Hot Wife Stories: Spice up our family life Part II

We left home around 5pm, getting to the motel & taking some time to unpack the overnight bags. When Tony went in to take a shower I slipped back to the car to obtain my “special bag” for the evening. As he exited the bathroom he found me standing in nothing yet a kick-ass pair of stiletto heels, black, thigh high stockings & a skimpy g-string. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a look on my husband’s face, yet it was all radiating from approval. I gave my best sexy walk over to him, & since he was nude already, I could see his cock starting to grow from excitement. I led him to the straight back wooden chair, told him to sit down & then eagerly handcuffed his wrists behind him as well as binding his ankles. At first he looked very confused, & then asked me where I had gotten handcuffs from, I just said, “Shhhh,” & continued the captivity.

Walking back & forth in front of him, letting my ass jiggle just enough & my large breasts sway to tease him, I began explaining how the past 19 months had been all approximately him, him, him, his work, his schedule, his thoughts, his stories, his life, & nothing included me, so today, today was going to be MY day, whether he liked it or not. I proceeded to tell him that I would be in charge, he would call me ma’am, ask no questions, throw no rage my direction, & just accept the fact that he was now a cuckold. Before he could utter a response, there was a knock on the motel room door. I stood back as I opened it, just in case it would be housekeeping or something, yet it was Butch, right on time & looking extremely excited.

As he walked into the room & took off his coat, the rest of his clothing followed, he was wasting no time, maybe thinking I would alter my mind, or maybe just because of his horniness that’s been building all week long. Tony was getting furious, his face was red & the huge vein on his temple was bulging, as he started to open his mouth to put up a fight, I greeted him with my fingers over his lips & said, “Remember dear, you’re a cuckold, you have nothing to say.”

Butch immediately dropped to his knees & began to lick my slit that was already extremely creamy, my clit grew quickly against his tongue & my breathing told me that this would be a day I would never forget. After two orgasms from his oral stimulation, I noticed his dick couldn’t possibly obtain any harder, the skin was stretched tightly. I laid back across the bed, lifting my legs high into the air, making sure we were turned in a way that Tony would see every thrusting motion we made against one another. I was surprised by Butch’s endurance, giving how long he’d waited for this, he was going to do it right.

When he buried his face in my shoulder & his body began to tremble, I knew his orgasm was approaching quickly. He pulled out of me just enough to spew my vaginal lips with his salty cum, up my belly & across my tits were covered as well. There must have been a gallon of spunk! He rolled over, trying to catch his breath as I was doing the same. I lost count of how many times my orgasm ripped through me. As per our plans when he was composed, he didn’t say a word to me or to Tony, just softly placed a kiss on my lips, received dressed & left. I turned towards my husband & his face looked drawn, disappointed & humiliated, yet his cock told me how he was really feeling. I received up & walked over to his chair, unlocking the cuffs, & untying the binds on his ankles. I expected him to lurch at me with anger, yet instead, he just sat. So, I brought the finishing touch of my plan in. I again laid back on the bed & told him that as my cuckold husband, he would service me & do the clean up duties. He stood up & walked to the bed, bending over his mouth gobbled up the now cold cum from my tits, belly & smooth vaginal mound, from there he parted my swollen lips & ate the creampie remnants of my cuckold experience.

We never spoke approximately what happened the rest of the day, & I never did let him cum, all a part of my plan. What he didn’t know was this was not going to be our first time of him being humiliated & me being pleasured.