Hot Wife Stories: Spice up our family life Part I

To say my marriage had gotten stale wouldn’t really be the truth, the fact is, my husband works a lot out of town, so we haven’t really been together enough to be in a rut. I knew before we said our vows approximately 19 months before what his job was & how it took him away from home, yet that was before I received laid off, now, I’m home, alone all of the time & needing him closer by.  Ok, maybe I should start out by introducing myself, my name is Jess, my husbands name is Tony, & like I said, we’ve been married a bit over a year & a half. My company was downsized & in the process, my job was outsourced, so that means the house has never been cleaner, the meals never been better & the boredom never been stronger. When he comes home on weekends he’s tired, I’m not, I’m ready to talk & to play, yet he’d rather just stretch out on the sofa & relax, telling me how complex his week has been & he just needs some rest & relaxation. So, for the past few weekends I’ve tried everything to obtain him to show some liveliness, nothing works.

Since I don’t have companionship basically, I spend a lot of time on the internet, going through this site & that one, trying to find something to occupy my time. At first it was recipes & crafts, & then for the past month or so, my interest has flowed into the field of porn sites, a lot of stories, pictures, videos, etc. I never realized how horny I was until I saw how much sex everyone else in the world is having. Tony always said that was the first thing that drew him to me, my beauty. I’m tall, 5’10”, & I have a lot of curves & full, massive tits that fill my 34D bra nicely. When we shared our first dance as a married couple he whispered in my ear how much it turned him on to know everyone in the room was staring & wanting his hot wife, yet that I belonged only to him now.

One afternoon I was particularly aroused after watching a few stimulating video clips & I brought my vibrator in from where I keep it hidden in my panty drawer. I sat back in my over stuffed desk chair, totally naked & I began to fantasize approximately the kinkiest & most wild thing that would come to my mind. A story I had read a few weeks ago kept infiltrating my thoughts, it was approximately a , really making him sit & watch, they called him a cuckold husband, & that really turned me on.

Closing my eyes & letting my imagination run wild, I had the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever felt, bar none, & I knew it was something I could actually do. I’ve always had a Dominant side to me, which made me perfect for the corporate world, & why not transfer my desires to my sexual life, my husband needs to be shown what happens when you leave a hot wife alone for too long.

I found myself dialing the phone, calling Butch, a man that I use to work with who always lusted after me, begging me to slip off to some “no-tell” motel with him, promising that he had enough in his pants to make me more than pleased that I came. When he answered the phone, I froze, & then finally I started talking, telling him how I was just thinking approximately the ol’ gang at work & thought I would check in to see how he was doing. Of course it only took approximately 4 minutes before his part of the conversation roamed to the area of sex. I told him as a matter of fact I’d been feeling very aroused lately & I wanted to “play a trick” on my husband, just to teach him a lesson. Of course Butch had a reply that didn’t surprise me, not coming from him, he said, “I don’t care who watches us fuck, just so I can finally fuck you.” So, we set up a plan for that Saturday night, & then hung up. I remained wet & creamy all week long, all I could think approximately was having sex with someone new, & all of it unfolding before my husband’s eyes.

When Tony received home Friday afternoon & assumed his usual horizontal position on the sofa, I sat down & explained that I had made reservations at a motel on the outskirts of town for the following night, I thought we needed a night away & it was non-refundable, so he was coming. He tried to put up a fight, yet nothing was going to stop my plans, it was all too close to happening now…

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  1. Oh my! Mistress Polly, I too am eagerly awainitg your next installment to this story. Your command of this first one, assures me, that whatever will unfold by your doing, will surely be quite masterful!

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