my load all over the deck. It was absolutely amazing.

Once we went home a little later, I went down on my wife while jerking myself off again.

‘High’ Jacking By Lisa Rains

It’s been more than three years & to this day I’ll never know what came over me on that red-eye flight back to Baltimore. I’ve never done anything like it before or since. I’m not that kind of woman (or at least I didn’t think I was). Sometimes it seems like I just dreamed it.

But I can’t forget the exhilarating, sweeping sense of power & erotic ecstasy it gave me handling that handsome stranger’s huge cock — & the dirty pleasant of sharing him with the flight attendant. My God! I’m cringing & blushing just writing this. It’s both the most shameful & most thrilling experience I ever had.

What made me do it? Who knows? Maybe it was the fact that my husband Bill & I had been bickering during that whole week-long vacation to Seattle. It was supposed to be a romantic getaway. I had looked forward to lots of long nights of hot sex. But instead, we fought the whole time. By the time we were ready to board the midnight flight I was feeling two very dangerous emotions: extreme sexual frustration & the angry urge to obtain back at Bill somehow.

We were both sulking by the time the flight was called, standing away from each other. I was approximately seven people behind him in the very short boarding line. I could see it was going to be a pretty empty flight. There were only approximately 20 of us on a plane that held more than 100 people.

I’m not sure what made me drop my purse. I guess part of it was simple sleep-deprived clumsiness. I was not only angry & frustrated that night, I was moreover tired. The past few nights had been spent in those bitter, exhausting arguments that go nowhere. So I was in a bit of a fog as I watched my husband board ahead of me. I reached in my purse to obtain my boarding pass & it slid off my shoulder & fell to the floor, some of its contents spilling out. I started to bend down to pick it up. But before I received the chance, I felt a reassuring hand on my shoulder gently compelling me to remain upright.

Out of nowhere, a powerfully built man in a sleeveless T shirt & ragged gray sweat pants had stepped up from behind me in line & was kneeling before me, picking up my lipstick, my compact, my keys & my wallet; placing them back in my purse.

I hadn’t noticed him before & still couldn’t see his face. But it was pretty clear he worked out regularly. Under his backpack, his back & shoulders were broad, & his arms were well toned. Not an ounce of fat on him. His body was firm & fit without that gym-rat, overkill, body-builder muscularity. I remember thinking, albeit subconsciously, “Hmm, where was this man when I was single?” It was just innocent musing; a vague fantasy — I thought.

But when he’d refilled my purse & rose to hand it to me, I felt something overwhelming happen. It was something I hadn’t felt in years — with Bill or anyone else: Instant, full-out arousal. He had an incredibly gentle, yet masculine face; clear blue eyes, bright teeth. But it was more than just satisfactory looks. It was his smile that received me. He was flashing me a broad grin brimming with overconfident sexual innuendo. No. More than “innuendo,” more than “overconfident.” That smile can only be described as arrogant. I think that’s what lit me up: The disarming boldness of it. He was standing less than two feet away, smiling at me as though . . . (How can I put this?) . . . as though he owned me, as though he were claiming me with his eyes. He looked deep into me & held the look for a length of time that should have felt rude. But instead of feeling violated & angry, I was suddenly on fire. I could actually feel my face flush, my pussy dampen & my nipples harden. And just as I became aware of the last-named sensation, I saw him drop his eyes to my tits & nod approvingly, his smile becoming even broader.

“Uh…Th — thank you,” I said, taking the purse from him. My hands were actually trembling. I found it complex to catch my breath. Jesus, I thought, what the fuck is this?

After what seemed like an eternity, he “released” me. (Yes that’s what it felt like, as if he were releasing me from his spell.) He shifted his backpack & moved farther back in the line where he’d presumably come from.

I recovered somewhat, presented my boarding pass & started moving down the gangway. By the time I reached the entrance to the plane, I had almost put it behind me. My mind returned to my anger at my husband. Our boarding passes said Row 17 B & C. And as I moved in, I noticed Bill was sitting in his assigned seat (the middle one). But I decided to be spiteful & moved all the way back to Row 22 — the last row. I took the window seat, sat back & closed my eyes a moment feeling that “guess-I-showed-you” sense of victory. I was almost asleep when I heard a woman’s voice asking, “Can I obtain you a pillow & blanket?”

I opened my eyes to see a lovely playful-looking blond flight attendant smiling at me. “Yes,” I said. “That would be nice.”

“All by yourself?” she asked.

For some baffling reason, I answered truthfully. “I’m flying with my husband,” I said, “but we’re having some marital problems. I’d rather sit by myself if it’s okay. He’s up there in Row 17. If this seat is assigned, I’ll move somewhere else. Is that cool?”

The attendant, whose name tag identified her as “Leah,” gave me a conspiratorial smile & said, “Sure, no problem.”

Then she handed me the blanket & pillow & added. “I’ve been there, done that. Sometimes we have to teach our guys how we need to be treated. You donate him this nice long six-hour flight to wonder & long for you & he’ll be eating out of your hand by the time you obtain to Baltimore.” She turned her eyes toward the front of the plane & her smile broadened, “Wow, looks like you may have some nice diverting company tonight.”

I looked where she was looking & felt my heart start pounding. There was the sexy stranger who had picked up my purse & set me momentarily on fire, making his way toward the back of the plane.

“Mmm,” Leah said. “What a hunk! Now that’s a ‘man vacation’ I wouldn’t mind taking.”

“A what?” I asked.

“Oh it’s just an expression, something that has helped me stay married for six years. Every now & then I have to take a little break from the monotony & enjoy some… well let’s call it ‘new scenery’. I love my husband, yet a gal has to ‘get away’ now & then to keep her sanity. Don’t you think?”

I’m not sure what I would have said, yet before I could answer, Leah had stepped back, ceding room to the man who had stopped at the aisle seat in my row.

And as he hoisted his backpack up to the luggage compartment, I noticed something stunning, something that took my breath away & gave me an even stronger wave of gooseflesh than I’d felt back in the line: As he stretched his arms up & stood on his toes to tuck the backpack into the overhead, the front of his sweatpants tightened against him. And there, pushing against that stretchy gray wool was a bulge so huge as to seem not even real. That couldn’t be all him, I thought. Not only was it huge, it was rock complex & pressing relentlessly against the crotch of those sweatpants. My heavens, I thought, I could hang my entire wardrobe on that thing if I could find huge enough hanger handles.

It was so fascinating I couldn’t stop looking & to my utter mortification, he caught me staring! Again he smiled at me as though he owned me. I turned my red face to the window, trying not to hyperventilate & he sat down right beside me — not in the aisle seat, yet in the middle seat.

He didn’t actually touch me yet I could feel his nearness on the nerves of my skin. My flesh felt hot, & again I could sense a hardness in my nipples & dampness in my pussy.

I kept turned away hoping I would calm down as a disembodied voice through the speakers went through the emergency procedures.

And then, mercifully, we were airborne.

I continued to fake sleep until I heard the sound of slow, heavy breathing beside me. Finally, I worked up the nerve to look over & saw that his eyes were closed. His head was tilted back in the seat & he appeared to be sleeping. His face was calm & peaceful, just as attractive as I remembered from moments ago. The muscles of his arms, chest & stomach were still smooth & tight, even in the relaxed state of sleep.

At last, I summoned the courage to look again at the bulge in his lap & sure enough, I hadn’t hallucinated it. It was even more obvious as he sat snoozing, legs apart pelvis hunched forward. It was enormous, standing up strong & hard, making a pronounced “tent” in the crotch of his sweatpants. And this time, because the seat bottom was taking up some of the slack in the fabric of his sweats, I could see the clear impression of the fullness of his balls. They looked so wonderfully “bounce-able.” I started wondering (absentmindedly of course) if it would wake him up if I were to reach down & feel them, ever-so-briefly, in the palm of my hand.

There was no one in the set of seats in front of me or the ones across the aisle. The closest passenger to me was an elderly man in the window seat two rows ahead & across the aisle. So I was virtually alone with this compelling stranger. My heart was pounding harder by the minute. I had never been unfaithful to Bill, even in our rockiest times. I’d always thought of myself as monogamous. So I was at once scared & titillated by the realization that this man — this total stranger (even sound asleep) — was filling me with off-the-charts excitement. Had these longings been building inside me without my realizing it? Or did his nearness just create them all of a sudden? Either way, there was no denying that I was feeling like a very naughty girl.

My reverie was broken as I became aware of Leah coming down the aisle from the back with a drink cart. “How are you doing?” she whispered, grinning at me. This time I could see more of the wild beauty in her face. She was pretty obviously a fun-lover & far more at home with her naughtiness than I was with mine. “You want a cocktail?”

“No thanks,” I said wrapping the blanket around me. I didn’t want to risk taking a drink in the strange mood I was in. I was already feeling a wild craziness building in me.

Leah looked at the face of the man beside me. “I guess I’ll let him sleep he’s out like a light & . . .” And I saw her eyes fall to the astonishing prominence between his legs. “Oh My Gracious!” she whispered, her eyes widening with undisguised delight. “Can you believe that?”

I blushed a little, embarrassed. But it would have been phony to pretend I was immune & indifferent to what was so clearly intriguing both of us. “It’s amazing, isn’t it?” I whispered.

“Do you think it’s really all him?” she asked? “Or did he obtain past security carrying a doorknob attached to the handle of a sledgehammer?” We both giggled, as quietly as we could so as not to wake him. “Oh man,” Leah said, “Wouldn’t you love to take it out & play with it?”

I pretended to be shocked. “Of course not,” I lied. “I’m a married woman.”

“Oh come on,” Leah whispered. “This qualifies as a special circumstance. I mean husbands are wonderful. But sometimes the laws of nature take precedence over marriage vows. He obviously likes you. He came back here & sat right down in the seat beside you. I’m assigning you to be the researcher here. You know we’re both dying to see it & handle it. And since you’re the one he likes, you have to be the one to do it.” She smiled & her eyes were lit like a little girl amazed & curious & shamelessly honest. Right then & there, I decided I trusted her. We were partners in crime. Two married women whose husbands were, for the time being, the last things on our minds.

“You’re crazy,” I said. “I don’t do that sort of thing. Besides, even if he wanted to . . . umm. ‘get into something,’ with me, people come down this aisle to obtain to the restrooms.”

Leah laughed again. “You’re such a naïve innocent,” she said. “That’s why the airlines provide blankets. You can use it to cover him up. Do I have to tell you everything?”

I shook my head, “Oh I can’t believe I even brought up the subject of logistics. I’m a married woman I can’t even let my mind work this way.”

Leah made a face at me & stuck out here tongue. “Spoil sport!” she said, & after taking one last longing look at the imprint of his huge dick, she started to push the cart farther down the hall. But then she stopped again & turned back. “Okay,” she whispered, “But here’s the deal: If you DO allow yourself to donate in to temptation, you have to make him show it to me, okay? I mean I’ll cover for you, yet you have to include me in the action, okay?”

“I’m not going to…” I started.

“Yeah, yeah,” she said. “But if you DO, promise me you’ll let me see it & maybe play with it a little with you. I’m burning up with curiosity.”

“Okay, okay,” I laughed quietly. “I promise. Now obtain away & let me sleep.” I said it just to obtain her off my back.

When she left, my heart began to slow down a little. I turned my face back to the window & thought it through logically. I had punished Bill by sitting back here away from him. He would want me like crazy by the time we arrived in Baltimore. We would make up after & we would have some good, fiery reconciliation sex. I would fantasize approximately this stud as Bill fucked me & it would be out of my system.

I smiled to myself as I drifted off to sleep, thinking that was the end of it.

– – – – – – – – –

I don’t know how much time went by. I was in a deep sleep, still turned on my left side & facing the window, when I felt something. I began to stir a little & realized someone was stroking me, moving his hand smooth & slow from my right shoulder, down my right arm, over my belly & down to the inside of my right thigh. A little alarm was going off in me telling me I should be outraged & put & immediate stop to it. But I was still half asleep & it felt so-oo good. It felt like just what I needed. Somehow, I was powerless to move.

Then I could feel his warm breath on the side of my face as he moved his hand in wider circles & kept it more focused on my inner thigh. Again, I knew I should sit up abruptly & say, “Hey cool, it buster, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” But he was touching me with such overwhelming confidence. I just couldn’t will myself to stir from the state of sleepy eroticism that was pouring through me & warming me. “Wha — What are you doing?” I murmured. It came out more like a sigh.

“Shhh,” he said, & he began kissing the side of my face, tenderly yet with real authority. There’s a certain spot, under my ear where my jaw meets my neck. I call it my “secret spot.” I love when Bill kisses me there. Nothing gets me more aroused. But he hadn’t bothered to kiss me there in a long time. How did this total stranger know I liked it?

“What are you doing?” I asked again, yet with even less conviction than the first time.

“Shhh,” he repeated & he turned me toward him. When my face was just inches from his, he smiled, stroked my face & kissed me full on the mouth. It felt heavenly. His breath was fresh & sweet. I wondered approximately mine yet he set me at ease by saying “Mmm, you kiss great.” And he kissed me again.

I felt a rush of heat roll through me & I kissed him back, complex & passionately. I heard him sigh & moan a little. “Yeah, that’s good,” he said. “Hold still.” And with that he moved away slightly, lifted the arm of the seat up & slid it into the slot & out of our way. He covered us both with the blanket & began kissing me again.

And again I kissed him back with all my might. I was tingling all over.

I was wearing a bulky sweater over a T shirt & no bra. He slid his hands underneath & began to rub my breasts, taking his time, spending long moments on one, then moving to the other. I have always felt a little self-conscious approximately my tits. They’re small & I know Bill wishes they were bigger.

But this stranger was handling them so expertly & with such deep enjoyment, he made me feel proud of them. “Umm,” he said. “They’re so pert & lovely. They feel so tremendous in my hands. Let me taste them.” It was way more of a statement than a request.

I closed my eyes & shivered at his words. “Okay,” I heard my own voice whisper softly. I felt so wild & nasty.

His head disappeared under the blanket & I felt him take my right breast into his mouth. He rolled his tongue around the nipple, then teasingly moved his mouth up to the area above the nipple, then below, then back to the nipple again. He moved to the left one & gave it little nibbling kisses that sent thrilling shockwaves all through my body.

He alternated between them, making me feel like a queen as I kept watch for people coming up the aisle.

I’m not sure exactly when he received my belt undone & slid my jeans & panties down (I was in another world). But at some point I realized they were around my ankles & he was sliding the side of his right index finger back & forth over my clit. My knees were wide apart & I was gushing juice.

It was a long time before he actually put his fingers inside me. It’s complex to explain, yet it was like he was being a “gentleman” if that makes any sense. I mean by this time I know he knew he had me. I was like warm Jell-O in his hands. But still he was extending something like “good manners” to me, waiting a nice long while before finger-fucking me.

When he finally did obtain to it, I was completely out of my mind. He put two fingers in & slid them in & out, each time making sure to come all the way up to stimulate my clit.

Several times, people came up the aisle to the restroom. When they did, we kept the blanket over us & pretended to be sound asleep. No one passing by could tell we were even touching, much less that he had his fingers deep in my sopping wet pussy.

When they went back to their seats, he resumed the finger-fucking, all the while kissing my neck & squeezing me, with passion yet not too hard, with his left arm.

At one point, I couldn’t resist anymore, the combination of sheer curiosity, intrigue & the powerful desire to please him overcame me & I reached down to his lap & put my hand on that humongous baseball bat of his straining against his sweatpants.

By this time I was so sex-drunk that I had no inhibitions left. I heard the words coming from my lips yet couldn’t believe it was me saying them. I was absolutely crazy. “Take these pants down,” I moaned softly into his ear. “Let me obtain my hands on this huge bare prick.”

In the dim light, I could see him smile with pride. He was making me a crazy cock-craving whore & he loved it. He lifted his sexy as up off the seat & undid the bow of the drawstring. Then he slid his sweatpants down to his ankles. He wasn’t wearing underpants. (Somehow it was the perfect, nasty touch.) No one was nearby so we moved the blanket away & I finally feasted my eyes on that gigantic dick.

Whoa! I almost fainted at the sight of it. Not only was it the hugest cock I’d ever seen (a terrible understatement), it was moreover the hardest. I just sat there looking for a few minutes before I even touched it. It looked so beautiful! A crystal pearl of precum glistened on the tip. And his balls were astonishing too. So powerful looking.

Finally, I couldn’t resist any longer. I reached down with my left hand & started jacking him. At first I was a little intimidated & overwhelmed by the size of it. But soon, I was really going to town. I jacked him faster & faster, keeping my palm toward the top of his dick, just under the head, where I knew all the feeling was. “Yeah, yeah, perfect,” he said. “Just like that.”

Now & then I would tease him, slowing down & pretending I was going to stop jacking him. Of course it was all in pleasant (no way I had the willpower to stop now). But he didn’t let me obtain away with it. “No, no, no, no. Don’t stop!” he whispered. “If you slow down I’m going to take you over my lap right here in this seat & spank your ass so hard, people in first class will hear you crying!”

We both laughed, yet I sure quickened the pace again.

Oh, man! It made me so giddy. The sound of him urging me to continue the pleasure I was giving him, coupled with his thrusts up & down in rhythm with my strokes gave me a heady sense of power. I was working his enormous dick & controlling his pleasure with my hand! It was all like some strange drug, taking me right out of my mind.

And I loved the way his fantastic balls moved up & down in time with my jacking. His sack was tight around them, holding them firm, the imprint of them clear & hard. It looked like he had two golf balls in there. Now & then I would alter hands & jack his huge dick with my right hand so I could bounce those beauties with my left.

I still don’t know what there was approximately this man that made me unable to resist him, yet it felt tremendous to know I had the power to thrill him as long as I had this colossal cock in my hands.

“God I love this astonishing dick. How am I doing?” I whispered in his ear, fishing for compliments. (I knew I was doing great!)

He just moaned & grinned wider.

I figured this was the time to bring up the subject of Leah. He was getting bigger & harder by the minute & he was gushing gallons of precum. I took some of it on my hand & used it to lube the shaft of that enormous rod of his & asked him: “Would you… um, would you mind if I showed off a little?”

“Huh?” he asked.

“You see that lovely flight attendant? Leah? Well we were talking approximately you before you woke up & she told me she would assist cover for us if I would let her see your dick & watch me jack it.”

A huge grin covered his face. “Oh yeah!” he said.

“I though you’d agree,” I whispered. I reached up & pressed the stewardess call button on the panel above me. Then, just to play up the mystery, I covered both our laps with the blanket.

Instantly I saw Leah moving eagerly up the aisle toward us. She stood smiling in the aisle looking down at us, a huge nasty smile on her face. “I thought you rang for me,” she said, loud enough for some of the passengers to hear. “But it looks as though you have matters well in hand.”

“See for yourself,” I whispered. And with that, I pulled the blanket off both of us like I was opening a stage curtain, exposing that wondrous cock, & incidentally, my bare wet pussy. (By this time both his sweatpants & my jeans were totally off. We had long since worked our feet out of the pantlegs & were nude from the waist down.

Leah’s eyes widened & her jaw dropped. Her hand flew to her mouth in amazement. “Oh my God! Look at it!” she said.

“Oh I have been,” I said, gloating. “And jacking it & bouncing his balls for satisfactory measure.”

“Oh man it’s ‘good measure’ all right. And look at all that precum. Looks as though you’ve been doing a pretty satisfactory job on him.”

“I haven’t heard him complain,” I laughed.

It was then that she noticed my pants & underpants were off & that my cunt was bare & sopping wet. “And look at you,” she said. “The airline will bill you to obtain those pussy-juice stains out of the seat. I bet he’s been priming you like mad.”

“Oh yes,” I said. “He unquestionably knows his way around a woman’s pussy.”

Her eyes turned back to his cock again and, looking down the aisle to make sure no one was coming, she sat quickly down in the seat beside him. “I have GOT to obtain a better look at this astonishing prick,” she said. “Let me see you work him.”

And I obeyed, wholeheartedly. I jacked him with renewed vigor, pumping my forearm up & down, sliding my hand from the bottom of the shaft (the heel of my hand touching the top of his balls) all the way up to the head of his penis, gathering precum to smear over him to “grease” the strokes.

“Wow,” Leah said, truly impressed. “You are really really satisfactory at that. It looks like you’ve been jacking him all your life.”

“I’m inspired,” I said. “Wouldn’t you be?” Again, I have to say this is simply not me. The woman I was just fifteen minutes before getting on that plane could never have done the things I was doing. I was clearly in some kind of trance. It was as though I were having a wild, erotic dream. All traces of morality & propriety had been left back at the Seattle gate.

Leah clapped her hands with delight as she watched. Then, almost timidly she asked: “Could I — uh could I have a turn?”

“Well that’s up to him,” I told her. I let go of his dick & brought my mouth up close to his left ear & nuzzled it, running my tongue quickly around it. “What do you think,” I whispered to him. “Do you mind if I share you with her?” He smiled wide, still with his eyes closed. And by way of answering, he shifted slightly to his right “pointing” that prodigious hard-on directly at her, “inviting” her to touch it.

Her right hand flew to it & she started jacking him like crazy. “Oh my golly,” she said, laughing, “It’s like iron, isn’t it?…Oh man, if I could just obtain this dick in my pussy for fifteen minutes, I’d never ask God for another thing in all my life.”

She kept jacking him. She was pretty satisfactory at it I admit. I know he was having a tremendous time. But I was itching to obtain it back in my own hand.

“Don’t be greedy,” I demanded. “I want another turn before you make him splatter his jism all over the tray table.”

We both laughed & she reluctantly let go of his cock & allowed me to play with it again. She watched with keen interest, clearly entertained by what she was seeing. At one point, I noticed her slide her skirt up & slip her hand inside the waistband of her panties.

“You naughty girl,” I teased.

“I am so-oo turned on,” she laughed. “You’ve already had YOUR pussy played with & juiced up. Now it’s my turn — even if I DO have to do it myself.”

“Poor baby,” said the man (whose name I still had not learned). And, smiling benevolently, as if performing an act of kind charity, he reached his right hand over & “took over” for her, stimulating her cunt, just as he’d done mine. All the while, I continued to jack him.

Leah closed her eyes & sighed deeply I knew just how she felt. “Oh man, he does that so good, doesn’t he?” she asked me. “I think your expert jacking is inspiring him. You look like you were born to do that.”

“I was going to say you did it pretty satisfactory yourself,” I said. My mind was still on her earlier comment — the one approximately making him shoot & splattering sperm all over the tray table in front of us. All of a sudden the idea just leapt out of my mouth. “Wanna have a contest to see which of us can make him shoot?” I asked her.

“Oh what a hot idea!” she said, moving her pelvis in synch with his rubbing of her pussy. “How shall we work it?”

We came up with the “rules” together. She would donate him fifty strokes, while he rubbed my cunt. Then we would trade off. I would jack him fifty strokes while he fingered her cunt. Whoever made him cum would be declared the winner.

She took the first turn. I watched his face as he stroked my hot wet snatch & “fucked” Leah’s hand. It was pretty clear he was on Cloud Nine. Here he was turning two gorgeous married women into nymphomaniacs, making us compete to see which of us could donate him that ultimate thrill. He was just using us. Did I feel degraded, of course I did. Did I feel cheap? Of course I did. Did it make me want to stop?

No way.

Leah finished her fifty strokes & I took that monster cock back into my hand. I was just getting into the rhythm again when something made me look up & toward the front of the plane. My blood froze!

Bill was up out of his seat & beginning to move up the aisle toward us. All of a sudden reality hit me in waves. In less than five seconds he would be standing at the end of the aisle. There would be no time to pull our pants back on. And even if we were able to pull the blanket over us in time, Bill would probably want to talk to me. He would want to either sit down beside me, or have me come back to my real seat beside him. And what was I going to say? “Sure hon, just let me slip my panties & jeans back over my wet pussy & I’ll be right with you.”? I was so totally busted!

For one dizzying, nasty moment, I enjoyed the brief flash of a fantasy. Maybe they would fight over me. I imagined them wrestling in the aisle, their bodies straining against each other (the stranger’s strong bare ass tight & firm & on display for me.) The two of them like knights vying for my favors.

But of course, the truth is, I didn’t want to see either one of them hurt. I just wished it weren’t happening. All of a sudden, at that moment, I wanted to save my marriage more than I wanted anything. But it was too late.

Then, the miracle: Just like the cavalry coming in the nick of time, Leah jumped quickly to her feet & winked at me. “No cheating while I’m gone,” she whispered, “You have to wait till I obtain back to play with him again.” And she started moving swift down the aisle. She intercepted Bill approximately halfway between his row & ours.

“I’m sorry sir,” I heard her tell him. “We’re expecting turbulence. The captain has told us to keep passengers in their seats for the next few minutes.”

“But –” I heard Bill tell her.

“I’m sorry sir,” Leah told him, politely yet firmly. “It’s just for the next five or ten minutes or so.”

Bill looked back at me & shrugged, as if to say, “Sorry.” And he reluctantly returned to his seat. Leah sat in the seat beside him, no doubt making sure he stayed put.

Instantly I was red hot again. I knew I had less than ten minutes. I pulled the stranger’s face close to mine. “Are you ready to cum like you’ve never cum before?” I asked him & kissed his mouth complex & passionately.

He nodded & adjusted himself in the seat. I licked his ear & began jerking his massive penis again for all I was worth. My hand was flying up & down. He lifted his ass off the chair & thrust it up for me, giving me even better access. “Come on!” I whispered. “Do it for me! Make that huge thing shoot for me! Let me see that cum fly out of you.” (Where were those words coming from? I was craaaayzee!)

All of a sudden, I felt that fantastic steel tower of a cock start to twitch & convulse in spasms that actually made my arm jerk involuntarily. I could literally not hold it still.

He put his head back, closed his eyes & began to moan from way deep down in the core of him. I felt an astounding ecstatic rush of power surge through me, knowing I was making this huge cock deliver its payload. It was ME doing it!

And he let go with what seemed like gallons. The first “shot” gushed up more than three feet in the air — an enormous mass of thick cream that did indeed spray the tray table in front of him. The second one was almost as huge as the first & with the same astonishing velocity. Part of this spurt moreover splattered the tray table. There were at least four more in quick succession & by the end, there was thick white-ish liquid all over my hand, all over his dick, all over the seat, & all over the floor in front of us.

And then I felt an orgasm of my own coming. It was only then that I realized that while I’d been jacking him, I had been rubbing my clit against the buckle of the seatbelt. It was the wildest climax I’ve ever had — before or since. We both sat back for a moment or two, exhausted. Not saying anything.

Then I pulled on my pants & underpants, buttoned my jeans & buckled my belt. I leaned down & kissed him hard, one last time. “I’ll never forget you,” I told him. And I never have.

Later, as Bill & I received off the plane, I looked back one last time. The man was asleep. Leah was using the blanket to mop up the area — the seat, the floor, the tray table…. Unseen by anyone else, she blew me a kiss & wagged her finger at me, naughty-naughty style, & mouthed the words “You cheated!”

Bill & I made up & had tremendous sex that night. We’re still together & I still love him very much. Needless to say, I never told him approximately that wild flight. But sometimes, while he’s fucking me, I think approximately that mysterious stranger — jacking him off & driving him crazy, trading off with Leah, & the “sinful” pleasant we had with him. And as Bill moans & thrusts away, I close my eyes imagine that anonymous guy’s huge dick inside me, filling my pussy all the way up.

And on those occasions, Bill can’t obtain over how wild & enthusiastically I cum.

Pathetic Cuckold (part 3)

i woke the following morning to my phone ringing, satisfactory morning cucky, obtain your sissy ass into my bedroom right now, Lynn barked into the phone & hung up. as i climbed out of bed i was reminded of the chastity device i was locked in. when i arrived in Lynn’s room Tim was on top of my wife, her legs wrapped around him as he fucked her complex & deep. Kneel over here & watch a Real Man fuck your wife, when he is done i need you to clean his cock & then you can clean my pussy, it’s received lots of cum in it. Lynn said laughing. Yes Mistress i said, as i knelt by the bed looking at Lynn.
Her body was rocking as Tim slammed his cock into her over & over. Lynn grabbed Tim by his head & layed a deep kiss on him then said fuck me baby, shove that huge black cock into me. fuck me harder. Tim slammed into her hard, you like that you white trash whore? Lynn screamed out Yessss, Oh MY God Yess, harder, donate it to me harder, fuck me satisfactory & hard. Tim fucked her as had as he could his pace began to quicken. Lynn’s eyes rolled back as Tim pounded his massive cock into her over & over. There was no way that i could even obtain my wife to a state like that, i could not believe the endurance Tim had. After what seemed like 10 minutes Tim let out a deep grunt & emptied himself into my wife. Yessss baby cummm, donate it to meee, Lynn yelled. Her body was shaking as as she yelled out Oh God Yes, i’m cumming again.
They stayed togther for several moments before Tim pulled out of her. He climbed off the bed & walked to me hold his cock. Ok wimp, time for you to obtain to work, lick me clean. He stood over me, dropped his cock to my face & said, clean it you fucking wimp, put your arms behind your back & clean this cock that just fucked your white trash whore wife. His cock was drenched in a mix of their juices. i placed my arms behind my back & began licing his cock clean. As i licked him his cock moved all around my face smearing me with a mix of there cum. Tim grabbed my head, pulling me into him he said, obtain my balls too. i ran my tongue around his balls as he held my head.
He held me there for a few minutes then released his hold on me. Get you fucking cum dump cunt over here so your wimp husband an clean up that dam fuck hole of yours. Lynn postioned herself by the side of the bed, her legs spread wide open. Her pussy was swollen form all the fucking & cum was leaking out of her. Ok wimp obtain your sissy mouth down there & lick up all that cum that Tim left in your wife. Tim pushed my face right into her & yelled obtain to work wimp, lap up all that cum i left in that fucking cunt. Get that tongue in there deep & clean that fuckhole. i licked away, i could taste his cum & Lynn’s pussy juices as well as smell the heavy scent of sex. Oh cucky, you will need to do better then that, you’ll need to suck on my pussy some, so you obtain every drop out.
Lynn held my head betwwen her legs until she was satisfied that i had done a decent job. When she let me up she began laughing. You should see your face, it’s covered with cum juice. Keep it there for now, it will assist remind you of what a pathetic wimp you are. Go make coffee, we will be down in a few moments, & obtain your pink slipper on sissy. Yes Mistress i said as i received up & left to room.
Lynn & Tim walked into the kitchen approximately 10 minute after the coffe was ready, they were both naked. Pour us both a cup & bring them over here to the table. As i walked over with the coffee, Lynn reached over to my babydoll nightie, lifted it up, smiled & said, i just love seeing your pathetic little dick locked up like that, it looks so cute on you. I said nothing, i just haned them their coffee. As i began to walk back to the coffee to obtain mysel a cup, Lynn said, where do you tink your going wimp? i looked over to her & said, i was going to obtain myself a cup of coffee Mistress. Oh no, sissy, you can have coffee after on, after we are done. Come over here & let me put this lipstik on you. As she put it on she told me, for now you need to obtain under the table & kneel down between Tim’s legs. I want you to suck his cock nice & slow while he enjoys is coffee.
i said nothing more then yes Mistress & when she was done, i climbed under the table between Tim’s legs. Lynn was holding his cock out, shaking it at me like it was a special treat. Take hold of this & obtain your sissy cocksucker lips wrapped around this cock. i didn’t say a word, i simply took hold of his cock & began to suck on it. Yes sissy suck my cock nice & slow, I want you to learn how to be a real satisfactory sissy cocksucker for me & my friends. Hearing that, my mind began to wonder what was in store for me, what friends was he talking about. It was not long before Tim’s cock began swelling in my mouth. I wondered to myself how can this man do it, how can he be getting complex again?
Are you still sucking that cock my sissy wimp? i stopped & replyed yes Mistress. Well come out from under the table for a moment, we need some more coffee. Yes Mistress. i climbed out & poured them both more coffee. Lynn told me, when your done putting the coffee back come back here so i can do a touchup on your sissy cocksucker lips. As she was putting the lipstick on me she said, you’re going to have to learn how to put on your sissy cocksucker lipstick by yourself. You need to keep these cocksucking lips touched up at all times, she told me. She went on to say, you’re going to make a tremendous sissy cocksucker by the time we are done with you.
Tim stood up & walked over to me holding his cock out. On your knees bitch, obtain those sissy cocksucker lips on my cock. He pushed down on my head with his other hand. As shortly as i was on my knees he pulled on my head so his cock was at my mouth. Open up you sissy cocksucker mouth, obtain those sissy cocksucker lips around my cock. i opened my mouth & took in his cock & began to suck on it.
In no time Tim was rock hard. He grabbed my head & forced his cock all the way into my mouth. Deepthroat it bitch, open out & take it all ocksucker.
He held me there gagging for air, let me up long enough to obtain air, & then forced me all the way don on it again & again. Lick my balls bitch, open that mouth wide & lick them with your mouth full of my cock. i was gagging as i tried to obtain my tounge to his balls. Lynn stood put & received behind me & began forcing my head up & down on his cock. I could barely obtain a breath befor she would force it all into my mouth again. Suck it you fucking sissy cocksucker, she barked. Suck that cock, all of it.
i began to cry as Lynn over & over shoved me down on that massive cock. Get that cock in your mouth. Show Tim what a satisfactory deep throat sissy cocksucker you are. my body was going weak from the mouth fucking i was getting. After what seemed like a lfetime Lynn et go of my head & walked in front of me. Look at me, are you a sissy cocksucker? Yes Misteress i replyed. Say it she said, say i am a sissy cocksucker Mistress. i answered, I am a sissy cocksucker Mistress. Look at Tim & tell him I am a sissy cocksucker & I beg you to please cum in my sissy cocksuker mouth. i was willing to do or say anyting that would prevent me from another round of forced deep throating. i looked at Tim & said, i am a sissy cocksucker & i beg you to please cum in my sissy cocksucker mouth.
Lynn smiled & said, very satisfactory my sissy cocksucker, now obtain those cocksucker lips & that cock & obtain back to your sissy cocksucking. i took Tim’s cock into my mouth & began sucking him. Rub his balls as you suck his cock Lynn instruced. i softly rubbed on his balls as i continued to suck his cock. Are you close baby Lynn asked. Tim replyed oh yea, real close. OK, then I want to jerk you off & see you cum in his waitng mouth. Open your mouth sissy she said. Open your mouth wide & keep it open. Lynn took Tim’s cock & began to jeck him off. After a short time he grunted & began shotting his cum ito my mouth. Lynn pumped him more & it shot on my lips & face. When he was done she took her camera phone & took some pictures of me, my face & mouth filled with cum & Tims black cock by my lips. When she was done i was then allowed to swallow the cum in my mouth.
Tim walked away telling Lynn he was going to take a shower. He said to her, I know you have things you want to do yet. i coud only hope that whatever she had to do did not involve me. Lynn told me to stay right there & walked away. She was gone for a few minutes & when she returned she had a wicked smile & 2 packages. She handed me one & told me to open it, it was a tube of KY jelly. i looked at her confused yet said nothing, from the wicked smile on her face i was certain i didn’t want to know. She handed me the second package & told me to open it. Inside the box was a black buttplug. I didn’t say a word. Lynn was laughing as she said that’s right my sissy cocksucker, that buttplug is for you. Now come with me & bring the things with you.
i felt so ashamed as i followed her. She led me to the spare bathroom. Get out of your clothes, there’s something we need to do she said. As i removed the nightie she said, i’m going to tell you this right now, you’ll do exactly as i tell you without any back talk. If you donate me any lip, I’m sending the pictures of you to all of your friends & family. Do you understand me? i felt a shake in my body, her tone was serious, yes Mistress i answered. Get the slipper off & obtain over here & obtain in the tub. She pulled the shower curtain back & that is when i saw the enema bag hanging from the shower head.
i looked at her as if pleading no, not that. She laughed & said obtain your ass in there on all 4’s & face that wall. n the wall was a black suction cup dildo. As i began to climb in the tub she said, on all 4″s & obtain that cock into your mouth ans suck it while i clean you. i felt so humiliated as i received on all 4’s & took the dildo in my mouth. Lynn wasted no time at all & pushed the enema tube into me. i felt the warm liquid going into me. In no time i felt some of the liquid leaking out. Get out & obtain on the toilet she barked. i was out & seat in no time at all & my body emptied.
i was made to repeat the same process over & over until i was completly cleaned out.
When she was done i was instructed to bath nad shavemyself all over. When your done, dry yourself off & put this scented oil on. Then you can come down naked, in you slippers & meet me in the living room. As she walked out she took the lube & buttplug with her. i took my time cleaning upand shaving. i was in no hurry for what i knew was awaitng me.
i walked into the living room to find Tim & Lynn watching the news. i noticed that there as a towle placed in the middle of the floor along with the lube & buttplug. Well it took you long enough Lynn said. Get your ass over to that towel & obtain on all 4’s facing away from us. Yes Mistress i answered, with a tone of shame in my voice. Once i was on all 4’s Lynn said, now place your face on the towel, open those legs wide & reach back & spread you ass wide open. Yes Mistress i mumbbled as i did as instructed.
The 2 of them were laughing as i remained there exposed. After a few moments Lynn walked over to me & asked, do you know whats in store for you my sissy cocksucker? Yes Mistress i shamefully replied. Not satisfied with my humiliation, she said, tell me what is in store for my cocksucking sissy wimp. i remained quiet, to ashamed to speak. Tell my now or i’m sending the picutres. i shamefully told her, you’re going to put that buttplug in my ass. Laughing she said, yes I am yet first I want my sissy cocksucker to beg for it. Tell me, i am a sissy cocksucker Mistress & i want a buttplug up my sissy ass. Worried approximately the pictures i said, i am a sissy cocksucker Mistress & i want a buttplug up my sissy ass Mistress.
I was instructed to continue saying it over & over. Lynn took the lube & butt lug & walked behind me. She ordered my to spread my cheeks wider. i then felt her lubed finger pressing into me. She worked it in & out, received more lube & did it again. i kept saying, i am a sissy cocksucker Mistress & i want a buttplug up my sissy ass Mistress. She then placed the buttplug to my hole & began pressing it in. i felt it strecing me as she pushed more into me. i felt like i was being torn open.
Tim was laughing as he said, take it out of that sissy & the push it back in. Do it till that opens up & lets it slip right in. Lynn repatedly pulled it out & pushed it back into me. i tried to hide the pain as i kept saying, i am a sissy cocksucker Mistress & i want a buttplug up my sissy ass Mistress. i could hear a camera licking as she worked the plug in & out of me.
i was made to stay on the floor for some time with the buttplug in my ass. OK sissy she said, go obtain your cocksucker lipstick & put in on. When you’re done, come back here & bring the lipstick. Yes mistress i said. As i stood & began to walk away, i felt to plug moving in my ass. In the bathroom i took the lipstick & put it on as best i could. As i walked back into the living room Lynn siad, look Tim, look at our wimp cocksucking sissy, locked up & his ass full of buttplug. He’s even walking like a sissy now that his sissy ass is plugged.
Come & sit over here by the computer Lynn said. When i sat on the chair, the buttplug seemed to go deeper into me. ynn noticed the expression on my face when i sat. Oh Tim, i think the sissy cocksucker is learning to enjoy that plug. Spread your cheeks on that seat so you obtain the real full feeling. She was right,as i spread my cheeks itentered me even more. Here this is for you. She opened a shoe box & took out a pair of Red High Heels. Give me your foot, I want to see how well they fit you. Lynn put the shoes on me & connected the ankel straps. Stand up & walk around the room.
The heels were much larger (5″) the then slipper, i felt very unbalanced in them. Walk around sissy, obtain use to them, that is what your to wear from now on. Tim was laughing a i tried to walk around in the heels. Keep walking around the room & say i am a pathetic wimp cocksuckig sissy who is caged & buttpluged by my Mistress wife & her Boyfriend Master.
The 2 on them spent a while watching me as i walked around the living room saying, i am a pathetic wimp cocksuckig sissy who is caged & buttpluged by my Mistress wife & her Boyfriend Master. Tim said, look bitch I’m horny, obtain on your lnees & suck my cock while the sissy cocksucker walks around the room. I want him to see his wife sucking cock while he prances around the room like the cocksucking wimp he is. Lynn smiled & went right to her knees & began sucking Tim’s cock.
After a while Tim orderd Lynn to obtain up on the sofa ad kneel ass out. He stood behind her & began fucking her, slapping her ass as he used her. As they fucked i could hear Lynn’s moaning. Tim looked back at me & asked, are you watching this? I’m fucking your white trash whore wife while your walking around the room locked up, in heels & a puttplug in your ass. my head was down as i responded with nothing more then Yes Sir.
They fucked for a while more before Tim told Lynn, stand up bitch. He Stood up behind he & lifted one of her legs high in the air. Her pussy was fully exposed & still open from the fucking she had received. He looked ove at me & said, obtain over here sissy, obtain over ere & put my cock into this white trash fuck hole. Lynn & a nasty smie as i walked over to them. Yes sissy, put his Big Bl;ack Cock into your wifes pussy so my boyfriend can fuck me.
Once he was back inside her, i was made to kneel in front of her & lick her cockfilled pussy as Tim fucked her. As i was licking, Lynn reached down & pulled my head deeper into her. Lick my & his cock as he fuckes me. They fucked in the sanding position for a while, then Tim plled her back to the sofa & sat. He never took his cock out of her. His hand kept her leg up & out. They continued to fuck as i as directed, licked away at at her pussy. Lynn was moaning & yelling as he continued to fuck away at her. When he grunted Lynn went wild, she was screaming Yesss Cumm Baby, donate it to me.
When they stooped, they stayed together for a few momments & then Lynn took his cock out of her & pointed it to me. Lick it & suck it sissy & when it is clean you can lick my pussy clean. i never received out the words, Yes Mistress, my mouth was filled with his cock. I licked & sucked his cock & balls clean & was quicky made to lick Lynn’s pussy.
Ok, I’m clean, you can obtain up & do more of your of your walking now, Lynn said. Walk around the room & obtain use to those heels, & keep saying what i told you. I walked around the living room again saying, i am a pathetic wimp cocksuckig sissy who is caged & buttpluged by my Mistress wife & her Boyfriend Master. They watched me fro a few moments & then left the room.
The 2 of them came back dressed. Lynn had a mirror, the didlo, & lipstick with her. She went over to the computer as i continued to walk around the room. Come over her she said. At the computer she told me to sit down. Lynn took a tissue & had me wipe my face. Your going to learn to put your cocksucking lipstick on properly. She applied the lipstick & had me take the tissue to my lips & press downon it. See, thats is how it is done she said. Now, i want you to suck on this dildo. When your cocksucking lipstick is messed, i want you to reapply it. While you’re sucking your didlo i want you to study this information on the computer. It’s all approximately how to suck cock, something you need to learn well. i was left at the computer, Tim & Lynn departed to do some shopping.
It was now late afternoon, as i heard them leave. i wondered what they might be up to. i had no desire to practice sucking on that dildo. As i relfected on what had taken place over the last 24 hours i began to cry. i knew i was trapped, there was no way i wanted to be ina courtroom & have peope hear approximately how small i was & see anyof the pictures that had been taken. At the same time i did not want what i was getting yet could not figure a way out.
About 40 minutes after the computer beeped indicating that there was mail. i open the message an was shocked. The first thing n the message was a picture of me with cum on my face & Tim’s cock at my lips. The message read – To my wimp sissy cocksucker, you better be doing as i told you. I have all the pictures loaded on Tim’s computer & we can send them out anytime you obtain out of line. We will be back after on, I’m certain Tim will want to test out all the new sissy cocksucking skills that you have learned.
i sent off a quick Yes Mistress & hit the send button. i could not believe it, they were finding ways to humiliated & degrade me even when they were away. i felt more of my manhood slip way as i began suckig on the dildo, reading approximately how to properly suck a cock. As instructed i’d sucked on it for a while & then touched up the lipstick. While i read & sucked my mind kept wondering if Lynn would really send those pictures out if i tried to put a stop to this. Clearly i was not going to test that option.
Sometime after 6 PM i heard them return. Lynn called out, come here & donate us a hand my sissy cocksucker, & make sure your sissy cocksucker lipstick is neat. After touching up the lipstick, i met themin the kitchen. There were several packages sitting on the table. Take these & put them in the living room, don’t look inside & thn come back here, she told me. My mind raced wondering what was in the packages yet i dared not look. Once back in the kitchen, Lynn handed me 2 more packages. Lets take these to your room right now.
Once in my bedroom Lynn began taking things out of the bag. Here these will need to be displayed on you dressing table when they are not in use. She place 2 black dildo’s, 2 large vibrators (1 pink, 1 black), & 2 buttplugs on the table. In one of my nightstands she placed batteries, an odd looking hose that had some type of ballon at the end, & 2 more tubes of lubricant. She then placed several DVD’s by the TV. These are for your sissy cocksucer study time she stated laughingly. She then handed me a box of secented wipes. You’ll need these to keep your bottom clean & fresh. Now, bend over the bed, I want to obtain out your buttplug. Spread those ass cheeks for me like a satisfactory little cocksucking sissy wimp. With my cheeks spread, Lynn pushed up on the buttplug several times before removing it. A moment later, after relubricating it she pushed it back in. Laughing she said, look how effortless that went back in there for you sissy. She took a secented wipe & used it on my bottom. Lets go she stated, by now, Tim should be waiting for us in the living room.
We walked into the living room Tim was sitting on the sofa watching the TV & sipping on a beer. Stand right here for a moment, Lynn told me. As she walked away from me she said, Tim & I were talking & we decided that you need to be made to become more sissy like,so we did some shopping just for you. She sat down next to Tim & began looking into the packages i had brought in earlier.
Turn around so your back is to us yu fucking sissy cocksuking wimp Tim barked at me, you don’t need to see what she is doing. Yea, have that cocksucking wimp husband of your’s put these on for now Tim stated, while laughing hard. In my mind i was thinking, oh no, what do they have in store for me now. Honey, I have something for you, turn around so you can see some of the cute sissy cocksucker things we received you.
When i turned around i saw sitting on the coffee table a number of ladys underthings. Lynn took her time to point out each items. Look here, we have sissy pink stockings, a very sexy pink lace bra, & matching garters. Lets obtain you dressed sissy, i can’t wait to see you in these. Lynn took me by the hand & led me into the kitchen. Sit down & take off your heels so we can obtain you in these stockings. When the heels were off, Lynn took one of the stockings, roll it up like this, slip your toes inside & slowly roll them up your leg. Yes Mistress i said as i did my best to follow her instructions. Lynn was laughing as she said, don’t worry in notime at all you’ll obtain the hang of this as you will be earing them all the time from now on. After the stocking were on i was made to put the heels back on. When done i was made to stand up. She put the garter arounf my waist & showed me how to connect them to the stockings. OK sissy, now you do the other side. It took me a bit to can them to stay connected. Now comes your bra, hook it up in front of you like this. Now you turn it around, put you arms in here, Lynn said. Lynn walked around me & adjusted the straps & the position of the bra. That’s the proper way to wear it, she stated. Alright, this will do for now, wait here until i call you Lynn said. I could here them luaghing in the living room & then it went quiet fro several moments. Ok my cocksucking sissy, we need you in here now. When i walked into the living room Tim was sitting on the sofa naked, Lynn was still dressed. Tim laughed when he saw me, aren’t one you pathetic sissy cocksucker all dresed in your pink sissy things. Walk around the room again & say that phrase you were saying before. Yes Sir i responded & began walking around saynig, i am a pathetic wimp cocksuckig sissy who is caged & buttpluged by my Mistress wife & her Boyfriend Master.
When i had done a number of laps around the room Tim stood up. Get over there & fix your lipstick he demanded. With out a word i began to walk over to the computer to fix my lipstick. Tim barked, what no Yes Sir to me? Before i could complete getting the words, Sorry Sir, he walked over to where i was. He sat in the chair & said sorry is not going to cut it you fucking cocksucking sissy. Get over here & bend over my knees right now. Lynn was laughing as she said, oh my i think sissy is getting a spanking.
Mover your ass up higher on my lap he demanded. As shortly as i was in position his hand came down complex on my ass. You fucking sissy you are going to learn your place & behave like a proper sissy cocksucker when I’m around he barked as he slapped my ass over & over. He used one hand to hold me down as the other slapped my bottom over & over. Tim stopped for a moment & then sad, with each slap i want you to say, thank you Sir, i am sorry Sir. He spanked my bare bottom over & over as i repeated, Thank you Sir, i am Sorry Sir. Lynn was getting a satisfactory laugh out of this, Spank that cocksucking sissy, spank the sissy yet good. As he spanked me i began to cry, both from the pain & the humiliation of the spanking.
When it was over, Tim asked me if i had anything i wanted to say to him. Still bent over his knees, all i could think of was to say, Thank you Sir, I am sorry Sir. And what are you going to do to show me you are really sorry you worthless sissy cocksucker.
I knew what he wanted me to say yet held of saying it & asked, Sir what would you like me to do to show you i amd sorry. You know damn right well what I want, now tell me or we can go back to more spankings. i swallowed complex & mumbled, my i suck your cock to show you i am sorry Sir? What was that sissy?. I didn’t hear you, say that aging so we know what you are saying. In a louder voice i again said, my i suck your cock to show you i am sorry Sir? They both laughed.
Get off of me & obtain into the center of the room you sissy cocksucker he yelled. i received up & walked to the certer of the room. On your knees he yelled. Looking at Lyn he said, I want lots of pictures, this fucking cocksucker is going tobe a webslut if I am not happy. He walked up to me & demaned that i beg to suck his cock. Now beg he yelled.
I wasted no time saying Yes Sir. Sir my i please suck your cock Sir. i want to suck your cock Sir so i can show you i am sorry. My i please suck it Sir. Are you a sissy cocksucker who wants to suck a Mans cock & balls & have a Man cum in your mouth. Yes Sir i am Sir. then say it he replied. Sir i am a sissy cocksucker who wants to suck a Mans cock & balls & have a Man cum in my mouth. Tell me how much you want to wrap your cocksucking sissy lips on my cock & suck it to please me. Sir, please let my wrap my cocksucking sissy lips around your cock, please let me suck your cock Sir.
Tim stepped up to me, kiss my cock & tell me how much you like it. I kissed the head of his cock & said Sir i like kissing your cock. Keep kissing it he said & tell me how it is so superior to your tiny little dick & how much you want me to be the on who is fucking your wife because you unable to satisfy her. As i kissed his cock all over i told him, Sir i enjoy kissing your cock, your cock is so much bigger then mine it is far superior them my tiny little dick. Please Sir, i want you to be the one who is fucking my wife because i am uable to satisfy her.
Lynn was standing over me watching & listening as i begged & kissed his cock. She took hold of his cock & said nothing more then suck it you sissy cocksucker. i took him in my mouth & went to work sucking him. Nice & slow Lynn told me. Use the cocksucking skills you were reading about, use lots of tongue. The 2 of them were looking down at me as i sucked away on Tim’s cock. Time began pumping his hips. He took hold of me head & began mouth fucking me. Take this he yelled as he shoved his whole cock into my mouth. He told me, suck it & use your hand to strock it at the same time. i did as i was told & said Yes Sir without stopping for even a moment. Lynn received behind me & started pushing on the buttplug, push release, push release.
Yea that’s it cocksucker, suck that cock like a satisfactory sissy cocksucker. As i sucked i could tell he was getting ready to cum by the way he was pumping his cock into my mouth. Tim took hold of my head again & again started fucking my mouth. He humped my mouth like a dog in heat. He held the back of my head & shoved his length into my mouth. He yelled, oh yeaaa. I felt him swell as he dumped his cum down my throat. After the first few blasts he let go of my head & pulled back a little. i did my best to swallow all of it.
When he was done he pulled out of my. We will pickup on this training in the morning. I’m done with you for the night, time to take advantage of your wife. As he walked away he told Lynn, see you in the bedroom, I’m taking your white ass tonight so be ready.
Get up sissy, Lynn stated, I have some some more training for you. Go over to the arm of the sofa & bend over & spread your legs. Yes Mistress i said as i received up & went to the sofa. Once i was bent over she ha me reach back & spread my cheeks open. With that done,she took hold of the buttplug & began sliding it in & out of me, pulling it all the way out, pushing it all the way in. Laughing she said, just think, your getting your ass fucked now & I am getting a satisfactory ass fucking later.
When she was done she slapped me on my ass & told me, go back into the tub & wash yourself out again. Do it 3 times & then you need to plug yourself for bed. For tonight i want you to sleep in these things so you’re going to have to dress yourself after you douch, shower & reoil yourself. From now on, when you have to do pee, you are to sit on the toilet. Only real Men obtain to stand & piss & you are not a man your are a cocksucking sissy.
Yes Mistress i said as i received up. As i began to walk away she said, while your in bed, i want you to think approximately your day today. I’ll expect a report on all the things you learned today. By the way she added, I called your office, you have the next 2 weeks off, that will donate us lots of training time. As i expected, you’re turning into a satisfactory little cucksucking sissy wimp.

Repeat cuck?

I suppose my wife may be on the brink of cuckolding me one more time. We married over 12 years ago. She’s very beautiful, & what impressive black hair she has…. When we had been married for just 18 months, she started a two year affair with a much older man. She thought I didn’t know approximately it, yet nothing could have been further from the truth. I knew of the affair almost from the beginning.
He wanted her to leave me for him. And that was the only reason she ended it. The only way she could obtain him to stop trying to make her leave me was to obtain involved with yet another guy.
The first man received jealous so he came to me to tell me not only approximately him, yet the other man as well. It was a total shock in his eyes when I told that I knew approximately their affair all the time long, yet wasn’t aware of the other guy. I told him I wasn’t surprised though because I knew what she was when I married her. You see she was married when I started sleeping with her. Sleeping around behind her husband’s back was what she did for excitement. He told me I should leave her. I told him not a chance.
She hasn’t ventured out into that world for approximately 7 years since that. When all that happened the first time she started going to church & has really tried being faithful. Now however she has started hanging around with a man from our church & it is very obvious she likes the man a lot. He’s tall & makes her laugh a lot. I’m average height & she never has liked my sense of humor. Every time the three of us are together. Anywhere they carry on like I’m not even there.
We were all at the store together the other night. My wife was putting something back on the shelve & as she was trying to relocate where it went he said “right behind you babe”.
Before I stop the story I should moreover tell you another thing. We all jog together (that’s how this whole thing started). When we stop to catch our breath he likes to pull his silk shorts up around his chest to be funny. When he does you can clearly see the full outline of what must be an 8″ cock. As much as my wife likes sucking cock, I know she takes a look.
I guess if cheating is in your blood it’s in your blood.
I really love my wife for the woman she is.

Planting the seed

First, a little prehistory. My meeting with porn happened at a relatively young age…finding the playboy collection, then discovering not so well hidden 80’s porn films. All this time, the sex idea or me was almost exclusively white on white. In the days before the internet, you would take what you could obtain so only occasionally did I see any black men, & when I did they were always with black women, & while impressed with the equipment on display I never found it any more or less thrilling than any other satisfactory scene I had seen before.

A few years left to college. One of my roommates had a very huge collection of porn movies…mostly pro, some pro-am. When the occasion presented itself (i.e. nobody home) I would take one of his tapes & have a jerk off. This happened several times without anything noteworthy occurring. Then one day, I popped in one of the non-signed VHS tapes, hit play & sat back, only instead of the white on white porn I’d seen from his collection many times before, there was a black man & a white girl. Aside from noticing the alter in scenery, I had no other thoughts & continued watching. As I watched, I found myself getting extremely horny, more than usual, with the interracial sex. I quickly came, yet continued to watch that, & several subsequent scenes, wanking repeatedly. From that point on, my taste in porn started to develop. While I still will watch various forms, interracial porn turns me on like nothing else. Fortunately during that time, I went on to discover that my roommate must have been in the same boat (though we never discussed it), because as I worked my way through his porn collection I came to find that it was dominated by interracial videos.

That really filled my mind over the years. I thought approximately why it’s such a turn on. I’m a fairly well endowed guy…7″ length, reasonable girth & have never had troubles satisfying women. But the first time I saw a woman take a much larger dick, & the reaction she had…well let’s just say I was turned on enough to prefer it. And while this isn’t limited to interracial (I obtain just as aroused if I see a hung white man plowing a girl), the fact is black cocks are much bigger so the size contrast is more prevalent in interracial.

Some years since that time, when watching porn became not absorbing for me, I’ve sought out interracial first and, over time, started stumbling upon more & more amateur stuff which I found to be very sexy. Eventually this led to the discovery of the cuckolding lifestyle and, of course, interracial cuckolding. While I can’t say that it turns me on exclusively, the notion of interracial cuckolding is my biggest turn on. Like many on this site, however, it’s been much more fantasy than reality.

With the background out of the way, now to the present. I have a lovely wife of a few years, Ericka. She’s very sexy…brunette, 5′ tall, 110 lbs., & d-cup. She has no idea that when I watch porn, that it is often interracial & that I’ve developed an interracial cuckolding fantasy. I’m not sure I’d want her to know, as honestly I don’t know how she would react. And I’m unquestionably unsure of whether or not I’d ever want the fantasy to become reality. That said, a recent turn of events have at least added some unexpected excitement to the notion.

We have a satisfactory sex life and, on occasion, will watch porn together while engaging in foreplay & having sex. Mostly, the porn was your run of the mill, white on white, one on one, gonzo type stuff. It’s rare…maybe a few times a year…but she’s not averse to the notion & always gets very turned on when we do it. Recently we were fooling around & the topic of porn somehow came up & I asked if we should turn some on. When this happens, we typically invoke the PPV yet I suggested we pop in a porn DVD that I had found from some time ago. The DVD in question I honestly hadn’t watched for years yet there was one thing I knew approximately it…it wasn’t the run of the mill porn we’ve watched together in the past. What was key, however, is that run of the mill is precisely how it started out.

The first scene was white man on white girl. We started watching it & immediately she began rubbing my cock. Already semi-hard from the arousal of what was happening, I was stiff as board 5 seconds after she made contact. As she gently stroked my cock & balls, I started playing with her nipples & caressing her astonishing tits. I tried to reach her pussy, yet couldn’t given the angle at which we were lying. Noticing this, & never one to have her clit go unattended, she shifted & quickly swund a leg over mine to grant me access. I began to rub her clit through her panties. After a few minutes, she was grinding against my hand & cooing as we both watched the television. The couple in the video were your run of the mill pros…shaven, fit & clearly adding some flare to their fucking. Although I hadn’t seen the video in several years, I knew that I didn’t want either of us to climax during the first scene, so I slowed down my clit rubbing & concentrated complex on not blowing my wad, especially since Ericka, clearly turned on by everything going on, was stroking me furiously. Eventually, I asked her to slow down. It didn’t assist that the scene was finally ending & I knew what was coming next.

The Giggling, Sadistic Schoolgirl! (by Candy Apples)

There is something approximately watching men fight that I have always loved, ever since I was in middle school & the boys duked it out on the playground. I had to be front & center so I could see it all… every punch, every kick, every drop of blood… Even just writing approximately it makes me incredibly aroused. I always dated bullies. I loved to tell them who to bully & where, so that my girlfriends & I could be around to watch & spur them on. There is absolutely nothing finer!

It was late & I was just coming to my favorite nightclub. It was a pretty rough place & I could just approximately always count on there being a satisfactory fight breaking out. I came over to the bouncer, Joe. He looked me up & down & gave me a wide grin. Even though I’m only 18 years old, he never balked at letting me enter. He would do just approximately anything for me.
“Hey Joe, any fights tonight?”
“Nah, not tonight, princess, sorry to say. It’s been pretty quiet.” He was staring at my breasts when he said it. I was wearing my school uniform with my short little plaid skirt, after all. My blond hair was in cute little pigtails. I had left the top… oh, three or four buttons or so of my top unbuttoned, so that my nice full, round breasts had ample room to… breathe. I had no need of bras.
“Well, we’ll just see what we can do approximately that!” I said, giving a bit of bounce so that my breasts jiggled.
“Yeah, you do that!” I heard Joe say, watching me walk inside.

All around me, lights pulsated, beats reverberated, young, attractive people danced & were grinding & groping each other in flickering darkness. I found a seat on the balcony above the dance floor, where I could keep an eye out for any absorbing developments. There were plenty of hunky, tough-looking guys down there, all right. I watched them & licked my lips, imagining what they would look like stripped bare, beating each other savagely with their fists… Tee-hee! I covered my mouth as I began giggling uncontrollably.
It didn’t take long for a man to find me. Like a magnet. He was practically drooling over me.
“Hey, baby, what would you like?”
Unfortunately, he was not exactly the type of man I like. He was pretty thin, a bit gangly. He had dark, greasy hair & the slightest misgivings of a mustache penciled in over his upper lip. He looked kind of like a weasel & smelled like old cologne.
I barely gave him the time of day, just told him I wanted the most expensive drink in the house. I actually hate that stuff, yet I had to see if he was serious.
“No problem, babe!” he said with a sly wink & was immediately gone.
Ugh. Way too eager.
While he was gone, I made sly eyes & dirty smiles at approximately half a dozen guys who were all sitting around, hoping that maybe one of them would fancy me & try to come over & “take me away.” I loved it when guys fought over me!
Unfortunately, Vinnie came back with the drinks before anything could happen. He slid in right next to me & put an arm around my shoulders. “You are one attractive girl, you know that, right? Course you know that!” He laughed in a nasally tone. “Why am I even telling you?”
I shrugged my shoulders & took a sip from my drink, trying not to grimace.

He talked my ear off for some time approximately his father’s used car business he was sure to inherit one day… Meanwhile, I kept my eyes glued on the dance floor, looking for anything interesting, anything at all… God, was this night going to be a complete bust? I mean, I guess it wouldn’t be a total waste. If nothing else, I did like the idea of just making Vinnie buy me drink after drink after drink until his bank account must surely be hurting & then, at the end of the night when he’s sure I’m all his, I’ll just laugh at him & say, Sorry, I don’t fuck weasels! Tee-hee! The look of disappointment on stupid used-car-salesman face would be great!
I had just approximately resigned myself to this when I saw him.
Down on the dance floor was the biggest, most proverbial loser I’d ever seen.
He probably weighed approximately a hundred & twenty pounds. No muscle at all, dressed like an A-One nerd. Real coke-bottle glasses, hair parted off to one side, face covered in zits. He reminded me exactly of the wimps in school who used to always obtain bullied & beaten… Just looking at him made me start giggling, made me heart start racing.
He was trying desperately to dance – I guess you could call it dancing – & every time he gravitated near a girl, they just turned away. Oh god, that must have been so humiliating! But he didn’t donate up, though! I had to admire his determination.
“Baby, what are looking at?” asked Vinnie, perhaps finally realizing that I wasn’t paying attention to his stories of prowess on the used car lot.
I motioned toward the loser down there, licking my lips. “Him,” I said, feeling a warm place develop between my legs.
“Him?” Vinnie made a face. “Baby, you gotta be joking! You’re sitting next to Vinnie the Man, & you’re checking out scrawny little nerds like that?” He seemed genuinely put out. “Please! I could take him out in my sleep!”
I turned on Vinnie suddenly. For the first time since he’d sat down next to me, my face lit up. “Really? Would you?”
Now he seemed confused. “Uh… would I what?”
“Take him out?”
“You mean beat him up?”
Vinnie was a real brain, I could tell.
“Yes, Vinnie,” I said, real slowly so that he could understand. “I want you to beat him up. For me.”
“That’s fucked up! I don’t even know the guy!”
“But if you do,” I said, placing my hand on his thigh & worked my fingers up toward his cock, which suddenly grew hard, “I will let you suck my high school tits & cum on my highschool face all night long. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but… Shit, this is a joke, right?”
I shook my head.
“You are one fucked up bitch, you know that?”
I giggled so that my pigtails bounced & I batted my eyelashes. “But I look pretty good, don’t I?”
“Well… can I at least donate your tits one satisfactory squeeze first?”

“Nope, it’s all or nothing, Vinnie!”

He was a man trapped. Powerless. I loved it. God, how I loved it! He stared at my eyes for a while, then he stared at my cleavage.
“All right,” he said finally, breathing hard. “All right.”

“Hi there.”
The loser turned to look at me, adjusting his glasses, blinking in disbelief. God, he was even more pathetic looking up close!

“Uh… hello,” he said, trying to smile.

“I’m Candy!”

“I’m, uh… I’m…” He looked at my long legs, then continued up until he was looking at my large, heaving breasts. Then finally he looked at my smiling, friendly face. “I’m Dave.”

“Would you care to dance?” I asked, bouncing a bit on the balls of my feet & giggling.

Now his eyes grew real wide. “Yeah!” he said, real eagerly. “Sure!”

I laughed. “Great,” & put my arms around him.
He was already as complex as a rock. He’d probably gone complex as shortly as I’d said Hi. I loved feeling his cock slide up & down on my leg! And it was actually not as small as I’d expected it to be. I grinned & pulled him closer to me.
“You’re such an superior dancer!” I whispered to him. “I saw you out here dancing by yourself, & I knew I had to meet you!”
“Really?” He was in total shock. He felt he must have been dreaming! I could tell he was already falling in love with me.
We danced for a long while. He was so nervous, he hardly touched me. I, however, took tremendous pleasure in running my fingers along his back.
Finally I broke away from him & pouted. “Don’t you want to kiss me, Dave?”
“S-sure…” he said. “It’s just… I’ve never… I’ve never… I’ve never…” He could barely obtain the words out.
“You’ve never what?” I asked him, cocking my head to one side.
“Kissed… uh, kissed… I’ve never kissed…”
I leaned in & gave him a huge kiss. It was the most awkward kiss I’ve ever had, yet moreover kind of sweet. He was so nervous, it was like he was going to chew my lips off. I let my warm, moist tongue feel around inside his mouth. He put his arms around my waist, then let them move up toward my chest… His shyness was slowly draining. His fingers danced around my chest. He wanted to touch them so bad…
“Why don’t we obtain out of here,” I whispered to him huskily. “I know a place we can go.”
He would have followed me anywhere! He was like my own personal puppy dog!
He followed me outside, past Joe the bouncer, & hand in hand, out into the night.
“Nighty night, Joe!” I said to him.
“See ya later, princess!” said Joe.

It was a attractive night. The crickets were chirping. I led Dave out to a place behind the women’s restroom, behind the back of the club. There was never anyone back here.

“Candy,” he said to me, gripping my hands. “I want you to know… you’re the most attractive woman I’ve ever seen. I… I….”

“Oh, you’re sweet!” I said to him, tousling his hair. “Go ahead, they won’t bite.”
“Oh… Candy…” he said, squeezing my breasts tightly. “G-gosh! They’re…. they’re…” He really began kneading them as complex as he could, staring at them in open-mouthed amazement.
I smiled as he did it, tousled his hair again. “You’re cute,” I said. And it was true. Seeing him play with my breasts was like watching a boy open a new present.
But all satisfactory things – tee hee! – must come to an end.

Vinnie was hiding in the shadows, just like I’d told him to. I could see him. He was nervous, I could tell. He wasn’t sure he was going to go through with this or not. I tortured him a little bit by closing my eyes & moaning loudly, “Oh yes, Dave! Oh yes! I love the way you squeeze them! Oh yes!”
Vinnie clenched his fists. He was getting angry. He stepped forward.
“Uh, Dave?” I said sweetly.
Dave looked up from my breasts. There was drool coming from the corners of his mouth.
“Yeah?” he said dumbly.
I grinned at him widely, a laugh began to form within me. “Tonight is going to end very, very badly for you, I’m sorry to say!” I could hardly stand the excitement, I was practically approximately to pee!
“What?” he blinked. “What are you talking about?”
At that moment, Vinnie came over & grabbed the scrawny little nerd by the back of the collar & yanked him away.
“Hey, you messing with my girlfriend, you little scrawny bitch?”
“What? What is this? Candy?” He still sounded like a lost puppy! Oh, it was too rich!
“Don’t donate me that shit!” Vinnie yelled, giving the loser a satisfactory shove. “I fucking saw you!”
“No… No… I…” Dave looked to me for help. He was pale-faced, shaking. “Candy…”
I giggled & shrugged my shoulders.
Then there came the first punch. Vinnie really received him good. I hadn’t been sure how it would go down – after all, Vinnie didn’t really look like much of a fighter – yet he received him good, in the face. Dave’s nose was bleeding & there was lots of blood!
Dave just stood there, stunned, bleeding.
“Are you just going to stand there?” I asked, bouncing. “Hit him back!”
Then something clicked in Dave. I could see his gears turning. He suddenly clenched his fists & started really wailing back on Vinnie. Vinnie was totally unprepared. I think he though this was going to be a piece of cake – & frankly, so did I! Dave received several satisfactory blows in, & even proceeded to knock Vinnie on the ground.
“Don’t you hit me!” Dave was yelling. “I may be small, yet don’t mess with me!”
“Yes!” I squealed, bouncing up & down, clapping my hands. This was great! I loved seeing Vinnie’s weasel face obtain totally rearranged! He tried to fight back, yet couldn’t make a single swing connect!
Finally, Dave knocked him down to the ground & received on top of Vinnie. Then he really let him have it, hitting him again & again in the face! There was a lot of blood! And Vinnie looked like he was crying!
Finally, Dave finished & stood up off of Vinnie. He walked over to me. He was breathing heavy & covered in blood. His shirt was torn. I was so wet I could barely stand it!
“You were great!” I said. “You were better than great..! That was amazing..!” I immediately put my arms around his chest & felt him up. Oh, god, he was so sexy! To think a moment ago I had dismissed him as nothing yet a nerd..! I pressed myself into him & received blood all over my white shirt. I wanted to lick the blood off of him! Oh god, I wanted him right then & there!
“Wait a minute,” he said. “You set me up! You wanted me to obtain beat up, didn’t you? You’re a crazy, fucking sadistic bitch!”
I giggled, fumbling with his belt. “Guilty as charged!” I received his thick member out & jammed it up in me. “Fuck me! And call me a fucking sadistic bitch again! I love it!”
He did just that. He received me against a tree & he ripped my skirt off & he fucked up as complex as he could. “You’re a psycho!” he yelled, spitting at me.
I laughed.
“You’re a mental case!” He did not stop thrusting.
“Yes! Yes!”
“You’re fucking sadistic!”
I look over & saw Vinnie still laying there. He was approximately to obtain up, yet then he couldn’t. He looked at me. He was bloody & crying & just seeing him like that & knowing that it was because of me was all the extra encouragement I needed. I orgasmed extremely hard, gripping onto Dave’s arms tightly with my fingernails. “Yes… Yes… YES!!!” Drool dripped from my mouth. “Oh my GOD!” I yelled, feeling his complex cock inside of me, imagining it covered in blood.
Dave came inside of me at that moment, too. His whole body shuddered. His cum was hot, I loved the way it felt.
Finally, he seemed to come back to his senses. He received off of me & slapped me complex across the cheek.
“You are fucked up!” he said, storming off.
I just giggled.

“Candy…” said Vinnie. “Help me… please…”
The orgasm was so intense, I’d almost forgotten approximately poor Vinnie. He was a pathetic site.
“…please…. I’m having trouble breathing… I don’t think I can stand up…”
“Just a minute,” I said, adjusting my shirt & skirt. “I’ll be right back with help.”
“.. thank you…” he wheezed. “…thank you…”
I returned a moment after with Joe the bouncer.
“Where is he?” he asked angrily.
“Right there!” I said, pointing to Vinnie.
“…help…” said Vinnie again. He eyes were practically swollen shut.
“You bothering my princess?” the bouncer yelled down at him.
“…I need medical attention…”
Joe didn’t wait for him to finish. With his huge arms – glorious biceps – he began pounding poor Vinnie. “You received a problem with my princess, you received a problem with me!”
I giggled, listening to Vinnie’s bones snap. He screamed like a little girl. Oh, how I bounced up & down excitedly!
Then Joe sat down on Vinnie’s chest. It looked like he was crushing him. After all, Joe must have weighed nearly 300. Vinnie was more like 145 at the most.
Then I reached into my pocketbook & pulled out my pink Polaroid upon which I had affixed several glittery heart-shaped stickers.
“Smile!” I said, snapping the picture off.
Joe gave me a satisfactory smile. Vinnie just lay there sobbing & crying & gasping for breath. I think he was missing a few teeth.
“Perfect!” I said, putting camera away. I bounced over to where Joe sat. “Thanks so much!” I said to him, rubbing my young fingers all over his chest, up & down his arms… oh, how I love big, strong men! I wrapped my fingers around his bicep & squeezed, giggling with desire as I did so.
“No problem, princess!”
I received down on my knees & took out Joe’s nice, fat cock. He was a satisfactory friend, after all. I put it in my mouth & began sucking on it satisfactory & hard.
“Ooh… yeah. That’s the way!” He moved back & forth while I sucked him, & every time he moved, I could hear Vinnie moan in discomfort.
It didn’t take too long for Joe to start cumming. I grabbed his shaft & pumped as much of it into my mouth as I could. Oh, it was so wonderful! When I had taken it all in & rinsed my mouth with it & then spit it all out on Vinnie’s bloody face.
That made Joe laugh. “Oh, princess,” he said. “You are one in a million!”
Vinnie said nothing. Ha!
I stood up & smoothed out my uniform. I was covered in mud & blood & cum dribbling down my thighs. All in all it was perfect night.

That night, I took off my dirty clothes & put on my pair of fuzzy, pink pajamas. I took out my pigtails & let my long hair flow down. Then I received in my nice warm bed & snuggled under the covers with my stuffed animals & began writing in my diary approximately all the wonderful things that had happened that night! When I received to the end, I took that delicious Polaroid photo & pasted it in.
I fell asleep, warm & snugly, & slept soundly the whole night through.

My first time watching

I’m an average size (6”) white guy. And my wife is a hot black African beauty. 34C firm breasts on a petite 115 lb body. She makes people’s heads turn where ever she goes.

She’s wasn’t exactly a whore, yet it’s rather effortless to obtain her lay. If a man really wanted to obtain his dick in her without a whole lot of small talk all he had to do was show her a 50. Little would he know that all he really had to donate was approximately 20 minutes rap & a couple of drinks.

“I’m going to fuck whoever I want whenever I want, & you’re just going to have to deal with that.” That’s what she said. She laid it on the line before we were married, & there was no chance to changing. So I knew before the wedding that I would be her cuckold, waiting for her to come home from late dates & cruising the bars, getting picked up by hot studs.

I tried to resist at first because that was what you’re supposed to do. It made me thinking of other men taking her & using her as effortless fuck meat, cumming in her & walking away. I think every man secretly wants a slut for a wife. But it’s not effortless to deal with it.

I had asked her to let me watch for a while many times, yet she always refused. Then, one night around 1:30 am the phone rang. That man was one more fucker. My wife was hit to fuck him yet he was married & couldn’t take her home. She told me to make the bed & set myself in a chair in our closet. I was going to obtain my wish. I set myself up with a satisfactory view through a crack in the door & approximately a half hour after I heard them come in. They made a lot of noise so I knew they were more than a little drunk. I heard her shriek as he grabbed her on the stairs then she appeared in the bedroom with a huge muscular black buck.
He just pulled her to him & they kissed long & hard. His hands received down to her ass & he stroked her as he lifted her skirt. She slid her hand between them & stroked his cock through his pants. He made a sound similar to groaning, stepped back & they both took their clothes off. She made a step back & did a little turn for him then said “This is what you’re going to get. You like?” He responded by pushing her back on the bed & moving between her legs.
He put his thick black cock on her chocolate pussy lips & they parted easily. “Mmmm. You’re nice & wet, doesn’t look like your husband takes care of you well.”

“He can’t” she said “but you can.” With that she wrapped her legs around his back & lifted her hips up to drive him into her. He sunk down & in one stroke was all the way in her, his thick balls resting against her tiny, perfect ass. She gasped, her cunt lips were stretched tight around the base of his cock. “Damn baby your pussy is so tight. I’m approximately to ruin it for that white boy of yours.” With that he pulled out until only the head stayed in her then drove complex back down to fill her with dick inside again.

“OH YEAH !! That’s what I need. Fuck me !! Put it to me good. Give me that complex black cock! “ I watched him driving her complex like a cheap street slut for a satisfactory half hour. His cock would pull out, shiny & glistening with her cunt then plunge back into her while she shrieked. Then his body tensed & his back arched. He buried his cock deep in her & held it there. I knew he was shooting off inside her. He was emptying his seed deep into her & she was accepting every drop. As he pulled out his cock was still semi complex & dripping with their combined juices. She licked him clean & he put on his clothes.

“That was hot baby” he said “I wouldn’t mind getting some of that again.”

“You’ve received the phone number stud. You can make this your booty call any time you want it. Don’t worry if my wimp hubby answers. Just tell him you’re calling to fuck me.”

“I ain’t worried approximately him” Then he opened up the closet door. He knew I was there the whole time! “Better go eat that black pussy clean white boy or you’re going to have an all black baby.” He laughed as he left the room & the house.

I slid between her thighs & lapped up his semen running from her gapping pussy. My wife patted my head & said “You can fuck me now if you want, yet I think it will be a few days before I’ll be able to feel you in there.”

The Chronicles Of Shaun Part Two: Sarah

After leaving Liz’s house I rented a flat & spent some time on my own, getting myself into a normal, everyday routine that pretty much just involved going to work each day & relaxing in the evenings. I certainly wasn’t ready to jump into a new relationship straight away although I did start doing the “nightclub routine” at weekends & had my fair share of gropes & blowjobs.

Then in early ’92 I met Sarah, she was 20, very tall (5’11”) with long strawberry blonde hair with legs that just went on forever, wide child-bearing hips & a huge ass.

Sarah worked in the kitchens of a Marines Barracks part time while moreover studying for her Nursing Degree at the local Uni.

To commence with she was very hesitant approximately sex, she’d undress with the light out & I’d have to initiate everything, I enjoyed this as it (for once) put me in the driving seat & allowed me to control the pace, in other words I was the man – for a while.

Once again I found myself performing oral to completion more than we had full sex – much more.

I received the feeling that Sarah was beginning to yearn for a complex fucking & that my licking was now becoming just the appetizer, I knew that if I didn’t commence fucking her regularly & shortly she’d commence noticing other guys despite her obvious love for me – I didn’t have long to wait.

One evening I went to meet her in the pub where she’d usually have a drink or two after leaving the Barracks & saw her sitting at the bar with a man sat next to her, I held back & looked in through the window & watched them talking, he was gently stroking her thigh as he chatted to her, I could see his hand moving slowly up the inside of her leg under her skirt yet not quite high enough to touch her pussy.

Sarah looked like she didn’t know quite what to do, seeing her like that she looked so cute & fuckable, I could see he was sweet talking her & clearly part of her loved it while another part was perhaps feeling guilty.

I walked in & she immediately came over to me, an expression of relief was on her face & she made a huge play of holding on to me tightly, the man at the bar she was talking to stayed for a bit then received up & left, I noticed that as he walked past Sarah his hand gently touched her ass through her skirt – she pretended not to notice.

That night a huge alter came over her in bed, she was much more assertive, holding my head tightly to her cunt as I ate her, after she’d orgasmed once she begged me to fuck her, I just shook my head & carried on licking her gently.

As I licked her I stopped & looked up at her telling her I would let her do anything she wanted, if what I did for her wasn’t enough.

Sarah’s face was flushed red & she looked down at me as I licked her juicy twat, she didn’t say anything, she didn’t need to, she just looked right at me.

I said, “but you have to tell me everything, no secrets Sarah”, & I went back to gently licking her again.

The following morning as she received dressed for her shift after her shower I slipped my hands up her skirt & pulled down her panties, I told her that from now on she’d not be wearing any ever again, I held them up in front of her face, this made her flush bright red.

That evening I was working till late & when I received back to the flat Sarah was already in bed, I jumped in the shower not wanting to wake her & before long she joined me – this was a first, she’d never showered with me previously.

She washed me & I played with her, she was very responsive, I asked if she had anything she’d like to tell me, she said, “in a minute, when we’re in bed”.

Sarah was very reluctant to come forth with the information when we were in bed so I helped her by going down on her, I told her to start with exactly what happened when she left for work that morning, right after I removed her panties, I began licking as she began talking, I told her that if she stopped talking I’d stop licking.

Here’s where the story begins..

Sarah had been, for a while, talking to one of the Marines & confiding in him, Rich was 8 years older than her & he was the man who I’d seen chatting to her in the pub the day before. She went on to explain that Rich had befriended her after finding her crying one morning while in the kitchen stores & she’d admitted to him that she was very frustrated sexually, with her boyfriend (me) seemingly deliberately not fucking her.

This morning Sarah had gone into the stores on her break & the combination of my licking the previous evening & feeling fresh air around her knickerless pussy had made her feel very horny, she’d been playing with herself & didn’t see Rich watching her from the door which she’d negelected to close.

Rich came into the store & told her to donate him the key, Sarah handed it over & Rich locked the door then put the key on a shelf high up behind him, he told her she could go once he’d “taken care” of her problem & not before. Sarah said she looked at him with a red face & “nodded” to indicate she knew what he meant.

Obediently, Sarah stripped off in front of him & then, once she was naked, Rich instructed her to undress him & fold his clothes neatly & place them on an empty shelf. Then he told her to ask him if he’d please fuck her, Sarah said she had difficulty asking because she was very embarrassed so Rich gave her some encouragement, he slapped her complex across the face.

Sarah said it took three complex slaps which made her cry, yet then she asked him politely if he would “please fuck me”.

As I licked her dripping pussy Sarah approached orgasm several times, I did not let her cum, I’d stop licking & let her fire die down before resuming again, I wanted the whole story & not to be interrupted by her come-down from cumming.

Rich instructed her to suck him, so she dropped to her knees & held his cock to her lips, he slapped her complex again & she fell backwards, he said, “use your mouth & your mouth only”, so she did what she was told & sucked him properly.

After 5 minutes or so Rich grabbed her hair & yanked her to her feet, he made her bend over a large crate & look back at him, he made her beg to be fucked, at first she again found it difficult yet a few complex ass slaps shortly put her right & she then begged to be fucked.

Sarah said that he wasn’t gentle, rather he forced his thick cock all the way into her in one complex shove of his hips, she said it injure yet it felt good, she said she felt she belonged to him.

I enjoyed hearing this.

She said he fucked her entirely in that same position until he emptied his balls into her, then he told her this would be a regular occurence every day, she was told to come into this storeroom during all breaks & lunch breaks & “take what was given to her”.

Rich made her dress him & thank him for fucking her, Sarah was by now very compliant & kissed him deeply thanking him over & over.

As he unlocked the door Rich told her that he’d be informing the rest of his squad, a group of 14, that he’d fucked her, they had a bet within the squad on who would fuck her first, when asked by any of the squad approximately Rich’s claim she must tell them the truth, Rich asked her if she understood, Sarah said, “yes my love”.

She was hooked.

During the course of that afternoon she was asked by five squad members if Rich had fucked her, she simply replied, “yes, hard”.

I sat up in bed beside her & told her I was very proud of her & loved her very much, she cuddled into me & I held her close all night long.

The next morning Sarah showered as usual & as she received dressed I took her bra from the back of the chair, I told her that from now on she’d not be wearing a bra ever again, then I had an idea, Sarah had a knee length white coat that she was supposed to wear all the time while on the Barracks yet never did. I made her put it on, just the coat & nothing else, at first she complained & refused to wear just the coat & nothing else onto the Barracks…SLAP…hard with my palm across her face, the reminder was all it took & she obediently did up the metal popper buttons.

I told her that while she was on the base she was Rich’s slut, anything he wanted her to do was ok with me, she looked at me with a mixture of thanks & fear it seemed.

My mind was racing with thoughts of what she’d be doing that day, the time seemed to drag eternally yet eventually it came time to go home & await Sarah.

I actually went to the bus stop to meet her, a rarity for me, & walked her home with my hand firmly on her ass, knowing she was naked underneath.

Again she asked if she could take a shower with me, & again I obliged her.

After our shower I again began licking her, this time I could tell she’d been fucked hard, her lips were still red & swollen & her anus was no longer the usual tight puckered bullseye, it was puffy & slightly swollen.

I made her commence as she walked onto the base..

She said she felt very sexy, very aroused at being naked under her coat & felt sure other people knew. As she cleaned up the breakfast plates some of the guys in Rich’s squad were watching her, they were grinning & whispering amongst themselves & it was clear to her that they knew what had happened the day before.

Sarah said her eyes were constantly watching the clock, her first break was at ten o clock & she knew she had to take it in the storeroom & await whatever Rich had in mind.

To obtain to the stores area Sarah had to walk through the dayroom where the guys had a tv, video, tennis table, pool table etc, she said four of them were watching her intently as she walked past them on her way to the store.

Women were strictly off-limits on the base, anyone found bringing an “unauthorised person” onto the base would be in deep shit, in other words the guys were sex starved & absolutely gagging for a piece of ass.

Sarah opened the same storeroom door as yesterday & went in, she said she kept the light off just in case any of the other kitchen staff noticed it on through the crack in the door & decided to investigate.

She didn’t have long to wait before the door opened & in came four guys, who they were she couldn’t tell, not because of the dark, yet because they were all wearing their “gas-mask” head gear.

Her coat was unbuttoned while they all stripped, they made comments approximately her being naked under her coat & she said this seemed to really excite them since they knew she was ready to fuck.

Sarah said the masks really turned her on, she dropped to her knees & lovingly sucked each cock before being roughly manhandled & made to stand up straight against the shelving, the guys took turns fucking her from the rear, a bit of wrestling broke out as one man announced he was going to “pop her ass cherry”, the others had moreover wanted to be the first to fuck her ass & as three of them fought for her, the remaining man slid his rock complex cock into her anus.

Sarah said it injure yet she let him plunder her bum as she was under instructions from both myself & Rich. The others shortly stopped their squabbling as Sarah’s moans grew ever louder & they pushed the ass-fucker out of the way & someone else took his place, this became the way of her gangbang, after 5 minutes or so the man fucking her would be pushed out of the way & the next man would do her.

After 45 minutes they were all done & Sarah was dripping with cum from both holes, she dressed & went back to the kitchens where her boss, a mature overweight woman with an ugly round face, called her into her tiny office & closed the door. Margaret asked Sarah where the hell she had been for 45 minutes & what she’d been doing, unable to think of anything plausable she said she’d “fallen asleep” in the stores.

Margaret told her she was a liar & that she knew “exactly what the little whore had been doing”, because she’d gone looking for her & had heard her getting fucked in Storeroom #3. Margaret then reminded Sarah that her contract expressley fobade “any sexual relations between Base Personnel”, & breach of this rule would be instantly punishable for dismissal of civilian personnel & a Courts Martial for any of the Marines.

Margaret looked Sarah up & down from behind her desk, she was a small, fat woman, 56, never married, only approximately 5 feet tall, “are you wearing your standard issue blouse under your coat?, take it off & let me see”, demanded Margaret.

Sarah said she was unable to do anything yet take off her coat & stand in front of Margaret naked yet for her shoes & socks.

“You little fucking slut”, said Margaret, “now the question is what am I going to do with you, you know I should fire you on the spot don’t you Sarah?”.

“Yes Margaret”.

“Get over here & bend over my knee”.

She told me she bent over Margarets lap & was spanked complex yet that wasn’t the end of it, Sarah said Margaret began feeling her pussy, commenting on how moist & sticky her lips were, she said she could tell by her voice Margaret was getting turned on by touching her up. Margaret slipped her fingers into Sarah’s cunt & began to frig her hard, Sarah felt herself building up to yet another orgasm that morning & a gush of hot pussy juice blasted out of her all over Margarets white coat, Margaret then told her to “clean up her mess” so Sarah received on her hands & knees & licked her own cuntal fluid off the coat.

Margaret told Sarah that this wasn’t the end of her punishment, not by a long way, it was only the beginning & with that she made her stand back up & put her coat back on & told her to, “get out of here & obtain back to what you were supposed to be doing you little cunt”.

One o clock shortly came around, this was Sarah’s lunch hour & she made her way to the storeroom, once inside she turned on the light & locked the door, when she turned around she saw stood in front of her, Rich & the remaining squad members who’d yet to fuck her. Nothing was said, they just received her out of her coat & started fucking, all they were interested in was emptying their balls into her after fucking her as complex as they could.

At 2pm she was allowed to return to her duties yet Margaret had again been listening outside the storeroom door & had overheard everything, Sarah was shortly naked inside her office once again, bent over her lap getting a complex finger fucking & more verbal abuse & hand spanking.

At 3.30pm Sarah had her last break, she was approximately to make her way to the storeroom yet Margaret took her into her office instead.

“Get that coat off & obtain up on my desk, make sure your ass faces my chair”, barked Margaret.

All the time Sarah had worked there she had believed Margaret might be a dyke, & now she knew for sure as Margaret brought her chair up close to the desk & began feasting on my Sarah’s well fucked cunt.

And that was Sarah’s description of what had taken place that day.

I was very proud of her & told her so, I said that whatever happened at work was ok, & she was not in any way to try & back out of sex with anyone who expressed an interest in her. Sarah red-faced again, nodded & we cuddled up with her head against my chest, her story had me very complex & after a while of stroking her hair I pressed her head down & she sucked me, the thought of her lovely lips sucking over a dozen cocks earlier had given me a massive boner & I shortly emptied my balls into her mouth & down her throat.

The same pattern continued at work for Sarah with her lunchtimes being gangbanged by the guys wearing their gas masks in the storeroom & her snack breaks being punished/frigged by Margaret, I was pleased with the alter in her, she’d become more confident & more open, many times I’d catch her blatantly eyeing up other guys as we walked around town hand in hand on a Saturday afternoon, even if their wives/girlfriends were with them.

It was time to take Sarah to the next level, I wanted her fucking at weekends & after work & told her so.

Our flat was in a large house that had been converted into 4 flats, we were on the 3rd floor with a single man above us, another single man below us & on the ground floor was the owner of the house – a widower in his 60’s.

We were on reasonably friendly terms with everyone in the house so I set Sarah a challenge, I wanted her to commence fucking each of the three guys, including the owner, she could start with whoever she wanted yet she’d have to be fucking one of them every night of the week, at weekends she could work her way through all of them.

Sarah relished the challenge & decided that to commence with she’d target the young Asian man upstairs, she had fancied him for a while & I’d caught her chatting to him quite often as he came into the house in the evenings from work. I told her not to wait for me to obtain home if I was working late, she was to take the opportunity when it presented itself, turns out it didn’t take long.

I came home one evening around 7.30, Sarah wasn’t in our flat yet upstairs I could hear Lee’s (the asian guy) headboard whacking against the wall & the unmistakable sound of Sarah getting fucked.

Lee’s bedroom was right above ours so I lay on the bed wanking slowly while listening to them going at it, while it was horny when Sarah told me of her gangbangs at work, there was something special approximately being able to actually hear here getting fucked.

I was impressed with Lee’s stamina, he was only 18 or 19 yet could fuck like a porn star, he kept her up there till gone 9pm & most of that time he was fucking her hard.

When Sarah eventually came down she showered & afterwards I asked her how she received it started.

Sarah said she’d been looking out of our lounge window into the street below & when she saw him walking along she went upstairs & sat on the stairs outside his flat, she was wearing a t-shirt & nothing else, she was playing with herself as Lee walked up the stairs, his first sight of her would’ve been looking right at her fingers slopping into her juicy twat.

Apparently this did the trick & he was all over her, he received her inside his flat & they went at it, that was approximately 20 mins before I came home.

I was proud of her & told her so, next on the list she said was Mr Cairnes, the owner of the house. The next day was a rent day & Sarah normally took the rent money down to him, many times she’d come back up saying he wanted her to “sit with him” & have a cup of tea yet she’d always declined.

I asked her if she wasn’t sore with all the fucking she was getting yet she said she received so wet & turned on that her pussy wasn’t sore at all, yet her asshole did obtain sore sometimes.

I picked out a little dress for her to wear, summery & light & very short, I told her to make a lot of noise when he fucked her as this would let the man who lived below us (Steve) know that old man Cairnes was fucking her & that he must fancy his own chances with her.

I sent her down to Cairnes with the rent money/book & after 15 mins or so I could hear the familiar sounds of Sarah moaning & groaning, she was really going to town, I thought even Lee upstairs must be able to hear her. Cairnes didn’t last long & I heard her saying goodnight to him & heard her commence to come back up the stairs, then something unexpected happened, Steve opened his door & invited her in, I could see her lifting up her dress to show him her shaven well fucked cunt, he didn’t need any more invitation than that & grabbed her, dragged her inside & slammed the door.

Off she went again & Steve’s bed was singing, Sarah was again screaming the place down & after an hour or so when he finally shot his load she came back up, only this time Lee had heard her & was waiting for her right outside our flat door, not wanting to reveal that I knew what was going on I closed the door which I’d opened slightly & heard Lee slap her ass or thighs & off they went up to his flat for yet more fucking.

When Sarah finally came back down she was almost asleep on her feet, I took off her dress & put her to bed, her pussy looked so succulent I couldn’t resist it & went down on her, I just had to suck her & clean her out. When I was done she went to sleep & slept solidly till the alarm woke us the next morning.

Sarah’s ability to fuck constantly remains to this day the most astonishing thing I’ve ever experienced, most girls would complain of being too sore or tired or both, yet not Sarah, she was a fucking machine, gangbanged daily at work & each evening fucking three guys with me licking her till she practically passed out afterwards.

We were together for 18 months or so, we had a tremendous time yet in the end I think I had too much control over Sarah which didn’t suit my nature. It was always me who pushed her into doing things which wasn’t really my thing – I’m always happier when my girl takes the initiative & starts fucking without my having any say in the matter.