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Yes, this was all recorded by me. I was the lucky camera man at this sexy little event, as she insisted. Watching it now it stuns me just how low I have sunk, I guess, in terms of giving her what she wanted. 2 black dudes & two of the local Mexicans showed up for this party – all no doubt invited by my slut wife.

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Things have taken on a life

Things have taken on a life of their own now in the sexual life between my wife & I. Where first she scolded me & demanded the sex she felt I was not giving her, now she has just plain started affairs on her own. And it gets worse. She makes me watch them – & in the same room! It went from her having me watch her having it off with other men from a closet to far more involvement. Now, my sad ass is forced into all sorts of humiliating situations, from cleaning up her just-fucked pussy to having her have more than one man using her in front of me. Needless to say, their attitudes are totally degrading.

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She met the guys at the door, dressed in her brief nightie with the low-slung top. These are guys who work for our gardener who she made arrangements with sometime yesterday. I never know. They smiled wide, seeing her huge tits approximately to spill out of her top & those nylons she wore, running all the way up to her bare pussy. They looked nervously over at me & she laughed:

“Don’t mind him, That’s my useless husband. I’m letting him watch today.”

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I sit & watch. She then orders me to strip off my clothes & she & the guys tie me to the chair. “We don’t want you near my pussy, Honey, until these guys have had what they came for,” she smiled, cinching the knot. I was in tight, my little dick straining upwards. This was new & exciting. “I could cum without touching myself,” I thought to myself. She looked at me, satisifed.

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